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This will be boring!!
Note: I am not transcribing the audio from the vlogbrothers video in question.  You can view that here.  

(1:41): Well, hold on just a sec, I'll see if I can fix it.  

(2:50): Alright, I'm back everybody.  Wow.  So many of you stayed around.  That's wild.  Uhh, hello.  Hello, I think,  I think, I think that I figured it out.  Now, it might not sound super great (?~3:10) change the levels (?~3:14) maybe, maybe not.  Um.  But, I guess it won't matter because I'm not gonna be talking to myself that much, but I think that you can now hear me and me, so let's edit my video.  I've just synced the audio so that I've taken out my camera audio and put in this microphone audio.  We're gonna watch me edit this video and see--good morning, Jo--good morning, John, good morning, yeah, I actually, I'm pretty sure I did my good morning John (?~3:49)   I think that that was the one.  We're not gonna watch every single good morning, John.  I was wrong.  It was the one after that one.  Uhh.  I get to watch the video in the slowest possible--you still can't hear the video edit?  But it says it's got it.  

It's doing it!  It says, it says right here.  (?~4:38)  So yeah, spoilers, you're gonna get to watch my video streaming slowly.  


(5:17): Okay, I cut that out 'cause (?~5:20)  I say America a bunch of times in this video.  I try not to say America because, of course, America is more than just one country, but like, it is what it is.  

I brushed my hair after I filmed.  Definitely not.  I definitely did not do that.  It does what it does.  This video's gonna be way longer than four minutes.  So this is always a constant concern with vlogbrothers is that I'm like, I--ah, gosh, how am I gonna get this down?  

What's the video gonna be about, you guys?  What do you think the three true things are?

I was very careful about how I said this.  Instead of 'the cost of school has been increasing', I said 'the schools have been increasing the cost' because it's not like the cost has been increasing on its own.

My voice is a little weird.


I'm 40 years old.  Basically the year I was born was when it decoupled from inflation.  

Alright, I said this like a thousand times.  

Boo, boo, boo, boo, doo doo, (?~7:51), I don't know, I don't know.

Here's a line that'll probably get cut.  It adds, but it's not necessary and when you're trying to get to four minutes, sometimes you cut out stuff that adds to the (?~8:16).