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Alright, everybody, let's try this one again!  It's Hank.  Welcome to hankschannel, where I tell you about things that are going on.  This time with a microphone that isn't in my pocket.  Sometimes you have the Bluetooth connected, this little guy, I had this little guy connected and it was in my pocket and it has the microphone in it.  I didn't ask it to do that but it did that, so here's what's going on.

There are two things that I wanted to tell you about.  If you didn't catch the last one or you decided not to watch it because it was (mumbly sounds), one: I'm doing a livestream tomorrow with my--with four of my perspective editors.  So in my last vlogbrothers video, I'm saying all the same things over again, which does not feel good, but I'm doing it.  In my last vlogbrothers video, I talked about having that fourth kind of critique, which tells you that maybe you had a bad impact on the world or on people, like, was your work overall good or bad for people, and that that's something that you really don't wanna get wrong, but like, is impossible to never get all the way right, but like the main way you don't mess it up is you have people who aren't you read your book, people who share experiences with your characters so they can point out when you might be using a trope that they've heard a thousand time but maybe you're not as aware of or a bunch of other things.  It could be something as simple as like, I don't think this person would use that kind of shampoo to like, this isn't how girls in their 20s text each other and that's super helpful and it's something that I like a lot.  It's a part of the writing process that I really, really enjoy, but I think that there's a lot--it's kind of gotten caught up in this like, broader discussion, which I don't think it necessarily needs to be caught up in,, which has made it a really contentious topic in some circles, but I think that it's just a lovely part of the writing process, so I wanted to open it up a little bit, have some of the people who did that with me talk with me about it and so we're gonna be doing that here on hankschannel at 3:00 tomorrow, which is Monday, so if you wanna join me for that, that would be lovely and I think that we'll have fun.  3:00 Montana time, so that's 5:00 Eastern, 2:00 Pacific.  Not Western.  They don't call it Western.  America is weird.  Western isn't actually the furthest west you can get.  If you're not from America, that probably doesn't make much sense, but I live in the West whereas people who live in California don't?  Even though they're further west than me?  I'm sorry, I apologize.

So yeah, that's the situation and I'm gonna have a good old time having that conversation and I hope that you can join for it, so come by here 3:00 tomorrow, Montana time.  The other thing is that we published a zine that is a piece of supplemental material to this book.  It contains some deleted scenes.  It contains some background information on some characters and on some locations and some ideas and it's called "a supplementally useful publication" and it is available at  You can find it probably at a link in the description.  If not, you can go to and search for 'useful' and you'll find it.

The--it is only available in a physical format right now, but there's no reason for that, it's just literally that we didn't think of it, so if you wanna get an electronic version of it, we'll probably have that up by Friday of this week so just wait for a--just wait a sec, just wait a sec, don't forget, wait a sec and then come  back if you wanna get the electronic version.  It will cost the same amount because the  money's going to help our efforts in Sierra Leone to reduce maternal mortality so it's not about how much it costs to make.  It's about raising money, so please come on over and get that at  It's--I had a lot of fun making it.  Thanks to the people at DFTBA who helped with design,  Sam Schultz did a lot of the art on the inside and it's got really, really beautiful cover art and I apologize, I cannot remember the name of the cover artist right now but it's gorge and you can check it out at and you can join me here on hankschannel tomorrow at 3:00 Montana time for the perspective editor chat. 

Thanks!  I like to not--I did it again.  I don't like to end vlog--hankschannel videos as if there is an ending.  I just like for them to e--