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John: Ooooh! It's time for the 2014 Project for Awesome! Hi!

Hank: And I'm here too. I'm making noise now. This is very exciting!

John: Yay! Even Hank is here! Hey Hank!

Hank: How's it goin'?

John: I'm doing well, how are you?

Hank: I'm good.

John: I'm incredibly excited about the Project for Awesome, do you know how excited I am, Hank? Do you know? Do you know how excited I am?

Hank: Party poppers?

John: I'm this excited, I'm this excited.

Hank: Oh, that's not a party popper! That's like a-

John: This is not even a party popper, this is a full, this is a confetti cannon. Are you ready?!

Hank: My God, I'm terrified. 

John: Here we go!
(loud boom)
(both yell, excitedly)
John: Wow, future me is so mad at current me.

Hank: I did one of those in my office in, like, 2012, and there's still little-

John: There's still some stuff?

Hank: I'm in a different office now and I'm still finding pieces.

(John laughs)

John: I have no regrets, but future me might have some regrets. There's still some in there. Yaaaay. It's the Project for Awesome 2014, and, um, we are live for the next 48 hours, for the next 48 hours the Project for Awesome will be going on. We will be watching a lot of Project for Awesome videos together, we will be raising lots and lots and lots of money for charity, and there are lots of awesome perks available. Hi, Hank!

Hank: Hi, John!

John: Thanks for wearing my face on your torso.

Hank: Yeah, you're welcome. Creepy face, John.

John: Oh, well I think it's pretty awesome, actually.

Hank: Someday, this is gonna be like the young you and you're gonna look at this and be like, "I used to be so young".

John: (laugh)

Hank: Is that now? I already have watched videos from the beginning of Brotherhood 2.0 and I think, "Wow, John's old now."

John: Really? I think about how old you are. You looked like you were such a fresh-faced ingenue, and now you're, like, a middle-aged man running an educational video company. Let's bring you up to date on the Indiegogo!

Hank: Okay!

John: Are you ready to learn something about the Indiegogo, Hank?

Hank: I'm ready, I don't know anything.

John: Okay, so if you are in the livestream right now, and, by definition, you are, otherwise you wouldn't be hearing us talk, you can go to the link in the dooblydoo right there, right below us, uh, there's an Indiegogo link, it says, "Get your perks on Indiegogo now," and that's where you can donate to the 2014 Project for Awesome, now you can, hey, can we take a minute to talk about the heroes that donate to The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, but don't redeem a perk?

Hank: Yeah, those people exist. I don't know, I mean, if you get a physical perk, you are donating slightly less than you're paying.

John: Yeah.

Hank: Um, because we have to pay for the perk and the shipping, but, uh, it's very slightly less. We want to send you something.

John: No, I'm happy. I think there is definitely a heroism to just donating, um, so if you donate, just to give you a sense, your money is going to go to Save the Children today, your money will go to Save the Children and Partners in Health, two of the organizations who are doing vital, vital work around the world when it comes to everything from, uh, mental health initiatives in the developing world, to fighting the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone, and Liberia, to trying to lower childhood mortality from other causes, make childbirth much safer for mothers, um, working with community health initiatives around the world. We're going to talk a lot about that in the next 24 hours, and then if you, uh, wait till tomorrow to donate, the second 24 hours of the Project for Awesome, will be for charities chosen by the Nerdfighter community via voting at By the way, if you made a Project for Awesome video, you can submit it now at so that we can see it and people can watch it and stuff. But I wanna give an introduction to the perks, Hank.

Hank: Let's do an introduction to the perks.

John: Because if you go to the Indiegogo link in the dooblydoo, there's some amazing- I don't want to brag, but there are some pretty great perks, I think. Do you want to start or should I?

Hank: Um, I'll start.

John: OK, go. Don't stop talking, Hank. I've got a lot of energy right now.

Hank: My wife and I, my wife is Katherine, we're going to do a commentary of The Princess Bride, which is the best movie. We've read the book multiple times, seen the movie you know, a good thousand times each. And I think that, that like- I'm excited to see that is doing well, that a bunch of people are interested in that.

John: We're all gonna watch- we're all gonna watch

Hank: Yeah. It's like RiffTracks. You gotta like start the commentary up and like align it with the movie... I just said it's like RiffTracks, as if people know what that is. And then you watch the movie, and we talk to you while you watch the movie. I would like to do this more, but uh, Nick and Lindsey have done it for Sexplanations. They did one for a Subbable perk and people really liked it, so I liked that idea and I stole it.

John: Hannah Hart does it too.

Hank: Okay.

John: Yeah, I think that it's a great idea, and then you can also get some digital downloads of nerdfighter songs, songs where Nerdfighters cover Hank's songs, songs about my books, which, I already claimed that perk, and songs- original Nerdfighter songs, like songs that nerdfighters have written about Nerdfighteria, and also about other things. There is also, I should mention, An Imperial Affliction. This is a book that I wrote, except not really, because it's only 4 pages that I wrote, and then Fox printed it over and over and over again for, you know four hundred and... 502 pages. So it's 502 pages long, but it's just the same 4 pages like 101 times.

Hank: Is that how long An Imperial Affliction is in the headcanon of John Green?

John: I think actually in the book it talks about it being a 600 page book. So...

Hank: Oh!

John: I'm going to criticize my friends at Fox, but maybe they could have done a little bit better. But this is, this is- so it's a movie prop, essentially. To be clear, you're not going to be reading a novel, but these are the only ones that will ever be printed. Fox was really cool to make these for the Project for Awesome, they sent them to us and these are the only ones that are going to be printed, there's only 100 of them that are signed, and then the rest... but these are the, it's the only way you can ever have An Imperial Affliction on your bookshelf. You can also get a digital download of the pages I wrote of A Imperial Affliction for $10, a $10 donation to Save the Children and Partners in Health. But yeah, I'll read this, I'm sure, over the course of the thing. I wanted to say a couple of cool things about it though. The cover was designed by Minalima, the same people who did all the props, or a lot of the props, for the Harry Potter movies. They are amazing designers, and uh, you don't really see the back of the book in the um, uh in the movie, but they've got all these blurbs. "Not since Nabokov has prose imposed itself so forcefully upon the human heart." Great blurb. That's from the Chicago Intelligencer. I want someday, someone to say that about my work. That's like the nicest thing you could possibly say.

Hank: Well, yeah I think that it's kind of the point. The Chicago Intelligencer, does that exist?

John: It does not. Um, and then inside of here it's the cover of An Imperial Affliction and it says Minalima Books. The people who, uh made the prop. They're really cool people, um and they're huge- they've been, they're huge nerdfighters and they've been big supporters of the Project for Awesome for a long time, so I really appreciate them being cool with this and also, um also everybody at Fox, donating this perk. Also another donated perk, is this. The Project for Awesome edition of The Fault in Our Stars, which is also available nowhere else except for here in the next 48 hours or whatever. This is the exact same book as The Fault in Our Stars, you know, that novel that I wrote in 2012, but the cover is very different. It has a very different um, obviously it's green instead of blue, it says "Project for Awesome exclusive" here, and then on the back there's a hopefully funny letter that I wrote to you, to thank you for getting the book, and then my bio is very different because it ends with, "In his free time he tries to make 'French the Llama!' happen." Which is a thing that I am trying to do.

Hank: Did you fix any typos, was that part of the process?

John: Uh no, hopefully the typos have all been fixed by now,I mean, we're not in the first edition of the book anymore so hopefully... yeah, the typos are better. But yeah, it's very pretty and shiny and green and great. So you can get that for I think a $125 donation to Chuck Chil- uh, Save the Children and Partners in Health. Yes, we ship worldwide- I know we're gonna get a lot of that question. So yes we ship worldwide. And there's lots of other amazing perks, like um... gosh. We've got a poster, uh, the pressed pennies. Hank, why don't you talk about the pressed pennies?

Hank: In fact what I'm going to do right now is I'm going to say thank you to the people who have given in the last minute or so. VickyRigby got 2 sets of pressed pennies.

John: Cool!

Hank: Either that or just paid tw- I think actually what she did is just paid twice as much and she only got one perk. So she decided to pay extra.

John: Thanks Vicky.

Hank: Uh, Jordan got the exclusive Project for Awesome edition of TFIOS. Thank you Jordan. Rebecca got uh... what did you get? The poster for $25. Liana got... from St.Petersburg, Russia, ordered The Imperial Affliction prop.

John: Cool.

Hank: Thank you very much Liana. Colleen, um never mind, that was anonymous. It was, uh- I'm skipping so many.

John: I'm happy that the Project for Awesome is starting. This is great. Yay. Yay. Yay. Yay.

Hank: Grace got the $20 commemorative coin. Uh, and an anonymous donor got the Hank Green movie commentary. Michelle got herself some nerdfighter socks. That's pretty exciting.

John: So thanks to everyone who's donating right now, and also to everybody who's on uh- who's at I think that we are a little overwhelmed with submissions at the moment at, but we'll get there. So yeah, I do want to give you an update on how much money we've raised really quickly.

Hank: Oh.

John: Because the amount of money the Indiegogo raised, the other great thing is that if you give through the Indiegogo, your money is matched, uh... is matched. It's matched by Project for Awesome, large Project for Awesome donors. And then also, every dollar that's matched, that goes the Save the Children is matched by Save the Children, Friends of Save the Children, we want to thank them, that's really, really cool, like they pledged new money, which was really appreciated. So, every dollar you donate for the next 24 hours counts as $2.50 to these charities that are changing the lives of people living in poverty around the world. So in fact, even though the Indiegogo has raised in its first, well I guess 11 minutes of technically the Project for Awesome, $85,000. That means that in total, is down right now, but the total is somewhere like $240,000, I think Hank, is that right?

Hank: Yeah. Yeah.

John: Yeah. Anyway. The site is crashing because there's a lot of people on it, but everything is going to be fine. Everybody involved in the Project for Awesome is working very, very hard behind the scenes. We want to thank really quickly everybody who's made this possible. These amazing perks, like um... everybody who's donated perks, everyone who's worked so hard on perks... like one of my favorites is the calender. The YouTubers before YouTube Calendar, which is like childhood pictures of many of your favorite YouTubers, including Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart, and PewDiePie and Flula, George Watsky and Natalie Tran from Community Channel and the SourceFed people and Allie Speed, and Olga, and um Tyler Oakley. I don't know if you guys know about Tyler Oakley, he's a pretty big deal. Um, Felicia Day, Dan and Phil, Wheezy Waiter. There's so many people who donated perks for this year's Project for Awesome and we're so grateful to them. So you can get pictures of all of them when they were children and that can be your calendar for 2015.

Hank: Woo!

John: And Hank, will you talk about the pressed pennies, because that's my favorite perk. That's the one that I got first.

Hank: Yes I'm looking forward... later in the livestream, we're gonna be at the warehouse and I'll be able to press some pennies live on the stream, that will be available. But they uh, we, we, uh, I think Valerie had the idea...

John: Valerie2776.

Hank: Correct, the designer of Pizza John. Had the idea to destroy pennies in the name of charity. We don't like pennies here at Nerdfighteria. We think that they're dumb, we think that they're completely useless, they cost more to make than they are worth.

John: Way more to make.

Hank: They don't serve any economic purpose and they are literally thrown away. Because people are like, I don't want this, this is annoying. This thing...

John: Yeah, they don't

Hank: Is not useful...

John: Function as currency.

Hank: As money.

John: They don't do the things that money is supposed to do. We're getting slightly off topic here, but like, they don't function as currency. You cannot exchange them in a meaningful way for goods and services. Like

Hank: If you try to

John: Yeah.

Hank: If you try to pay with pennies, no one will let you.

John: No, not if the item costs more than like 14 cents.

Hank: Yes.

John: No one will let you come and be like, here is 472 pennies in exchange for like, you know, two Gatorades.

Hank: No. Yes, that is not...

John: Anyway. Anyway. We hate pennies, so we are now, we have bought this, Hank and I have bought this penny pressing machine that allows us to burn our signatures and DFTBA and nerdfighter logos into a penny. And it also ruins that penny in the process so it's a double win: there's one fewer penny on Earth, and, you will have a lovely souvenir that you can keep in your wallet to remind you of the many and wondrous joys of the Project for Awesome 2014. Hank, I have to get a diet Dr. Pepper, I'll be right back.

Hank: Okay. I have one right here, I have one here, I'm gonna see if I can open up the thing that I'm in so that... are you... wait... can you not see me? I'm not sure if you can see me. But here is one of them. I'm don't think that my camera is going to focus on it because it's a thumb. That is...

John: So excited!

Hank: That is one of them. This is, this is a penny that I smashed myself and have kept for my own. Um, but the cool thing about the penny smashing machine is that we can in the future do more penny smashings, but uh, we will never do these designs again. We will retire the die after the 2014 Project for Awesome. And uh, that die- the machine itself was not cheap, but the little thing that just lets you press pennies, as you might imagine, it's a very, like, sturdy piece of machinery, and then you have to swap it out for a new one, and that thing itself it pretty expensive. I've learned a lot about penny smashing.

John: Yeah. It's a science. It's a science and it's an art.

Hank: But in terms of the economics, the more that we make, the better the- like cause the penny itself is basically free, but the cost of setting up the whole penny smashy thing is not. So the more we sell of those, the better deal charity gets out of every purchase.

John: Although to be fair Hank, I think we paid for the penny machine, not the charity.

Hank: That is true.

John: So nobody really benefits. But whatever, we want to make a lot of pennies for you. Um, so...

Hank: The better deal it was for us if...

John: Right, yeah, the cheaper it was for us. Okay, so if you go to the Indiegogo, which is the top link in the dooblydoo, right there right beneath um you know, the little rectangle right in which you find Hank and me. Um, you'll find lots of great perks. is down right now because so many people came in the first like few minutes to try to submit um videos, but we're getting it back online. But the Indiegogo is now at $88,000, which means that in total we've raised, I think 240... pretty bad at math.

Hank: Me too.

John: Mmm... 2? $242,000 maybe? But yeah, there's- the other perk that I wanted to mention- there's so many great perks- the other perk I wanted to mention that I'm very excited about is original art from the MinutePhysics show. If you're a MinutePhysics fan like me, then you will know that it's a pretty- you know, it's like one of the best things on the internet, one of the most educational, interesting theories, and Henry animates it, and he animates it by making these beautiful drawings that explain really complex ideas in physics in a very straightforward and accessible way. And you can get some of that original MinutePhysics art, which I think he only makes available during the Project for Awesome, so I was sure to get that as well. And of course there's Hanklerfish art, where Hank will draw you pictures of beautiful Hanklerfishes, which are like anglerfishes, but Hankier, while he watches television programs. And they're each-

Hank: I have some right here. I haven't numbered them yet, because I'm not sure exactly how many I'm going to do, but I've done 200. Actually I've done 199 'cause I messed one up.

John: Wow. What'd you do wrong? Can I see them again please?

Hank: Sorry, here they are. What I did wrong was, uh- the amazing thing is, when I usually, when I mess up, I just do it again on the back, and then you get like a messed up back, and then you get like a messed up back, and that's- I think that that's an advantage. But I actually messed up twice. But when I mess up, like I'll, like I'll go off the page maybe, or like when I go off the page on one I'll like make a big mark on the page underneath it, or know know I'll just make one that looks terrible and I just can't accept it.

John: Yeah.

Hank: And then I did that twice, on both sides, and then that one I had to... Maybe I should charge extra for that.

John: I was gonna say, that one seems like it's more special, not less special. I think we're also gonna launch some new perks in the near future.

Hank: Oh really? New perks? Can I tell you, can I tell you about, can I tell you about

John: We've reached over a quarter of a million dollars. 

Hank: Can I tell you about Nick Popalich. Or, uh, probably Popavich.

John: $250,000, everybody.

Hank: Nick Popavich

John: Huzzah! That's not as exciting as the confetti cannon was.

Hank: He got a signed An Imperial Affliction, but he paid $1,000 for it.

John: Woah!

Hank: Yeah.

John: Thank you, Nick!

Hank: Thank you Nick.

John: That's so cool of you.

Hank: That's pretty amazing.

John: I mean, that is... that makes a huge impact on the lives of people in the developing world through Save the Children and Partners in Health. That's- that's- wow. Thank you. Gosh. I don't know what to do. I feel like I should sign that book twice. But unfortunately I already signed it in the past.

Hank: Nick is now the top donor who has not gotten a lifetime pass to VidCon. Which all sold out.

John: But they're all sold out, unfortunately. So there's no more lifetime passes to VidCon, but there are going to be great perks. Not just today, but also tomorrow we're rolling out lots of great perks. We're rolling out lots and lots of cool perks, so you know, you should get stuff now. Oh the other thing I wanted to talk about is the nerdfighter art perk, Hank. that's one of my favorite things that happens at the Project for Awesome every year, uh, is the nerdfighter art, everybody, um... okay. We don't

Hank: Yeah.

John: Okay, so the nerdfighter art perk is like, hundreds of nerdfighters donate their art. And then you, the donor, you don't know exactly what kind of nerdfighter art you're going to get, but you know it's going to be awesome, because it was made by nerdfighters, and um it's really great stuff, like there's French the Llama paintings that are just these watercolors that are just beautiful, with these strange- looking French llamas. And there's lots of, there's jewelry, and keychains, and it's just a really great thing, and you don't know what you're gonna get so it's kind of a grab bag, but a lot of that stuff is just awesome, so... yay!

Hank: Yeah, I actually, when we're in the warehouse later today, I will have access to some of that and I'll be able to show it off yeah.

John: Nice!

Hank: We- they- we- have only, basically, most of the stuff that we have for the Project for Awesome  this year, we decided that we would have it on hand before we started the project, because in previous years, we've been like, "and then we'll do this!", and then it's like, 6 months later.

John: Yeah, and it takes forever, it takes 6 months. So this time, unlike last- in previous years, where you could buy a zombie apocalypse story I wasn't going to write for 8 months, when you buy the e-book, or the PDF of An Imperial Affliction, or what I wrote of An Imperial Affliction for the movie. Achh wachh- I got some stuff in my mouth. When you buy that, you will get it like as soon as the Project for Awesome ends, it will be emailed to your email address. Oh that reminds me, to underscore the importance, when you are donating, enter your address in correctly. Because, um

Hank: By incorrectly, do you mean in correctly?

John: Great question, Hank. I mean enter in your address into the address fields correctly.

Hank: Yes. Yes. If you enter it incorrectly, we will send it to nowhere and

John: No, it will work out, everything will work out, you don't have to freak out because we have lots of great volunteers working hard to make sure that the perks go to the right place, but yeah, it will be harder. I do want to say that 100% of your donations after like Indiegogos percentage take, and you know, the actual costs associated with making and shipping stuff, 100% of that money will go to Save the Children and Partners in Health. The Project for Awesome, the charity that  Project for Awesome goes through is called the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck, it's a charity founded by Hank and me, and it has no overhead, no one gets paid anything, everybody, everything is volunteer, all the shipping is volunteer, everybody who packs the boxes and prints your labels and all of that stuff is volunteered by people who work at DFTBA Records and volunteers who come in to help ship out your perks. And then the whole- everything in the background is also run by volunteers, Sam Rudge who makes the website every year and keeps it running, Karen Kavett, who helps us with design, all of the people who donated their time and talents to making the nerdfighter coin, Vondell Swain, who made the Project for Awesome poster, all of that stuff is all volunteer, and we're very very grateful to everybody who's made that possible. And then everybody in the background, Valerie2776, the nerdfighter community manager, Rosianna Rojas, my, um, my, assistant is the wrong word... what's the right word for Rosianna, Hank?

Hank: Uh, she is your, basically, director.

John: Yeah. She's my director of operations.

Hank: She's your director of, like, life.

John: Valerie has requested that I don't call her Valerie2776, that I just call her Valerie, but I will call her Valerie when hell freezes over. You'll always be Valerie2776 to me, Valerie, because that's how I came to know you.
Hank: It's such an important number.

John: It's such an important number in my mind. It's a big part of... anyway. Wooo! [pours confetti on head] I'm having so much fun with this confetti. Um, yeah. So, uh, yeah. Um, we're  really grateful to everybody, and we're really grateful to all of you who are donating. There are so many people donating right now, and also everybody who made Project for Awesome videos. If you can't donate, there's still tons of ways to participate in the Project for Awesome, we know that not everybody has the funds to donate, and there's lots and lots of stuff that you can do, you can watch and share Project for Awesome videos, which will be live soon at, but in the meantime you can go and search for them on YouTube. You can also, um... gosh, what else, Hank? Uh, you can share Project for Awesome videos and you can share the Project for Awesome fundraiser with your friends, who might have money, or with your parents, or whatever...

Hank: Yeah. l mean, so you gotta keep in mind that the second day, all the money will be distributed through every... you know, through votes, so if you if you can encourage your friends and family to go and vote on the charities that you want to be voted for, you are doing good for those charities, you are potentially making a difference there.

John: Yeah, that's the other thing that I would say.

Hank: And also, if you have friends who are into YouTube who might want some of these perks, who might want to get involved, who might not know that much about Vlogbrothers but might be interested in getting a calender that has some YouTube-related pictures on it or something, then send them our way. Let them know about it, and, and, yeah, I mean. Retweet things on twitter, reblog things on Tumblr, share things with your friends and cool people. Sailor Fielder just spent $350 on a signed Imperial Affliction, so thank you to Sailor, from here in the US. Nicola got some medium nerdfighter socks that she has medium-sized feet, just so you know.

John: Nerdfighter socks! The Nerdfighter socks are pretty great. That's another thing.

Hank: I'm excited about the nerdfighter socks.

John: I got the large ones because...

Hank: Yes. Right, we got 2 sizes. Usually socks are one size fit all, but like...

John: But no. We wanted to go all the way out, make sure that

Hank: A very generous size.

John: We get everything available to you.

Hank: Yeah. Yeah.

John: Okay, the site is back up, now, don't all rush there at once, but it's back online. Oh, no it's not.

Hank: And we crashed it.

John: Gosh, the minute we get it fixed everyone goes back there. Uuum, ha ha aaa... we're gonna get it fixed. Um, again, thank you to our volunteer army, desperately trying to, uh, I think also donated server space, if I recall correctly, Hank.

Hank: I'm not a- yes. I think, I'm not sure how it works, but I, our overhead is

John: Zero.

Hank: Nonexistent. Even if we paid for it, we pay out of, uh, out of the sort of EcoGeek budget. We have now hit $92,000, John.

John: Well that's awesome.

Hank: (?)~26:21 at the Project for Awesome over 2,000 donors so far, which is just fantastic.

Hank: That's so great. Thanks to everybody who's donated, it's 2,000 of you, my gosh. And, uh, yeah. $100,000 is as much as we raised in the entire first, like, 4 or 5 Project for Awesomes combined, so that's pretty cool to think about. And it will be much more than that because every dollar counts as $2.50. Plus, um, yeah. A reminder that every dollar you donate goes to Save the Children and Partners in Health, um, right now at least. And they um, because of matching donations from The Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck's board and also people who are supporters of Save the Children, that dollar now counts as $2.50, so you can really amplify the impact that you can have by giving now and today to The Project for Awesome because both of those matches expire at noon tomorrow. So we have a maximum match of, if we can raise, this is, we probably can't, but if we could raise up to $500,000, we would, there would be some form of matching funds that whole time, so it's potentially, you know, tremendously impactful. Because $500,000 would count as a million, um, or would be a million raised. So from a maximizing your, uh, impact perspective, today's the day to give. But then tomorrow's also gonna be a great day to give because that money goes to charities chosen by the nerdfighter community by voting at so that's a big deal too. Hank, in about 30 minutes we're going to feature our first Project for Awesome video, in the meantime,

Hank: Yay!

John: I know, I'm so excited, I'm so excited, this is bananas, there's so much Project for Awesome-y stuff happening.

Hank: What did you think of my video? Did you watch my video?

John: I haven't watched it. It-

Hank: Oh, come on!

John: Well didn't it go live at the exact same minute that we went live?

Hank: I put it live a little bit early. Cause I wanted- I wanted there- 

John: Cheater!

Hank: Well, I wanted like, I like,

John: That's cheating!

Hank: I talked a lot about a bunch of perks, I felt like it would be better for Project for Awesome if I uploaded it earlier.

John: Typical. Typical cheating. Um, I want to thank Fiona and Lindsay and Megan and Taylor and Becca Santana and all the people who have donated in the last few minutes, um, to the Project for Awesome Indiegogo. By the way, you can find a link to the Indiegogo in the dooblydoo right below Hank and me. Um, Hank, where are you right now? Are you in your office?

Hank: I'm in my office, yeah, yeah. A very nice view of posters from the background of all of my videos.

John: Oh, I don't watch- do you make videos on YouTube?

Hank: That's adorable, John.

John: Um, uh...

Hank: It's the map of the Realm of Narnia, right there.

John: Yes. It goes all the way back to 2007.

Hank: It's actually- have I ever told you that that turns out to be quite valuable? I bought it at a thrift store cause I liked it and it turns out that it's like from 1967 and it's like- you have to- they're like $1000 on eBay.

John: Woah, really?

Hank: Yeah.

John: That's no joke.

Hank: I know, I got a nice frame for it.

John: I was actually about to tell you you might want to get a nicer frame.

Hank: Well it's, it's not a bad frame.

John: Okay. Uh-

Hank: I bought it on Amazon.

John: Oh God. Oh God. The curator's husband in me in panicking. Who knows, who knows what kind of backing that frame has.

Hank: Oh it has, it's cardboard.

John: Oh God, oh God. I'm very anxious.

Hank: I'm sure it has lots of acid in it.

John: All right, let's move on, let's talk about something else. Um, can you show me the rest of your studio there, and maybe I'll give you a quick tour of where I am.

Hank: This computer's pretty heavy.

John: Okay, I am at my um-

Hank: This is my bookshelf.

John: Okay, I'll give you

Hank: And over here is Games With Hank, is over there.

John: Oh there's my friend games With hank. I'll give you a tour. I'm standing right now on my treadmill desk, which is extremely well organized, as you can see, I um, it's just the picture of organization.

Hank: Oh wow, look at all those party poppers. Oh, is that the, is that the book, is that the, the, Project for Awesome edition?

John: Yeah, this is the 10th anniversary- oh yeah, this is the Project for Awesome edition of The Fault in Our Stars.

Hank: That looks way cooler than the one that's on the website! It's all shiny!

John: I know, it's got fancy green shiny cover.

Hank: The one that's on the website just looks like it's green!

John: I know, it's got a fancy green shiny cover, and it says Project for Awesome exclusive, and then on the back it's got this letter that uh,

Hank: We've got to take a picture of that and put ot on the website! That is way better.

John: And my bio is different.

Hank: Oh, look at your bio.

John: And picture. It was taken by my friend Marina, like they were like, "you need a new picture", and I was like, "eeehhhh... is there any way I can just have my friend Marina take one?" Um, so yeah, so there you go. Um, but yeah, so this is my treadmill desk. And there's a lot of confetti down there. And then over there there's a lot of books and things I gotta sign and whatever. This is my actual office. It's very nice. I don't wanna brag but I got my- did you see there was a great YouTube comment on one of my videos recently where I filmed in this office, Hank? Where someone was like, why does that guy have that sad teen movie poster in his background?

Hank: It's like, why is he super into that movie?

John: It's so weird!

Hank: What's up with that?

John: Yeah, it's like a movie for teenagers, why does this weird middle-aged guy like it?

Hank: the movie, but why would you put the poster in your office?

John: Right. Right, right. Exactly. So then this is a poster, this is an Infinite Jest poster for fans of the book Infinite Jest, that traces the connections among all of the

Hank: Oh my god.

John: metaphors in the book, incredibly complicated character maps.

Hank: Oh my god.

John: Over here, speaking of pretentious novels that I love, is the map of Ulysses, the great Jame Joyce novel that tracks its way through Dublin, and all of the different places in Ulysses that you can walk to. This map was made by Guinness in the 1960s, and unfortunately Hank, I did not get it at a thrift store.

Hank: Uh, John, I think that I have something that I need to tell you.

John: What?

Hank: You're a huge nerd.

John: Oh I know, yeah. Yeah, yeah, I'm a huge nerd. This is my executive washroom.

Hank: Ho-ho-ho! I don't have one of those.

John: I know, I'm very excited.

Hank: The nearest bathroom is quite a ways away from me, unfortunately.

John: That's Sarah's office. I think we'll have to unlock some more perks before we get to see Sarah.

Hank: Oh yeah yeah.

John: And then there's Brandon's office, Mary's office, Mark's office...

Hank: Uh-oh, you're losing...

John: And there's the office and many other things. Say hi.

Woman in office: Hi.

John: Yeah. Um. Oh now I see where everybody is. Everybody's playing Aero Fighters. Oh they're trying to figure out how we can play Aero Fighters on this amazing machine

Hank:John, we're losing your Wi-Fi.

John: Mark and Stan. Uh, we're trying to figure out how we can play, and see how it's got all these nerdfightery designs it? We kind of went all out. Anyway. We're trying to figure out how we can play video games in one of the screens on the Google+ hangout and narrate on the other screen.

Hank: Oooh. That's a good idea.

John: I thought that'd be fun. And here's Sheridan. Who works on Mental Floss and other stuff. That's Sheridan. Everybody's here. The whole team is here. Oh, and there's a dog, that just is a one-eyed dog. It just lost an eye.

Hank: What? It lost an

John: One of Stan's dogs just lost an eye from a terrible eye infection that happened very suddenly.

Hank: Aaaw.

John: It was very difficult to deal with. Stan loves his dogs.

Hank: Well, you know. Dogs, dogs can, dogs bounce back man.

John: Yeah, a very resilient dog generally.

Hank: Oh, we have new perk John, we have a new perk.

John: What is it?

Hank: It's the Pizzamas grab bag.

John: Ooh!

Hank: We had some leftover stuff from previous Pizzamases.

John: Oohoohoo!

Hank: Pizzamas 2013, so Pizzamas two years ago, and we're putting that in a bag, and you don't know what you're gonna get, but it's gonna have John's pizza face on it, and it's, ah, yeah, it's $100. It's, uh, "it might be stickers, or blankets, or pencils, or pens, or keychains, or question marks" is what it says.

John: Well, I, um, as a huge Pizzamas fan, I want to (?~ 34:27) it allows my mustachioed face to travel to more goods and services than ever seemed possible. Um, very excited about that perk. That's pretty great. Pretty great.

Hank: Yeah. This is excellent news for our warehouse staff too, who has been looking at this, being like, "What are we gonna do with all these things that we can't sell anymore cause we said we wouldn't sell them?" Well, for the charity we can.

John: We're giving them to charity. Perfect. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Man, almost 200 people have now claimed those pressed nerdfighter pennies. Were going to be spinning that crazy penny machine a lot in the coming weeks.

Hank: Yeah. Because that's not just 200 pennies. That's 800 pennies.

John: That's 800 pennies. That's a lot of- gosh. That's a lot of pennies that are being taken off of the market that does not exist for them because no one will use them as currency.

Hank: So weird! $8 of pennies. You just look at- you look at them. And you look at how much space they take up and how heavy they are and you're like "this is definitely (?) something.

John: It is in fact, it's $16 worth of metal. Um..

Hank: Hey John, Tom Stallman, the original secret brother just gave a hundred dollars and didn't even, I think, claim a perk.

John: See real heroes, Hank, the real heroes of the Project for Awesome are the people who give generously with no expectation of rewards.

Hank: Well, the real heroes are everyone who gives and also the people who make videos and also the people who hang out in the livestream, you're a real hero, did I just cover up the camera, I don't think, I don't know -

John: You are, that's totally true Hank, you're right. Um - but anyways. Secret Brother Tom started watching Brotherhood 2.0 on January 1st 2007 and and was one of our original secret siblings who made video responses back in the days that video responses existed and yeah, it's so nice, secret brother tom thank you for sticking with Nerdfighteria for all these many years and thanks to everybody. Hank this is the eighth, EIGHTH Project for Awesome, can you believe that?

Hank: Uh, wow! (36:22)

John: It might be wrong. 

Hank: I think you're right.

John: I was not framed well there. 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. Eight!

Hank: Eight!

John: Eight!

Hank: Eight!

John: This is the eighth Project For Awesome. That's crazy.

Hank: Eight!

John: Did you just burp?

Hank: I did, two times.

John: Congratulations.

Hank: John do you know who the real heroes of the Project For Awesome are? I've changed my mind.

John: Yeah? Who?

Hank: They are the people who work for Partners in Health and Save the Children who risk their lives to make the lives of many many people better.

John: Yeah, that's true. You know, can I tell you a story on that front actually?

Hank: You may.

John: By the way, you can give at the Indiegogo link in the dooblydoo. So I was talking to Samantha Ender from Partners in Health a couple days ago, and she told me that their program budget has doubled, not in the last year, but in the last two months because of the Ebola crisis. So Partners in Health support organizations like Last Mile Health in Liberia which is kind of similar to the organization I got to spend time with in Ethiopia, Last 10K. They are the people who try to get healthcare that last mile or that last ten kilometers or whatever in to rural villages so that there can be some kind of options for safe childbirth, and for kids to get vaccinated and stuff like that in these rural communities, and it's been tremendously successful because these are local women working inside their own communities not Westerners coming in with western ideas and trying to impose value systems or systems that don't really work and it's been tremendously effective and I think in the last twenty years that's one of the reasons you've seen child mortality drop so much. But with the Ebola crisis, in Liberia and Sierra Lyon and Guinea, that stuff has been destroyed, and it's been very difficult because so many healthcare works have died, so many have been infected, so many have been forced to choose between their own well being and being able to take care of their kids and their own families versus being able to take care of their own communities, and since before we really even knew about the Ebola outbreak, Partners in Health has been working with very limited resources and helping those people who just won Time Magazine's Person of the Year Award who were the direct responders to the Ebola crisis and that has saved countless, like it's impossible to know how many lives that heroism has saved. A lot of people have died. A lot of health workers have died in that sacrifice; have made that sacrifice so that Ebola didn't spread wider than it has and it's a tremendous story and one of the reasons that we wanted to support Partners in Health was because they now have a funding gap because they've had to invest so heavily in their operations in West Africa. So, I just think it takes tremendous courage to do what they have done. Those health workers and people in those communities have made just unimaginable sacrifices and taken very challenging risks in order to try to stem the Ebola outbreak and so I think it's certainly a very worthy cause and this is a year they need our support more than ever. 

Hank: Yeah. I'm going to read some comments from the Project For Awesome Indiegogo. (40:05)