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(Asst. SciShow staff/YouTubers)
Nicole Sweeney: Deadly yogurt geyser.
Stefan Chin: Set your phasers to moist.
Sarah Gullickson: Incarcerated toothbrushes.
Timothy Thomas: Smile like a donut.
Caitlin Hofmeister: Microsoft fingernail simulator.
Megan Toenyes: I'm proud of my sand.
Travis Morss: Butter flavored tree gas.
Nicole Sweeney: Long bee squeeze fight. (Laugh)
Hailey Faust: Molten dog hair.
Lou Winkler: We swam the way giraffes eat wallpaper.
Michael Aranda: I wanted to sample some spicy guitar, but I couldn't fit my napkin 'round it.
Sarah Meismer: Tentacled popcorn.

Hank: There are a lot of different ways to not make any sense at all, but of all of them, the fact that some people don't have access to simple healthcare despite the fact that we live at the peak moment of wealth in human history makes the least sense of all.

Partners in Health is dedicated to ending that weird, lopsided world. They empower and equip local health workers and have been working with the people on the front lines of the fight against Ebola before any of us in the US even knew that there was an outbreak.
Ebola is a world health problem. Antibiotic resistance is a world health problem. Pneumonia is a world health problem. No community is exempt from these challenges, and Partners in Health is doing genuinely heroic work around the world to save lives, not just now, but a hundred years from now.
Partners in Health is a huge part of the ongoing success story of increased access to healthcare and decreased suffering throughout the world, and through our support, we will also be a part of that success story.
For the first half of the Project for Awesome, we'll be splitting the money raised between Partners in Health and an equally amazing organization, Save the Children. We'll also have matching funds for the first 500,000 dollars donated, meaning that if we reach 500,00 dollars by noon on Saturday, a total of a million dollars will be given to partners in health and Save the Children.
During the second half, the money raised will be distributed via your votes. To watch videos promoting charities and vote on the ones that capture your interest and attention, head to Together, through the Project for awesome, we're gonna help the world make a little bit more sense.

Good morning John! This was my Project for Awesome video, I'm looking forward to seeing everybody else's.
So in addition to making videos, watching videos, voting on charities at we also have the fundraising element. That takes place over an Indiegogo, and it's just a way to donate to charity, but, in addition to donating to charity and making the world a less nonsensical place, you'll also get stuff! Stuff that you can't get any other way!
Things like the reproduction of the prop version of An Imperial Affliction, with seven pages repeated over and over again, written by John Green, the author of The Fault in Our Stars and also my brother and also the guy who runs this video blog with me.
It's an exact replica of the one that Shailene Woodley reads in the movie. We also have the special edition of The Fault in Our Stars, only available through the Project for Awesome -- it's green.
Let's ee what else. We've got a calendar, every year we've got a calendar, but this year the calendar is baby pictures of YouTubers, including... this guy. So. It's cute.
We got a penny squashing machine, we're squashing pennies and stamping Project for Awesome and nerdfighteria logos on 'em. Death to pennies.
We've also got a couple hundred of these, Hanklerfish arts, yeah, been doing that while watching Gilmore Girls. Every one of these is a beautiful moment between a loving mother and her wonderful daughter.
Katherine and I are doing a full movie commentary of the Princess Bride, because we love that movie. We've got compilations of nerdfighter music and amazing nerdfighter art that's just... better than ever; just keeps getting more awesome every year.
And we'll be adding a ton of Project for Awesome perks during the 48-hour livestream; can't spoil all of the surprises now. And during that livestream, if previous years are any indication, we will get a little bit silly and amazing things will happen and we will be joined by lots of your favorite YouTubers or at least my favorite YouTubers, and it's gonna be great.
The livestream will be running from Friday, that's today, at noon, all the way to Sunday, at noon. That's Eastern Time noon, not any other noons.
(Music begins playing (Perspectives))
And now it's time to take it back down again for the outro.
Thanks for every who helped out here at the office and thanks to all of you for participating in the Project for Awesome, whether you're giving or making videos or hanging out on the livestream or all of those things. Our goal here this weekend is just to help the world make a little bit more sense.
John, I'll see you in the livestream.