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Hank: Ploob is. Is it me? I think it is. How are you? I'm Hank. That's not- I'm fine. How are you? I'm fine. My name is Hank Green. I am one of the Vlogbrothers and I am right now working on the Project for Awesome here at

Um, so what's going on, in case you don't know. I'm gonna talk for a little bit, because no one's joined, let's be honest, because this just started and that's the thing about livestreams. Usually you start a TV show and you're like, "Oh! TV show! Start! Flash! Blang! Foo! Wow! Woo! Funny!" Uh, but you can't do that with livestreams, because no one has showed up yet. Which is annoying. Cause right when you start the livestream is when the fewest people are watching. (0:51)