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Second to last day of Pizzamas (and reunion spectaculars):

In which John and Hank discuss light, tiktok, cost/benefit analyses of the social Internet, writing books, and how riding is living.

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Good morning, Hank, it's Tuesday It's the second to last day of Pizzamas.  I can see your arms, which a little bit kills the illusion.

Hahahahah. It's Hank Green, everybody!

You're in my light You're in my light  Do you know what light is I kind of don't know what light is.  Don't tell me we don't know what light is That's like when I found out we don't  know why there's matter in the universe. That's a real problem for me  But you know what's not a problem for me: Hydration, thanks to my Pizza John Nalgene bottle  I waited till near the end of Pizzamas to show y'all  Look at it, Hank! Oh, wow!  Paul wants to know, "Should I install TikTok?"  I mean, don't ask me whether you should try hard drugs  Ha!

If you've got-- if you've gotten this far, I think you're good.  But you know what I would install, Paul I would install a Pizza John bust in your home  gosh!  Hank, it used to be you who were so good at advertising and marketing!  When did the-- I'm so tired  When did I become the sellout I need... I need you! Next year, I wanna do one of these, but Pizza John Oh, I love these!

These are so fun!  They are And you can turn   them into all sorts of shapes, like this shape.  Ouh, I did a magic! He did a magic. Maddie wants to know,  do you actually have to separate lights and darks while washing clothes?

So if I've washed a red item of clothing, like a Pizza John shirt, four times then  I'm, like, I'm out. That's enough That's done  Reagan wants to know, what Pizzamas shirt should I buy  if I can only buy one? Great question, Reagan, glad you asked  I can't tell you which Pizza John shirt to buy, Reagan, it's like asking me to  choose which of my kids I love more.

But, um, I can tell you which ones  my kids chose. My daughter, Alice, chose: square pizza me.  Yeah, it's a box; a pizza box And my son, Henry, chose: if it rides, I lives!  I just had a meeting with my TikTok person Yeah  There's a person at TikTok who handles my account I'm clearly a low-priority for her, but  she was very nice and, uh, she was like, "Here are your 4 least performing videos  over the last 2 months. As you can see, your Cars Versus series was not a hit."  And I was like, "Au contraire!" By the way, I met the person who   designed this shirt last night.

I did last night, too!  Andrew wants to know, "Thoughts  on my Pizza John bento?"  Oh my god It's great!  It's phenomenal! I mean, I've seen a lot of Pizza John pizzas,  which are all amazing, but-- Yeah  This Pizza John bento might take... the pizza! You can't say take the cake during PIzzamas.  No, it's not allowed.

No, it's problematic.  Steven asks, "Where would you rank the importance of the creation of  social media against the detriment it can cause?"  That's a great question, Steven. You know where I've come down on this?  Where? It doesn't matter,  cause we can't get rid of it so...?

Right  I don't know. If the button was there, to turn it off,  then I'd need to know the answer to the question Mmmm...  But the button's not there. We can see parallels in when we look at  the printing press.

And when we look at the proliferation of newspapers. We created  norms, and also, regulations, like laws, to make those technologies work better for us.  And hopefully, by looking at what is happened in the past, well be better at doing that more  quickly. Because we have to do it more quickly because it's changing so much faster.

Maureen Johnson wants to know, "how do I write a book? Not you, me?"  Well, I don't, I certainly don't know how Maureen should write a book.  Maureen has written a lot more of them than I have.  Didn't she write some books, like sitting across the table from you?  Yeah, she wrote Suite Scarlet while I was writing Paper Towns across  the table from her. So maybe that's how?  Maybe we just need to reunite and write more books while  staring at each other, or in, at a cupcake restaurant in New York City  That clearly doesn't want us there Hahaha!  Because we paid $2 for a cup of coffee and installed ourselves for 6 hours.

I can't wait to see what wonders you bring me tomorrow, but in the meantime  Happy Pizzamas, everybody. And Get your Pizzamas  soccer jerseys.

They disappear forever!