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Gettin' drunk & playin' games with John Green, Craig Benzine aka WheezyWaiter, Joe Bereta and hosts Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda at VidCon.


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(Intro - Mediocre Films Two)

Greg Benson: I feel like we're at Maker Faire! What's happening, robot? Oh my god, that's the best thing ever. Hi, nice to see ya, nice to see ya. This is amazing, I made a new friend!

(Greg's vlogs! Sometimes Greg makes vlogs and sometimes he doesn't.)

GB: Don't tell the security guards I don't have a pass. Shh!

This is what it looks like before we do beer and board games. Live at VidCon, hello gentlemen, gentlemen, gentleman.

Aaron Yonda: Hi!

John Green: What's up?

GB: Person.

JG: That's right, I appreciate that.

AY: This is Courtney.

GB: Hiya Courtney!

AY: She's in a bunker somewhere on the edge of the town of LaCrosse.

GB: Wow, and she's gonna be running the show for us?

AY: When they still have power, yeah.

JG: Oh, God, we're playing the Rodney Dangerfield game "No Respect"? Oh No!

Matt Sloan: I'm not exactly sure how this is gonna go because...

JG: Oh, God, it's going to be so boring.

GB: No, this is going to be the greatest.

JG: You know what it's going to remind me of?

GB: What?

JG: Rodney Dangerfield's worst movies. (Laughing)

GB: (Rodney Dangerfield impersonation) Hey ya, I'll tell ya, I got no respect, eh he he he. Hey, I'll tell ya. Hey, hey.

MS: We gotta start the show, dude.

GB: We should be shooting this stuff. This is good stuff.

AY: OK, we have to start broadcasting.

JG: Here are four jokes: We all used to be young and promising, now we're all old. Joke number 2: Same... Just like Rodney Dangerfield. Joke number 3: Can you believe that it's come to this. Last year at least we played Saved by the Bell, a generationally appropriate game. Now we are just acknowledging that we are literally eligible for social security. Joke number 4: Can you believe that I brought my wife to this shit.

GB: Hey, I brought my wife last year.

Sarah Green: Hey.

JG: Where is your wife?

GB: She could not make it, as much as she really wanted to. She is producing a thing and couldn't make it.

JG: Awkward silence...

GB: People are leaving. It's over. You missed all the fun! Unless you watched it. Then you didn't miss any fun. Mark's leaving.

Mark: Non-fun. I'm taking this with me.

GB: He's got that. Joe's leaving. The other Mark's leaving.

Craig Benzine: I'm still here. I'm always here.

GB: Mr Malkoff. Wheezy's staying. He's gonna hang out.

CB: They want me to leave, but I'm gonna stay.

GB: No, no, it's a big suite, just spend the night.

CB: Oh.

GB: Yeah.

CB: Okay.

GB: Why not?

CB: My girlfriend is gonna wonder where I am, but meh, whatever.

GB: Nah.

Uh oh, vlog-ception.

CB: Ohhh!

GB: Ahh, it's vlog-ception. Ahh!

Now we're walking around and we see this. That's pretty cool.

Voice: God is angry with us!

GB: The sky is on fire! Ah! Somebody put out the fire in the sky. Gosh, you know, I gotta say that this is really romantic.

Aaron: Yeah

GB: Just you and me Aaron, just standing here. Watching this. It's uh, it's romantic. You know? I don't know if you're feeling what I'm feeling.

AY: I find it somewhat... erotic.

GB: I don't know if erotic is the right word.