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In which John reveals a terrifying mustache and discusses community, nerdfighteria, and your pants.


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Good morning, Hank, it's Wednesday. So I just watched a video by Nerdfighter suchducks in which she claims that we don't make as many inside jokes as we used to. I don't know what to do about that, Hank, except maybe to reveal, for the second time in human history, the pizza john mustache. That's right, Hank, the pizza john mustache is like herpes and the Transformers franchise, you can never be quite sure that it's gone away for good. But, Hank I suspect that even this is not enough to satisfy suchducks so I shall wear my pizza mustache while eating pizza and playing the Sing-a-ma-jig. And then I'll go for a walk with my puppy-sized elephant and the dread pirate Fireball Wilson Roberts and French the Llama while wearing a book called Tender Morsels in your pants on my head. "You didn't do the hand thing." "What?" :The hand thing, you didn't do the hand thing. I've been doing it the entire time with my right hand, go back and watch. So, Hank it should- Sorry, I'm having a really hard time taking myself seriously right now, uhh, I feel like I look like both a cop and a creeper, Hank, so, like, I feel like I should be arresting myself for creeping in the first degree. Right. But anyway Hank, as I'm sure you're aware there's been a lot of conversation on Tumblr and the Ning and YouTube and Twitter about Nerdfighteria changing as it grows and how to keep the community strong as it grows and etc and I just thought I would throw in my two cents. But first I want to establish two rules. Not just for Nerdfighteria but also for, like, general human existence. Uhh, number one: don't be mean and number two: DFTBA. Hank, I know those rules are hard to follow but they are the rules! And if you break them the half of my moustache that is a cop will arrest you and the half of my moustache that is a creeper will get creepy. I can't look at myself in the viewfinder, Hank. I can't take myself seriously. I have got to get rid of this mouth caterpillar. Ahh, so much better. Alright, Hank, first I want to remind everybody that Nerdfighteria has accomplished a ton in the last few months. We've raised more than $10,000 with Esther for This Star Won't Go Out. The Project for Awesome generated more than 600,000 comments and raised more than $150,000. We've broken the email inbox of Warner Chilcott CEO, determined that moon pasta is more efficient than earth beef, transcribed every single vlogbrothers video at, and nerdfighters continue to do amazing things all over the world from dressing up as Phineas Gage for Halloween to drawing regular squids of rational debate and source citation to attending anything but clothes parties while my face stares at you creepily from the closet. That said Hank, Nerdfighteria definitely needs better ways to interact. Like, YouTube comments are awesome but they don't really lend themselves to building relationships or making stuff collaboratively. The Ning is also awesome, but can be very confusing, particularly to new users; and Hank, Ning Masters are working on that, but in the meantime some Nerdfighters are building Your Pants. Hank, I'm sure you remember that the original Brotherhood 2.0 forum was called "My Pants", well this is going to be like "My Pants" except "Yours". So hopefully in the next week or so "Your Pants" will be live. It's going to be a great place to build friendships and decrease world suck and make Nerdfightastic things. So keep watching, it'll be at not If you go to Google will tell you that they can't find your pants. Which, I mean, I don't expect you to be able to find my pants Google, that's my job. Google, your job is when I input a symptom, you tell me what terrible disease I probably have. Alright Hank, here's the last thing I want to say about Nerdfighting and civility. No one can tell you if you're a Nerdfighter and you can't tell anyone else if they're a Nerdfighter. Nerdfighter is an identity that you choose and then we collectively define that identity. Not by talking about what it means, but by living it. And in my opinion that goes for almost all identities, from the ones we choose like musician or writer, to the ones that seem unchosen like brother. Identities are important, but both the ones you choose and the ones that choose you generally resist simple definitions. I mean Hank, if I've learned anything about brotherhood in the last 4 years, it's that brotherhood is about a hell of a lot more than sharing the same parental units. Hank, I'll see you on Friday. And Nerdfighters, starting next week, I'll see you in Your Pants. Sorry, I had to bring the mustache back for that one. Movie magic!