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That's really all you need to know. Except that Charlie totally showed me up with the "show you around my place" video:

And that John and I are going to be talking some more about Moon Pasta should check this video out: because it's genius.


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Good morning, John. And good morning, Nerdfighters.

It's late. Yesterday night, I've been up working on Your Pants. Me and my team have been working all day, including things like integrating Facebook with Your Pants. But we've been messing around with a Facebook application for Your Pants, leading to some fairly awesome Facebook messages like "Are you sure you want to remove 'Your Pants?'" and "You have removed 'Your Pants.'"

...Starting to sound like a really, really bad text-based romance simulator.

Do you want to touch the boob? (presses keys [Y, enter] on computer keyboard) You are touching the boob.

So, in lieu of making a giant annotated video with links to everything on this bookshelf, I wanted to show you a few things so that you could get up and close and personal and stop asking so many questions about it.

That was given to me by people at Dark Horse Comics, this was given to me by my dad, we used to go see hockey games -- the Orlando Solar Bears!

This here was given to me by a nerdfighter, and that, I bought after Episode I came out, and they're having an epic duel, and of course, Obi-Wan is kicking his butt, 'cause he's much bigger, and more adorable.

And we got our Bobble-John, you gotta have your Bobble-John, lots of Sandman comics here, these are all my graphic novels. My Hunger Games is currently loaned out.

Down here we got Terry Pratchett books, Mars trilogy books, Neil Gaiman books, these are all DFTBA CDs.

This is a giraffe here, and there's a giraffe all the way over here; they are not currently making love, which is too bad for those giraffes.

Here we have Jet, of Cowboy Bebop, with his net-gun, and then up here we have my picture from, uh, from Hollywood Nights, Junior Cotillion. And there's John Green there! A pro Image from his soccer days.

We got VidCon and LeakyCon programs, here we got some corn dog stuff that a nerdfighter gave me. You gotta have a Yeti. Here is an evil baby, with a duck head on it; it's an evil baby Hitler.

A corgi! Hellboy, just chillin' out, here's a Chevy Volt, this is the Concept Chevy Volt, not the, uh, production version, which is out now, officially. Yoda, of course you gotta have a Yoda. This is amazing, a knitted anglerfish that a nerdfighter gave me. 

Mace Windu with his purple lightsaber, among all of the X-Wing books. Here's three penguins that a nerdfighter made for me, and then along the side here, we have a bunch of Gungans, battling each other, uh, stuck to it with blue ticky-tack.

This is the original Scuzzy Kizoozle Curl, still crunchy from having all of the corn syrup in his fur. Han Solo, because I'm totally into the originals as well, and moving down, we have a narwhal spearing a seal.

Lastly, down here we have Jar-Jar Binks, and he seems to have been in some kind of accident. Broken, and bleeding, as if someone was not a big fan of him when that movie first came out.

But earlier I was talking about Your Pants. That is really never gonna get old. On twitter, if you were following me, you may have seen that I asked for logos, potential logos for Your Pants, and I got a bunch, a lot of them were really really great; I'm showing you some of those now. Some of them were not so great, but the consensus in my heart, go out to Vondell Swain's logo, especially because it invites people to remake the sign of Your Pants with your pants. As long as you have a friend who can do it with you, which I, I currently don't.

Luckily, I do have a clone, welcome clone, yes, hi, how's it going? OK, now all I have to do is this, and then you do that, and we make the YP!

I am pleased to announce to you, right now, that we are opening Your Pants for business. But only for the first 200 people to arrive in Your Pants. It's a limited public release of Your Pants. We're gonna be cutting it off at 200 people, this is a limited-- to make sure that nothing crashes, or breaks. So please, right now, go to Your Pants, and if you can, sign up! And we will theoretically be opening Your Pants up to all people very soon.

I'm very tired from modifying Your Pants, and coding CSS, and hacking Your Pants. In short, I've been doing lots of things to Your Pants, all night long. So John, I'm going to go to bed and sleep way in, and then edit this video tomorrow. I will see you in Your Pants shortly, and I will see you in this little box on Monday.