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Good morning, John, it's a day of the week, a day of the month, a month and a year. I'm not even trying anymore. What it is, John, is the day after Super Bowl Sunday and I'm sorry to all you Steelers fans but in your face!

This is the first time, maybe ever, that I cared about a Super Bowl. Two reasons why I like the Green Bay Packers: one, there's a lot of Wisconsinites here in Missoula and so I don't like seeing my friends cry. And the Green Bay fans take it serious because the second reason why I love the Green Bay Packers: they're owned by people. Tens of thousands of people. People don't get anything in return for buying Green Bay Packers stock because the Green Bay Packers are a non-profit organization.

It's a football team. National football league football team, just won the Super Bowl, big deal team: community-owned non-profit. Why aren't they all like that? It's clear that it works! They won the Super Bowl! And they have the most dedicated fans of any football team in the world.

I love how we say that the winners of the Super Bowl are the "world champions", because the rest of the world is fighting so hard.

But anyhow. All the rest of the football teams are owned by some rich person or a small group of rich people. They didn't just win the Super Bowl! They don't have the most dedicated fans of any football team! And they're not a non-profit organization that donates the profits of the team back into the community.

Actually, I just spent a little bit of time researching this on the internet. Turns out that the NFL has specifically forbidden another team like the Green Bay Packers from entering the NFL. They will not allow it. It's too successful. How are those rich people gonna make money off their football teams if it's owned by the community? Agh! Stupid!

Here's a horrible brain crack idea for you. I had an idea. Take a picture of this or a video of this and then annotate or link every book and also every little knickknack-y item to a review or the story of that book or item. It would only take like 200 hours of work and then that would be totally awesome right?

Yeah that's just going to sit in there and chew away at my brain, that one. That's not getting out.

I was talking about the Super Bowl. It's not about football really, is it? It's about eating food, hanging out with friends, and watching commercials. And I have to say I'm getting really tired of Coca-Cola commercials. Coca-Cola, I don't know if you know this, is water with bubbles and sugar in it. Turns out, water with bubbles and sugar in it cannot solve the world's problems. It cannot defuse a dragon that is attacking adorable monkey people. You know what you and everyone else in the world have in common? A lot more than just Coca-Cola.

Stop trying to convince me that bubbly sugar water is going to solve all of the world's problems, ah, because it's freaking bubbly sugar water! You know why we like Coca-Cola? Because it's candy in a bottle.

End rant. Counterbalance: amazing story!

There is a black Labrador, a dog, in Japan that can smell colon cancer on your breath. He can also smell it in your poop, but also on your breath. This dog is just accurate as a colonoscopy, which is the thing where they stick a camera up your butt and look around, at discovering whether or not people have colon cancer.

One day I want to live in a world where you can walk into a doctor's office and there's a black Labrador sitting there and he walks up to you and sniffs you. And he either barks or he doesn't bark.

Though, that would be kind of a horrible way to find out you have cancer.

And he doesn't even have to smell your butt, he smells your breath and that is just weird!

Though it is a dog, so it's probably gonna sniff your butt anyway.

The Katherine, my wife, guest starred with me in an episode of Hank plays Lego Harry Potter. It's hilarious, because she's hilarious, and you should watch it, because it's adorable.

And me, John, WheezyWaiter, Alex Day, and Elmify are all getting together to create a linked up space. is like question Tuesdays, except forever and always. So basically there's links down there. You go and you ask questions and we will answer them in video form and then you can click on other people's questions and see our video replies.

It's lots of fun and if you actually sign up for the site instead of giving anonymous questions I will be much more likely to answer your questions. But John and Alex and Craig and Emma and I will all be answering questions on You should check it out.

And there's more amazing stuff. There's always more amazing stuff, but I'm just going to link that in the endscreen. John, I will see you on Wednesday.