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In which Hank mostly goofs off with friends in New York. But, of course, there's a good bit of Paper Towns talk as well.


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John: Good morning, Hank.

Hank: Good morning, John.

John: It's the Paper Towns release party, and, with Liane from the Five Awesome Girls; Jody, my agent; Katherine, your wife; and, ridiculously amazingly, Alex and Charlie from London.

Katherine: And Bath.

John: And Bath. Sorry, sorry, nothing against Bath. And Charlie came here instead of meeting the Queen of England. No joke.

(To audience at gathering) Paper Towns is a book about a bunch of people who are constantly misimagining each other because they're thinking about one another as something other than a person. Here we are, stuck inside of our skin-encased enclosures, and it's very difficult to imagine another person as they would imagine themselves. I never like to think about myself and think, like, "That guy sucks, I don't care what he thinks." (Audience laughter)

Audience question: I was wondering if you ever considered teaching.

John: Oh, yeah, I would love to- that's too close. (Audience laughter) Um, yeah. I mean, I love, I love books. I love literature, and I love, um, I love talking about, about books with young people and, and trying to read critically together, and that's something that I really enjoy and find hugely fulfilling, so I definitely think about, um, I definitely think about teaching. I wouldn't- I don't think I'd want to teach writing 'cause I don't think I know anything about it (audience laughter) but I know- I like to read, um, I like to read books with people a ton.

Hank: I am in a diner with some of the coolest people in the world, right now.

Liane: We are so cool.

Another person: It's true!

Hank: We have John Green, who's famous. Over here we have Scott Westerfeld, who's famous. And then we have Maureen Johnson right here, who's famous. And eating. Charlie!

Charlie: I'm famous as well, you can say that.

Hank: This is Nerimon, Alex-

Alex: Hello!

Hank: -who is responsible for the largest tag project in history. Caitlin Hill who's famous for being Australian. Whoop whoop!

Caitlin: I saw Zach Braff and I was like "That's totally cool!" Then I saw Brooke Brodack, thought she was a freak, and now she's like my best friend and then I saw lonelygirl15 and I was like "I want to be you."

Katherine: Now I understand how these videos get made, because, it's like, way awesome in real life, and then on the internet you're kind of like "Why am I watching this?" (laughter) But if you were there, it's amazing!

[Original FiveAwesomeGirls intro music plays]

Katherine: She's got a ringtone.

Hank: Oh, everybody's dancin'! Didn't take long for there to be a dance party in this place.

Lianne: Please, you don't have to convince us to have a dance party.

Hank: What've you been up to?

Charlie: Just kinda chilling and having a look around New York. Yeah.

Alex: At the top line it was like, "Paper Towns Launch: New York," and I thought "I like New York AND Paper Towns, and I- and John Green, actually, and I just- I just finished Paper Towns that morning, so Charlie was sitting opposite me and I said "Charlie, you want to go to New York?" and he kinda mumbled-

Charlie: Yeah, I didn't say anything.

Alex: Didn't even, yeah. And I was like "OK, well, I've booked the tickets. We leave in, like, two-and-a-half days, OK? Will your mum be OK with this? And (laughter)- Yeah, it was- it was yeah, and then we ended up here.

Charlie: Yeah, it was his idea, but I still came along.

Maureen: Oh, hello. How are you? I just read Paper Towns, today. It's a new book. I just got it. I hear they're makin' into a movie. Tom Cruise is gonna play the Town, uh, that's what I heard. I haven't read it. I got it in the library, um, but, uh, I understand it's about Paper, which is nice- made of trees, so that'll be good. Uh, to be honest, I can't imagine it's actually that long; it sounds like a picture-book, but, uh, y'know, but I'm sure it's good; John Green is a good author, whoever he is. So, y'know, we'll be readin' that; if you want it, it's at the library. Somewhere. Probably in the picture-book section.

Voice: He just wants a cuddle. He likes a cuddle.

Hank: And that is the story from New York City. John, I'm in Boston, now, where we're about to have another fantastic Nerdfighter event, and I will see you in a half an hour or so when we get some dinner with my parents and our cousin. You probably won't see this before then, so I'm not sure why I'm saying "I'll see you, then," but I will.

And for all of you who couldn't make it to New York or to Boston or any of the other Nerdfighting events, we still love you very much and we will always be right here on the internet. The internet is our first place, it's our last place. As far as I'm concerned, it's the place to be. And while I will see John very shortly, all of you will see him on Monday.