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Paper Towns is Available wherever you buy books:

In which a slew of awesome people, including: SweetAfton23, Frezned, Julia Nunes, FallofautumnDistro, MissXRojas, Several of the FiveAwesomeGirls and MANY MORE talk about why they enjoyed John Green's new novel, Paper Towns.


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Nerdfighter 1: Paper Towns! Paper Towns! Wooh! I think it's blue Margo.

Nerdfighter 2: I got sad Margo!

1Day2BeAwesome: Nananana! I got the Paper Towns!

Alan: Time for a Margo sandwich.

Nerdfighter 4: I have my very own Margo sandwich.

Nerdfighter 5: Paper Toooowns... Paper Towns!

Barry Aldridge: I got the Happy Margo cover, which looks really really nice. I like that. But it's not available in the UK. There is an email, though, in the video description where you can actually email your protest if you're from the UK.

SweetAfton23: It's Paper Towns, bitch. Aah, it's so good! Maybe if I rub it on my face, I'll live forever. I'm not one to cry for fictional characters and events, but I did cry at the end of this book, which doesn't mean the ending is unhappy. It's still good

Rosianna: So, there's this theory that every single piece of literature can be said to follow one of these plots. One of the best things about Paper Towns is that it follows all three. If you're a lit student than this is a word that you've probably bandied about. Some of the reasons why this is so good: Because John manages to make you laugh one page and then have your eyes bursting with tears on the next page, laugh again on the next page, and then you just find yourself completely drawn into this fabulous book that you just absolutely must read!

Julia Nunes: I love this book. A whole lot. When I read it I can hear John Green telling me a story. I, uh, wanted to read more. I wanted it to be this wide. This book, and other John Green books, actually, have kinda restored my interest in literature.

Liane: You should buy it! Now, this comes from the perspective of someone who doesn't have a lot of money to spend. I mean, I cut my own hair with safety scissors last night. The book is chalk full of really interesting ideas that really help you get inside John's head. Whoever I roll has to bake a cake in celebration of the release of Paper Towns..... Kayley!

Kayley: I can't wait for Paper Towns to come out. It's amazing, and everyone out there should read it.

Kristina: I'm really, really excited about Paper Towns - it's finally coming out - and that everybody finally gets to experience the wonderfulness that is John Green's third book.

Paige: My absolute favorite thing about Paper Towns was how it dealt with such big and important ideas without sounding lofty or condescending. It had the absolutely perfect mix of Walt Whitman and penis jokes. Also, John Green must be some kind of master of balance because one of the other reasons that I thought Paper Towns was so fantastic was that it packed so much stuff into it without making you feel overwhelmed, or like he's trying to cram something down your throat.

Alan: It is easily the best book that I have read... this week. You should be, like, super-proud of what you've accomplished. Nerdfighters, and readers everywhere, are really going to enjoy it. Best wishes!

Frezned: I haven't counted in a while, but the last time I did I had about 150 books, and about 4 of them were not in a science-fiction or fantasy setting, and so John Green's Paper Towns is not the kind of book that I would usually read, or get. It's kind of a novelty thing, you know? Like, you watch his videos, so you kinda feel like you know the guy. And so reading this is kinda like reading a book that your friend wrote, except, as it turns out, a really freaking good book. I mean what starts as this really lighthearted, quite funny, teenagery romp really suddenly and awesomely transitions into, like, this really serious look at, like, how we see other people. I was expecting, like "Ha ha! Some shit by one of the Vlogbrothers," but this is like, one of the best books I've read that doesn't have a sword or an explosion in it. I cried at the end. I mean, I cried at the end of Nanny McPhee, as well, but it's gotta count. Paper Towns! DFTB... PT... BJJ.

Monica: One of the main reasons why I like Paper Towns so much, and why I like John Green as an author, is because he always writes to his smartest audience. He doesn't assume that just because it's teenagers reading it that they're going to be dumb and they can't understand anything. But, how many one-liners are there in this book? I was sitting here in my living room just reading alone, I mean the cat was here, and I was just cracking up, and my cat was looking at me, like "What the heck are you laughing at? Why are you makin' so much noise, lady? Whatcha doin'?" And I'm like, I'm reading Paper Towns! It's hilarious!

Nerdfighter 6: Paper Towns came, Paper Towns came, Paper Towns came!