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And no punishment! Youtube was down all last night, so I couldn't upload the video.

In which John shares travel tips and laments the loss of his camcorder. Any camcorder recommendations?


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Good Morning Hank, it's Monday October 20th.

Welcome to my inexplicably yellow life. *Intro* Hank, I'm gonna level with you. I'm in Columbus, Ohio, I'm super tired after a long day of touring, I left my camcorder in Boston, so I've gotta record this vlog on the iSight camera till I get a new camcorder, and I'm wearing a sticker, I don't even know what side, muhpuhdebugubejum, wearin' a sticker that says "My heart belongs to Edward," which is not accurate. But I do have four important pieces of information to deliver to you.

Piece of information number one: Hank, you are awesome. I know you're awesome because I just spent the two most awesome days with you of my life, in New York and Boston. It was, in fact, so awesome that while I was in Boston, watching Julia Nunes play, my camcorder that I've filmed every single video I've made with since January 2nd, 2007, blew up due to a nuclear chain reaction of awesome.

Okay, it didn't blow up, I just left it at the event space. By the way, Nerdfighters, if anybody happened to pick up a camera that looks like it was, you know, the one I've been using for the last 22 months, mmm email me (link in the sidebar). Link in the sidebar?

Gah! Link in the sidebar. Piece of information number two: Hank, I was just in Columbus, Ohio, later this week I'm gonna be in Atlanta, Georgia.

That show starts at 6:00, not 6:30, and honestly you should probably come early if you can. Then Miami, then Orlando, then Naperville. Everyone should come to the event in Naperville; it's gonna be big, it's gonna be fun, it's gonna be jokes, it's gonna be awesome.

I'm also doing an event on Saturday at 4:00 pm at the Bookseller in Lincoln Square in Chicago; that event is going to be much smaller and much faster and, to be totally honest, probably not quite as nerdtastic. But if you want a ticket, I'll give them to the first 45 people who email Thing number three: Hank, because I spend so much of my time in airports and on the road, people often ask me, "John, do you have any travel tips?" Yes, I do!

Never underestimate the value of Purell. I mean, Hank, I have become an absolute Purell addict. I'm not even content to rub it on my hands anymore, I've gotta get it, ahh, I gotta get it on my face, augh!

Aw, it's a burn, but it's a good burn, it's a good burn. Also remember to travel with your nerdfighting wallet. And most importantly, never check luggage.

Now I know what you're saying, Hank. "But I have to check luggage!" No you don't. Hank, I'm not gonna be home for 33 days. And that is all my luggage for the entire trip (shot of small, carry-on size suitcase).

How do I do it? Simple. By wearing dirty clothes.

After, like, three days, you completely stop smelling yourself. Thing number four: Nerdfighter gift exchange and blogtv shows Hank, since you and also lots of other nerdfighters can't be there for every event on the tour, I'm live-streaming every one on blogtv. Also Hank, for the rest of the tour, when nerdfighters give us gifts, we will deliver those gifts to nerdfighters to nerdfighters at the next tour stop.

So for instance, some lucky lady in Atlanta is soon going to be the proud owner of this guy (points to Edward Cullen sticker on shirt). This will allow me to keep the carry-on luggage carried on and also bring joy to the hearts of lots of nerdfighters. All right Hank, to summarize: lost my camcorder; you're awesome; blogtv liveshows for the entire tour; nerdfighter gift exchange is made of awesome; thanks to all the nerdfighters for making my heart burst with the love; aaaaaand it's ok to be dirty.

Hank, I'll see you tomorrow, and, as always, Best Wishes!