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Hank: Hello and welcome to Hank and Katherine and Stefan play Super Wii U Mario U--

Katherine: Pants! Mimicking hi--

Hank: Trombone! So uh--

Katherine: Mimicking him hiccuping.

Hank: We're, uh, we're talking about tongue twisters here because, uh, we record these back to back, and if you remember the last episode, we were talking about tongue twisters. So, tell us the tongue twister that you're using in your warm up for your--

Katherine: I just sang it last time.

Hank: I know, but just do it again. For the people who missed last week's ep--

Katherine: She sits upon a balustraded balcom--balcony--

Hank: Get in closer.

Katherine: Awww.

Stefan: Get right in there. 

Katherine: I think--I think it goes like this. I've only done it a few times. She sits upon a balustrated balcony, inexplicably mimicking him hiccuping and amicably welcoming him on. And then you sing it.

Stefan: Mimicking him hiccuping. 

Hank: Mimicking him himickupping.


Katherine: Ha! Exactly.

Hank: Mimicking him hiccuping. 

Katherine: [singing] She sits upon a balustrated balcony, inexplicably mimicking him hiccuping--

Hank: And explicably mick--and explicably, inexplicably mimicking him hiccuping.

Katherine: And amicably welcoming him on. 

Hank: And amicably welcobababon.


Hank: Was that right? Was that right? And amicably welcobing him on. Amicably welcoming him on. She sits upon a balustrated balcony.

Katherine: Inexplicably---mimicking him hiccuping.

Hank: Inexplicably mimicking him hiccuping.

Katherine: And amicably welcoming him on.

Hank: And amicably welcoming him on!

Katherine: It's a very good mouth warm up.

Stefan: Wow. 

Hank: Amicablabla welcablala

Katherine: And brain warm up.

Hank: Your turn, Stefan.

Stefan: [singing] Oh my--she sits on a balcony, mimicking a hiccuping and she's welcoming.


Hank: Amicabli-igibigiblabing

Katherine: Good job.

Stefan: Got it!


Hank: Got it.

Katherine: Na-na-nailed it. Nailed it!

Hank: Well done.

Katherine: Oh snap.

Hank: Alright! Let's go to the Seesaw Shrooms. Oh that's why we were talking about this because the Seesaw Shrooms.

Stefan: Seesaw shhhhhh. Shesaw sea-shrooms.

Katherine: Sheshaw shrooms!

Hank: She saw the seesaw shrooms by the sea shore.

Stefan: Sea shore, the sea horse.

Katherine: Oh what, what? Is that just doing it by itself?

Hank: Amicably welcoming him ooooon.

Stefan: What's that think?

Hank: How do I get that?

Katherine: I don't know, but I want it.

Stefan: Uhhhhh, uhhhhhh. Yoshi! Yoshi, yoshi!

Hank: Katherine, you can't have it.

Katherine: Why me? No...

Hank: I'm kidding. 

Katherine: Cause I always kill him?

Hank: Yes, cause you just are a Yoshi murderer.

Katherine: Sorry!


Katherine: Spoke too soon.

Hank: I shook my thingie.

Stefan: I shook my Yoshi.

Hank: Freaking guys!

Katherine: What?

Stefan: Jeepers!

Hank: [singing] Jeepers, creepers, where'd you get those peepers?

Katherine: Why couldn't I get that? What happened? Awwww. Abandon Yoshi! Oh no.


Hank: Toad, don't die! How did I just do that?

Katherine: Flying Goomba in the face. You guys, what--what's going on?

Hank: We're amicably welcoming him on.

Katherine: Just---you're fine. Everyone's fine. Just relax.

Hank: Hiccuping.

Katherine: Now kick it. No kick it, no. That, I didn't even do that. You just ran right under me.

Hank: Oh, how did--woah!

Katherine: I swear to God you just ran right under me. That--I didn't even push a button. Uh oh. I made a mistake.

Hank: Oh come on!

Stefan: Okay, now we--

Katherine: It went off! It went off. It fell off. 

Stefan: See, I'm just hanging out here. Get off of that. Get off of there.

Hank: Now we are at the part of the show where I don't do anything. Guys, if you can get eighty coins I'll come back.

Katherine: Alright, let's try to get eighty coins.

Stefan: Let's not get eighty coins.

Katherine: Awww.

Hank: Inexplicably welcoming him on.

Stefan: You can't eat the apples?

Katherine: No, only Yoshi can eat apples. Ooooh no you don't!

Hank: Oh no, not one of the Lakitus!

Katherine: Oh Lakitu! Cool. 

Hank: That just makes it way harder. 

Stefan: Bounce, bounce!

Hank: Now you gotta keep track of everything you gotta do. Why are you only getting mushrooms?

Katherine: What was that--awwww. I thought that was a mushroom, and it was one of those things. 

Stefan: It was a Lakitu bonger.

Katherine: Bonger. It was a Lakitu bonger.

Hank: Inexplicably welcoming him on.