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Hank: Hello and welcome to Hank and Katherine and Stephen play Super Mario Brothers Wii U. God I can't figure out what this freaking game is called!

Stephen: Super sponge plumb 


Katherine: Cake

Hank: Super sponge plumb cake

Katherine: Today on new super splunge plun... 


Hank: You couldn't get there

Katherine: Plumber cakes

Hank: You tried

Katherine: Sponge pants

Hank: Today on super sponge plumb cakes we're going to play the Switchback Hill.

Katherine: We're gonna make splonge cake.

Hank: No we're not gonna make splonge cake.

Stephen I want to make splonge cake.

Hank: I don't think she... I don't think a- any of the times you meant to say splonge. I think you said splonge accidentally like four times.

Katherine: I tried to say pumb.

Stephen: Plumb.

Hank: I was trying to say plumb and I said splonge *laughter* happens

Katherine: Well you know it got mixed with sponge. plumb sponge cake.

Hank: Plumb sponge cake

Katherine: Plumb Plumb sponge cake

Hank: Plumb sponge Cake. We're playing the Switchback Hill in the Meringue Clouds which is the seventh level of New Super Mario Bros. U.

Katherine: Yup

Hank: Umm and ah we've got the three, four, five life count so we're just gonna take this on without any extra lives.

Katherine: Giggles

Hank: And we may giggle some.

Katherine: Giggles

Hank: What are you doing from behind there? 

Katherine: Oh I got that flag.

Hank: Yeah that flag.

Katherine: I see what you're saying. Oh sorry I didn't mean to get all of them, I did anyway. 

Hank: So last time this didn;t go well.

Stephen: This is a tough level.

Katherine: This time it's not going super great neither.

Hank: Well it could go... whaaa!

Katherine: Super great super great.

Stephen: Super great neither.

Katherine: Check your e-mails.

Stephen: Check your e-mails.

Hank: What is that from?

Stephen: Aww, they must have thought

Hank: What are you referencing now?

Stephen: They must have though I had tape on my leg.

Katherine: Strong Bad.  See?

Hank: Oh wow!

Katherine: Could you? Yeah! Un hu

Stephen: I can pick you up. Uh you just knocked me out.

Hank: Where did you go Katherine?