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I asked for your questions. Here are the answers.
Please send me photos of you in all of your new Sexplanations merch.

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I'm in Utah headed south to Baja, Mexico via Nevada and California and I'm so excited because we just got new merch.  Old merch still available.  New merch coming out, like this clit pin.  I'm gonna tell you all about them while I answer your sex questions.


James An Absolutely Remarkable Thing asks, "Are you moving your practice to wherever you end up, or does that require re-licensing and etc?"  
I'm no longer seeing clients so no need to move the private practice with me, but I have been thinking about answering peoples' sex questions the way that critique my dick pic did on Tumblr because I have thousands of questions in my inbox and they deserve responses.

Be Kind asks, "Do you have threesomes?"  
Foursome, yes.  Fivesome, yes, but no threesomes, even though the earliest fantasy I can remember having was these two (?~0:48) me, double penetrating me, on a pool table. 

Simon SZJ says, "Could you please do a video on how/where to get safe and respectful hookups?"  
Yes.  Videos.

"What is the most inspiring moment of your career as a clinical sexologist?"  
Probably when one of my friends or kids doesn't know something about sexuality.  It reminds me that even with sex education, people don't know important basics about their bodies or systems and I get all energized to make an episode that helps the world.

New Sexplanations sweatshirt.  Show off your membership in this sex positive community.  

Pirates Yohoho asks, "What to look into if you're interested in studying human sexuality?"
Volunteer opportunities with Planned Parenthood or other sexual health clinics.  Books on sexuality like Sexy Origins and Intimate Things.  

This poster, available at with all of the sexological graphics from the RV wrap and my how to become a sexologist playlist.

"Have you/will you do any videos on how certain religions view sex or purity culture?" 
Virginity, Jesus' Sex Life, Is Masturbation A Sin.  Do these count?  Religion comes up a lot on the Sexplanations podcast, but I do want to do more and definitely more religions.

"What's a must-read book on human sexuality and/or relationships?"
The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability, I also love the Two Step and I haven't read it yet, but I've heard from other sexologists that Shan Boodram's new book is incredible.

This Monsterbating Masters full of masturbation tips and monsters to color isn't a must read, but it's available at and it's written and illustrated by yours truly.

"What's one thing you know now that you wish you'd known ten years ago?" 
That it would make my life much easier to crate train my dog.  Past Lindsey, please crate train your dog.  Sex-wise, how valuable tracking my menstrual cycle on an app like Clue can be.  

"What's going on in terms of groundbreaking new theories and discoveries in the world of sex research?"
I want to answer with this question from Chryssa, "Do you think there will ever be sex toys made with usable foreskin?"
This question makes me so happy.  My answer is yes, I've been working on this myself and I would love to be an investor for anyone who has better ideas than mine.

"I would love love love if you talked about when and how to introduce the discussion of sex and sexuality to children and young adults."
Done and done.  Talking to kids and a caregiver's playlist.

"Simple one: being dom or a top when you don't have a penis but your partner does, or just tip on how to be dominating in general?"
Dominating isn't about anatomy, it's about power exchange.  As a dom, someone is giving you some power over them.  I'd recommend Cleo DuBois, FetLife, WattsTheSafeword, and a want/will/won't list.  How does your partner want to be dominated?

"Do you expect any difficulties with taking the RV into Mexico with their laws possibly differing from the US?"
No, but I do expect difficulties taking the RV back into the US.

You can get all this RV merch to put on display so that we'll be together somewhere out there where dreams come true.  My favorite are these iron-on decals, because that way you can put Sexplanations on all the gear and clothes you already love.  Sexplanations backpack, Sexplanations harness, Sexplanations baseball cap, shirt, bandana, underwear, pillowcase.

"Why are you moving to Mexico?"
To be warm.  To experience a new place and culture.  To learn Spanish.  To challenge myself to find a new sense of community.  To snorkel.  To write a book, focus on my health.  Why not?  I'm excited.  I'm excited about Mexico and I'm excited about you and your new merch.  

Please send me photos of all your Sexplanations swag.  Also tell me in the comments what other questions you have about sex and I'll make another one of these Q&A videos to answer them.

Stay curious!

Thank you to everyone who's been a part of the Sexplanations adventure.  I'm really grateful for the support.  For those of you on, you are particularly amazing and I want to applaud your generosity to sex education.  This show is free and accessible to millions of people because of you.  Please check out our shop at and treat yourself.  I like you and I think you're awesome.