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I want to play with condoms today.  And squirt it into the tip to make it feel good and all at once, not yank.  Mananana.  Thank you, LetsGetChecked, for sponsoring this episode of Sexplanations.


I'm Lindsey Doe, clinical sexologist and doctor of human sexuality.  I primarily sex educate here, online, but this wasn't always the case.  I used to go to schools, treatment centers, group homes, detention centers, bachelorette parties, and teach sex ed in person.  It was like this.  I would dump out a bunch of condoms, then I would pull out my woody and I would teach them how to properly put one on. 

Here, for example, you look for the expiration date, pinch it a little.  Make sure that it's intact, and you're gonna slide the condom to the side and tear so that you don't tear through the condom.  Push out, grabbing it with your fingertips rather than your fingernails, and then test that you're rolling it in the right direction by sliding it onto your fingers.  If it goes like this and unravels just like a beanie, it's going the right direction.  If it's like this, not so much.  But luckily, you tested it on your hands that hopefully don't have body fluid on them, and you can keep this condom going, so you've got it the right way.  Then, I take a little bit of lube and squirt it into the tip to make it feel good.  The thing about this, when I teach people this, they're like, oh.  Wow.  Lindsey cares about my pleasure, not just protecting my body, even though that's pretty cool of her to like, too.  So I take this and I put it on the phallus, squeezing the tip so that there is a receptacle here for semen, if that is part of your play, and if the person has foreskin, I explain that having them do it themselves is great.  They can slide it back and put in on top or however it feels most comfortable for the person with the penis, and then just roll it down all the way to the base, watching out for pubes.  Ta-da!  This also really works well for (?~1:47), dildos, condom is protecting against whatever is in that product and maybe your previous body fluids or a different partner if you're going to use the same toy.  There you go, safety.

So then I explain that once you're finished, you pull it off, slide this way, so that it's easier to grab a bunch of the end all at once and not yank, and then I have them take it off completely, tie the end off if there's body fluid in it, and put in the trash.  

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Not in the toilet, because it can clog, and then, people can do it themselves.  Pick up the condoms and they play with them.  So it's not just about making sure that it goes on here correctly, it's about removing the stigma of this little piece of latex.  Just like, getting it all over yourself, and I try to have ones like these Skyn brand condoms that are (?~2:35) so that if anyone has latex allergies, they can still participate.  

Ughh, don't do it with your teeth, Lindsey.  Just use your hands.  Do things like put 'em on your arms.  People can really see how stretchy they are and that no matter what size dick you have, it's probably still gonna fit.  Take off my shoe here.  Winter socks.  Put it on my foot.  Na na na na na na na!  Condoms.  They can do it.  Make a sock.  

Let's blow one up.  Should we use a different brand?  What's a pretty one?  Ooh, grape.  I try to have a lot of different flavors in here so that people can also experience what they taste like for oral play, so with condoms being blown up, unstretch the whole thing and blow.  So the people in the class, usually teenagers, would see me do this and then a competition would ensue, who could make the largest condom balloon and the stigma is being removed, right, because now not only are they touching it, people have condom socks on, they're putting it on their mouths.  I'm a big fan of this grape.  Mmm.  Smells like Skittles.  You're a big boy.  You're doing great.  Okay.  I'm gonna leave enough to be able to tie it.  This is always the hardest part, though I have gotten good at it over the years, using the lube to help me out here by dragging this little anus through to the tip.  

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Oh yes.  You think you're too big for a condom?  Recheck that.  Such a good one.  This is like, one of the biggest I've made.  At this time, we usually have a whole bunch of blown-up condoms so that I can explain to them something about lube.  If I were to use a water-based lube on this, on any of the condoms, on a phallus, then I can put it on and rub and rub, have friction, have sex, penetration, all of those things and it won't do any harm to the condom.  Oil-based lubricant, chapstick, any of the body products that might be one's mouth if they were, you know, gonna put a condom on with their mouth, then that would cause the condom to explode and I demonstrate this and it's fun.  I want them to learn about all the different colors and textures.  

Let's see what is in this particular mix match of condoms that I have.  Ooh, mint.  I'm gonna show you cheeking with a mint condom.  There's three ways to do this.  There's a card link right here if you want to watch all of them, but a really simple version is that I take this that I've rolled onto my fingers to make sure it's going the right way, and I purse it between my lips, holding all of that material flat so that it doesn't pull any air in, and then I set it down on the glans of the phallus and I press with my lips up against this band that is latex material to roll it all the way down the shaft, or at least as far as I can go with my throat, so here we go.  

What else do we have in here?  We have black ice, ultra thin, non-lubricated, another good one for cheeking.  Adorable illustrations on every single one of them and a cute saying.  This one is a bear riding a hot dog.  What else do we have?  Strawberry, vanilla, vanilla ice cream, fantasy lubricated, ooh.  Ooh, okay, here's rough rider studded.  I like showing these to people because I want them to see the diversity out there, to have them know that condom companies not only care about their protection but also enhancing their sexual experience and some people are really into these.  

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See these little dots?  I also warn them that sensation might not be pleasurable, 'cause for me, it feels like being scratched on the inside, aaah.  No, thank you, but everybody has their preferences, so some people are super into it, having 200 something little tiny studs on a phallus that's going in and out or you're stroking it, can be super pleasurable.  Here, I'll blow it up so you can see what it looks like.  See?  Studded.  Goodbye.

What else is in here?  Let's find more condoms.  Ooh, here's one.  This is a natural lambskin condom, which I have very few of because they're very expensive and I've only ever purchased them one time so that I could do something like this very thing.  Okay, lambskin, change my day.  This is some of the earliest material that condoms were made from.  They're natural, which means that you might not have an allergy to them.  Third option to maybe polyisoprene or latex or polyurathane, what condoms used to be made out of.  Downside to them is that they don't protect against sexually transmitted infections, at least not all of them, because they are porous, so while they can prevent sperm cells from going through, viruses are much smaller.  So here's what it looks like.  It feels uhh, how do I describe how it feels?  Like wet saran wrap.  You're like, collecting wet paper or something out of a sink.  It's a little slimy.  It's much less slippery and much less rubbery.  If I recall correctly, they have an odor.  I'm a little stuffed up, but I will go in so I can describe this to you.  Okay.  What is this smell?  Like a paper mill?  Like a whey, like a milk run-off, maybe?  Milk and paint together?  Not my jam.  Oh, look, there's little strings here, elastic strings, to keep this on better.  Anyway, this is a lambskin condom.  You can get them.  They're more expensive, they're not as effective, they smell.  

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You know, an option.  Choices.  That's what I want people to have.  I want them to have knowledge.  I need a baby wipe.  One thing that I like to teach people so that it feels more inclusive is how to make a dam out of one of these and you can just pull it out and then you're gonna use some scissors, cut off the tip just like this, and then it becomes a hair band like that, right?  Stick one end in, one on the outside, cut there, then you can unroll it and tada, condoms have purposes for all body types and you have a dental dam, a product that can be set over top of a vulva or an anus and then licked like that.

What else, what else, what else?  These are New York subway condoms.  Atlas true fit no slip, Skyn large, I think I have some other extra large products in here.  Oh, this is one is glow in the dark.  These have thicker material, at least it feels thicker than the other condoms and they seem to be bigger.  Okay.  Let's see what happens.  I'm gonna expose it to the light.  Go light, go.  Fill up the condom with your energy.  Okay, and then we're gonna turn off the light.  Mmm.  Fun condoms to make sex more fun.  And protection more fun.  

Last thing.  These are Kimonos, and what I have learned from many years of playing with condoms, they are the stretchiest, so when it comes to these, I teach people how to put them on their heads, because they're made out of latex and latex can stretch.  As you play with it, it becomes more malleable.  You can unroll it like this.  Stick your hands in, then work it over time like this to make it stretchier and stretchier and stretchier.  Then I get my hands in there nice and good.  Work that condom, work it.  You're gonna stretch out the bandwidth, so when people are saying that condoms feel too tight, it's often because that ring at the bottom is too tight, and you can get a whole bunch of different kinds and try them all out and figure out which one feels the best for you, but also you can work them a little, stretch them out, it'll feel more comfortable.  Alright, let's see if this works.  I'm gonna stretch it over my head, over my eyes, over my nose, and then I'm gonna leave my mouth available so that I can breathe my mouth and exhale out my nose to blow it up. 

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It's been a long time since I've done this.  Breathe in through my mouth.  (breathing sounds)  Okay.  Hoo boy.  If you use condoms, you reduce your risk for STIs a great deal, but not completely.  You can test if they break by holding them under a faucet and seeing if any water comes out of the sides or blowing on them, the same thing, if they leak air, but sometimes you don't know if a condom breaks, so it's really important to get tested.  It's important to get tested before you use them, it's important to get tested afterward.  Make sure that you aren't transmitting sexual transmitted infections.

All of these condoms will help reduce your risk.  There are things that can get around and they're not 100% effective.  I've partnered with Let's Get Checked on this episode because I love that they have a modern way to track your health, so that you know what you're at risk for transmitting, what you need to get treated for, all this important information to share with partners before having unprotected sex and/or protected sex with them.  

Condoms aren't 100% effective and I love how easy Let's Get Checked makes knowing my STI status.  You sign up on their website,, promo code 'Lindsey20' for 20% off and they'll ask personal health questions to determine which option is best for you.  Do you need a simple 2 for the two most common infections, the basic 3, the standard 5, or the complete 10?  

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For less than insured office visits in the United States to get tested for all of these things, they'll send a discrete box to your house.  Register it, which is very important, then collect the sample, super easy, and mail it in.  In 2-5 days, the results are available.  I'm one of sex's biggest fans.  I love it, all kinds, toys, peens, (?~12:19), oral, anal, dry humping saves lives!  To do it maturely, get tested.   Know your status and talk about it with others.  Let's get checked!  Stay curious.


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