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I'm Dr. Lindsey Doe, clinical sexologist and host of this sex-curious show, Sexplanations.  Today's sponsor is  They sent me their largest sex toys and I want to understand.  


The first mature penis I saw was probably larger than average.  I remember measuring it between my pinky and thumb, so yes, longer than five and a half inches.  Girth is how wide, length or (?~0:24), how hard it got, the veins, hair, color, angle, I don't remember any of that being important to anyone.  Then I learned about Japanese carrots.  Some people penetrate themselves with carrots.  Other people go for big, big carrots, Japanese carrots.  It's not that other sizes are inferior or wrong, just that big objects are for some, more desirable.  A preference like breasts or butts or body hair or hairlessness.  

I remember my friend stacking her fists one on top of the other to convey the length and girth of a penis that she'd recently had sex with and another of our friends said, "I love big dicks.  I'm a total size queen."  Size queen: a term that originally referred to gay men who prefer large cocks but has come to include all genders and all items of penetration.  Like these beasts.

Colossal 12 inch length, filling 2.25 girth.  10 inch total length, 2 inches wide, 7.5 insertable without the scrotum.  Boom, boom, boom, big boys.  And that's not even the largest.  I've seen someone's anus penetrated by a bucket.  Bodies are amazing. 

This is Miss Honey Analwerker.  She told me she's always liked big penises but about four years ago, she got into fisting, penetrating with hands and arms, and has been solo training for even larger insertions.  She's up to 24.5 centimeter circumference anally, and a little bigger than that vaginally.  In fact, her big accomplishment of the year is a double vaginal fisting.  I know some of you are thinking, why?  She loves the stretched and full feeling, but also the pressure that large objects put on the internal parts of the clitoris.  

Maxie has this to say: "So one of the reasons I like large objects is it allows me to feel it a little bit better.  Definitely when I was younger, I had a lot of trouble being in touch with my body, being in my body, not dissociating, and when I used larger objects, it was more obvious that it was there.  Larger objects helped me feel more 'cause the sensation was stronger and I had to really be aware of my body in order to have it work and have it work in a healthy way, not cause myself harm.   It just made me feel really good and I could be more in touch with myself."

Lindsey: So now you may be wondering, doesn't this leave their body cavities wide open and vulnerable?  Everyone I interviewed said no.  

Maxie: Using large objects is not gonna make you loose.  That's not how the body works at all.

Lindsey: Chase concurred, stretching during large object insertion is temporary.  He's just as tight post-big penetration as he was before, and the consistent use of large insertions has actually increased muscular control in his pelvis.  So unless you're forcing the body to take extreme penetration, a stretched cavity can return to its original size.  This is how it works when babies are born vaginally and the vagina's narrow to their original size.  Baby.  

Miss Honey told me doctors have tried to argue with her, trick her into stopping large object penetration, tell her that she can't possibly do what she's clearly doing, but there are medical providers who understand body modification of all kinds, in and out, who respect her personal choice and have sensible health discussions without shaming others.  Taking this is a form of athleticism.  No shame.

Chase discovered his fondness of large insertions when he was being penetrated digitally, with a finger.  He kept asking for more and more, which progressed into fisting.  Fisting, whoo, whoo, whoo.  He said, "We were both really turned on by the idea of me being gaped, so then we progressed to double vaginal with a toy and his cock."  One thrust, two objects.  

Using more objects at once is a common alternative to one large object.  They're usually easier to store, more accessible, and make it convenient to size up, but they can rub on each other, causing friction and tearing in the body cavity.  An extra note for anal toys, all of them need to have a wide base or core to prevent them from getting stuck all the way up inside the body.

In fact, large object penetration is not a sexual activity that people perform on their first try with home decor.  Everyone who's shared their experiences with me actually trains to take more.  It's like a sport.  They use proper equipment, they spend months working up to their goals, and some of them even have role models who serve as coaches or teammates.  All of them are so dedicated. 

Here, I'll show you on these toys what Chase accomplished after 10 months.  9.75 inches and 10.5 inches around.  He told me he enjoys the vaginal pressure and the stretching sensation during and after penetration.  He also enjoys the psychological effects.  There's the satisfaction of looking down and seeing this huge dildo pounding into his body and there's the power exchange.  Submitting to someone manipulating something like this, entering a sensitive, delicate body cavity, is a serious surrender, with intense sub space, and it's definitely a gradual process to get there.

A man who I call Dragon shared this video clip of tips.  

Dragon: Start with something smaller, and ideally tapered, and also something with lube, because without lube, entry can be very difficult.  With liberal application of lubricant, entry can be much easier.  

Lindsey: Dragon doesn't exclusively favor large objects like other people I heard from, but he likes that big objects add fullness to his sexual repertoire.  When they're deep inside, causing pulsing contraction through his core, it makes the mild soreness that persists for a few days afterward worth it.  

To make things more comfortable, Dragon emphasized avoiding spicy foods with anal exploration.  The professionals, adult performers who are paid for big scenes, know this.

"When you see us take big things in porn, remember we've not only trained our bodies to do that, but we've prepared before the shoot.  Our vaginas and/or anuses have been warmed up and stretched and lubed off-camera.  We've communicated beforehand about what works and what doesn't work for our bodies.  Don't assume that you can do it to your partner because you saw it on a porn."  

That's a helpful checklist!  Train, warm up, stretch, lube, communicate, don't assume.  

"Biggest advice is to go slow and use lots of lube.  I say this as a person who produces a significant amount of my own lubrication.  Also, be patient with yourself.  Relaxing and enjoying the experience of getting to know your body and how far it can stretch is very fun." 

Size is certainly a way to stay curious.  There are many, many ways. has a huge online store where you can explore different textures, materials, shapes, vibrations, different functions.  Huge.  When you use the promo code 'DOE' at checkout, you can get 50% off an eligible item plus free shipping on the whole order to the US and/or Canada.  Get yourself a big box, fill it with lots of big objects.  

Thank you for learning about large object insertion with me.  Thank you for being a part of the Sexplanations community.  If you'd like to keep yourself informed about new sexuality topics each week, please subscribe.  Ring the bell to get notified, maybe it'll work.  Stay curious.