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I've been working on this episode for over six months, researching and waiting, and thinking and laughing. "Should" questions or statements are a very powerful way we organize our judgment of ourselves and others, a way of saying, there's shame if you don't behave the way I think you /should/. I don't like them. And I don't like being on the receiving end.

I judge too. I catch myself in hypocrisy. Don't yuck, someone else yum. But there I am poking holes in the lifestyle or personal choices of others like I'm some sort of all-knowing guru of existence. I'm not.

There isn't a should about whether or not you have sex with your ex. Unlikely that anything applies to everyone or all of time and place. Life is too diverse for a system of shoulds and musts. I think.

So if I or you or someone else is sleeping with an ex or isn't -- all I ask is that you not pack shame onto that decision and stay curious.

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00:00 Intro
01:09 Benefits and risk factors of breakup sex
02:45 What does the research say?
03:23 Perspectives
04:07 My experiences with breakup sex
04:28 Takeaways
06:21 Bloopers

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