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Em was my student many years ago when I taught Human Sexuality for a university in the northwest, USA. Before Sexplanations. She was 19 at the time, unfamiliar with the possibilities and herself. Over the years we've stayed connected and I've witnessed a budding sexologist become a full blown dahlia blossom. Em has done an extraordinary amount of exploring and realizing of sexual and gender identities, behaviors, relationships etc. Even more than what she shares in this video.
I asked her to talk about this developmental experience because it's been so fascinating to me how much change takes place within a person and across time. Undoubtedly curiosity has designed a remarkable human and I'm ever so thankful for her willingness to stay curious.

In the next episode, Em does the questioning of me. I gave her permission to ask anything she wanted and I think she did. Really well.

Podcast interview with Em from 4 years ago:

How to Get the Sex You Want - 14

Video Chapters
0:00 Intro
1:06 Becoming Dr. Doe’s student
6:45 Are we teaching kids to be queer?
8:32 Am I asexual?
10:13 Bisexuality and pansexuality
12:31 Nonbinary identities
15:19 Navigating polyamory as an ace person
20:46 Outro

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