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In which Hank starts to slow down a bit...but not much, on his march through the Enrichment Center's test chambers.
Hello and welcome to Hank Green plays Portal. I'm now on Portal Chamber number 9.

(0:05) (GLaDOS: ...this next test is impossible)I don't believe you! Yes, you see, you cannot fool me, because I've played this game before. Get up! Through the portal. Hello?

(0:21) Woah! Yeah, see, I know how to play Portal. Oh, darn. Never mind. I forgot that there was. I forgot that you were there. Friendly cube.

(0:45) Clearly, I remember how to play this game. So, I played through once all the way, and I played through a few of the levels a bunch of times, trying to like, get better scores, better times. But then, later on, I will slow way down. That's like, that was the first, if I remember correctly, that was the first level in Portal that gave me a hard time.

(1:18) Okay. Can I just jump this? No, I can't. So that's where that is. Weeeee! I love the conserving the momentum thing. Yep. Here I go.

(1:54) (GLaDOS: You appear to understand how a portal affects forward momentum, or to be more precise, how it does not.) You know I do. Yes. That is more precise. So, now I have to jump down this. Wait, right? Wait. Now I'm confused. Is there already? There's already a portal down here. Wee!

(2:11) (GLaDOS: conserved between portals) I know. Oh, GLaDOS, you're so creepy. Oh, I almost missed! That was close. And then like, turns you and flips you as you go. It's so fun, it's such a good game! 

(2:36) I'm worried about my commentary as the levels get harder. Specifically on Portal 2, like I will be very stumped, and so I will have a hard time talking, 'cause sometimes when I get too - when I have to concentrate too much I stop talking and it becomes less like a let's play and more like a "let's watch this guy be silent".

(2:57) (GLaDOS: ...the floor here will kill you - try to avoid it.) (laughing) Yeah. Okay, this looks promising. I don't remember this level specifically. Not sure what's going on, not sure what's going on right now. There's a ball in there. 

(3:45) Okay. That thing is going to hurt me if I don't be careful. I'm fairly certain that this is going to do me some good. Woah, nope, that's the wrong portal. Woah, God! No, that is still the wrong portal. No! That's not what I meant to do. Uh, nope. Where is the hole I need to go through?

(4:29) Okay. So, it needs to go. I'm confused. Oh, oh geez, oh man, oh man. Okay well, I'm officially confused, so now I have to test my - here's me being confused and not entirely sure what to do. So I have to get - what was that? Oh I have to get that dot in that thing. Where is that thing? Like there? Is that where that is? That isn't going to do me any good. Oh geez. Okay. Give me - that's not doing me any good at all. Shoot.

(5:29) Okay. Right, okay. So I've got, I've got my first step here. Which is that I open a portal in that room so I can be in that room, I can get inside that room. And now I need this thing to turn and shoot at me so I can get - thank you - at least get inside of that room. Here's me in that room. Now I have - uh, what am I looking at here?

(5:58) Oh, what was I thinking? I was just standing there, waiting to get shot in the back of the head by and energy ball! That was dumb. 

(6:12) Okay. Now, lets do this again. I get that through? Did I do it? I don't think so. Where's the energy ball? Hello? Nope. Where - okay. So that appears to be the one that I needed to go through. And we will move that until I see the portal there. Where's the energy ball? Energy Ball, where are you currently? That's the wrong place. I need the energy ball to be existing. Oh I already got it through, I fricking got it in!

(7:02) My God. That is excellent news. Where are you energy ball? Oh, you are in the energy ball receiver. That was much less hard than I thought it would be. Ah!

(7:18) (GLaDOS: can now manufacture two linked portals at once) Yeah it can! (GLaDOS: The Device is now more valuable than the organs and combined incomes of everyone in [subject hometown here]) Well that's just creepy, like, you shouldn't be valuing my - everyone who lives in my hometown. You shouldn't be creating a value for that.

(7:44) Alright. How do I get out of here? Where is the out? Out is that way, it says. But I don't know how to open that little door. How do I open that little door?

(7:57) Oh shoot, there's a freaking button! There's a freaking button right there that I should have tried to push! Well now you get to see that I do not remember how to play all of the levels in Portal, and I have to figure it out on my own. So now - ah, uh, that was close. That was, that was close enough that I was pretty sure I was going to die, actually. But let's do it.

(8:28) And now we are through, we are through, hooray! Hurrah, hurrizzle! Is what I say when I succeed. 

(8:42) Ah, man. So this, the original Portal cost like ten bucks, fifteen, maybe, and the next one's going to be forty. So it better be four times as good. That's what I'm saying. This is a pretty quick game though, to be honest.

(8:56) (GLaDOS: ...fling yourself...fling into space) Fling into space! I'm a space flinger, and I fling my space good. I fling the space into the space and I stand on to this button. And that thing comes out and the thing comes out and I don't know where to go.

(9:19) Aha! I go there. And it shoots me way up there. Whaha! First try! I don't know where this goes. Down there. Friend, we are going down there. Now I have to do that again. There should already be a thing for me to jump into so! Ah, I missed. Ah, I almost missed again. Wow that was more than I ne - wha, what, why are you closed?

(10:00) Oh my God. Why did you fall off, you stupid machine? Stupid cube! Wow that was more force - (GLaDOS: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) (laughing) GLaDOS is having fun.

Thank you for watching this episode of Hank Green plays Portal. I hope you enjoyed me being a little bit frustrated, and I will continue, I'm sure, in the future, being frustrated as I play Portal. You will not see me and I will not see you next time when I take on another portal chamber. Goodbye.