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For the people who were very confused by what was going on...I should have explained. Portal can really mess with your mind if you aren't used to it.
Hello and welcome to Hank plays Portal Special Explanatory Edition, because people were confused.

So this is Portal, I just came out of an elevator, that is GLaDOS. GLaDOS, who, I don't think she's been explained at this point in the game, but she is the computer that runs this thing. She's saying that it's okay for it to take a long time for it to do this level, which is a nice thing for the game developers to have said.

So, um, this is test chamber 13 of 19, I don't know that we've gotten this far yet, we may have. This is the elevator that I just came out of. These transport you from test chamber to test chamber.

You have just woken up in a facility that if obviously designed to test you. Um, and they have given you tools. This is your main tool: the portal gun. By this point in the game you can create both blue and orange portals. That is you, because you are standing in between the blue and the orange portal.

Maybe I should explain that better first. So, this is an orange portal and this is - that's an orange portal too - that's a blue portal, and you can walk through one portal and come out the other portal. And that is a little bit of a mind-mess at first so, for example, I have now put that up there, so if I walk through there I am now upstairs. Um, you can do that on the floor too, so that was me jumping through a portal that I created on the floor. So on the floor coming out the top. 

So now you understand, hopefully a little bit, though it takes some time. That is you. This is me, this is you. She is the lady that has woken up in the portal test chamber and she has the portal gun and special things on her feet that make it so that she can fall from high distances. Um, which is good, because you do a lot of falling from high distances in this game. 

So, uh, you have to solve puzzles with the portal gun; it's a puzzle game. So, for example, if you stand on this, that opens, but you have no way to get through that. So how do you get through that thing if you do not have a way to open it. Well there's two ways, actually. One is you can open up this thing and open up a portal here and you can grab this nice Aperture Science weighted cube and then you will see that this door is now open because there's a weighted cube on it. But there's another way. The other way is to say bonk, I don't need you and you actually just shoot the portal through there and then you create your blue portal, so I shot an orange portal through there, and then I just portaled into this room. 

Now what you've got in here is a bunch more riddles to solve, so if you were up there, you would have actually gotten a better view of what was going on in here, so why don't we go back there, and do it the less fancy way of just walking through the door?

So we can see this room. This is the room that we can see. Um, so obviously you can see the um, the dots go to the X's, so there's two X's by this door, that means that two X's have to be turned into check marks for this door to open. Um, they track along the floor to these dot - these buttons. So we have to push these buttons, but we can't just push them, we have to have - push them and have them stay pushed, in order for the door to open and stay open.

Um, so then there is this other set of dots that goes to this thing, and that means, this thing is the, uh, is not a button, it is a receptacle for an energy ball. So how do we get this energy ball, that's going here, uh, to come and land in there? And that is a fairly easy portal solution, you come and you do that, and as soon as the energy ball comes back, which hopefully it will, anytime now - where is it? Energy ball? There it is - okay, so the energy ball then goes through there and then comes down there, and lands in the thing and this thing is now moving and we can create a portal there and a portal there and we can actually land right on here. Where as before we couldn't land on this thing because there is only one portable area. You can't make portals on this stuff. 

So now we've got this cube so we can make one of the buttons get pushed. So we click here, and then we create a portal, and just drop that right down on the button. Uh, that is the fast way of doing it, you could carry it, of course. So we've got one check mark. Excellent. 

So now we, uh, have to push the other button, bonk, which we have now done. Unfortunately, I cannot jump over here and get in there. That is - it can be really frustrating if you're not thinking with portals. Ah. So for someone who's not thinking with portals, how would I do this, I can never get there in time?

And that is annoying. Ah. Um, but if you are thinking with portals, the answer is obvious. You make a portal inside of there, the door closes, but the portal is still open. 

And you're watching me! Stop watching me!

Yes, so GLaDOS is being creepy, surprise, surprise. Um, I'm going to go back into this test chamber so I can show you a few more interesting things about Portal. 

Um, this is the exactly above me, this is exactly below me. I could actually fall forever using this technique, because the portals connect. And this is useful for a couple of reasons - ah, I stopped falling forever, which, that will happen sometimes - you can get all this momentum and then if you click the right button at the right time, you can actually use that momentum to carry you forward. Um, ah, I stopped right when I shot the thing.

Anyway, so an example of that would be if I was on this thing and I wanted to shoot myself forward, I could create a portal there, jump through it and then it would shoot me across the room, because I had all that momentum from gravity perpetuating through that portal to shoot me across the room, and that becomes very necessary in the future of Portal.

So there's lots of different things you can do, um, with these portal guns. And you have to figure that out. Obviously because I've played the game before I've already figured that out. Um, so it is less interesting and happens much more quickly and waaaaa! Clearly these are not directly on top of each other. Um, which makes it - so if you make it perfect - you gotta make it perfect - you can fall forever! Falling foreeeveeeeeeeeeeeeeer! But it's hard to make it perfect. And then you can stop because I have nice things on my feet I don't hurt myself.

You can also make this thing fall forever. Fall foreveeeeeer camera! Yes, so that is, that is Portal. Um, it's falling through there, and out there, and through there and out there and through there and out there and through there and out there. Now, if I create - the trick is creating the portal while it's in the right place - see shot up hit the roof, and now it's doing this gravity thing, where gravity is different - is-is opposite on either side of the portal. So it bounces in and out. 

I know, it's very confusing, isn't it. So now you see, hopefully, exactly how Portal works and it is no longer confusing to you. It's probably going to continue to be confusing to you. It is confusing. Uh, do not let this fool you, it's, uh, it's amazing how it doesn't work forever. I thought that it would work forever but it doesn't. Oh, wow. That, yeah, try to work your mind around what just happened. 

Okay, um, so it's gonna - it's hard to think with portals, um, I have played this game a few times through, so it's easier for me. Um, hello. It also it helps you be able to see the back of your head, so that, um, if you want to do your hair. Because I know that's so annoying, to have to - I'm standing on this thing, it's annoying. 

And then you go through this thing, and you can't carry things with you. Ah! I just hurt myself. Oh, yeah, so going through the thing also, uh, makes it so all your portals disintegrate. Let me show you that. See. And you also can't carry stuff with you through the thing or it burns. So that's one way to destroy cameras. Um, and yeah, so you can't carry anything with you between levels. You just go into the elevator and you go into the next test chamber.

And that is how Portal works. Um, and that is at least how Portal works, for the time being. It may get more interesting in the future.

So thanks for watching, hopefully that will increase your enjoyment of future Hank plays Portal episodes, and I will talk to you next time. Goodbye.