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Hooray, the Australian leg of the livestream kicks off with your handsome host Tom, who hopefully does not mess it all up!
I don't know how. to.

Oh man, you can only do it on one page!

I'm just gonna press start.

Oh right okay, that's good. Now I've got the chat.

Um, I think there's a crazy lag. Uh, so let's find out! This is...

Hello? Am I streaming? I don't- I have.. very little confidence in my usually very strong technical ability. Okay! I've got a "hi". I've got a "so fuzzy". I know! It's really fuzzy. But, we'll deal with these things. Oh, people are saying hi! Um, people are saying that they see me. Can you hear me? Am I audible? Am I- er, decipherable? Have I got Skype noises- I'm sorry, I should turn off my speakers so that people can't wink at me by audio.

Can I- can I be heard? Okay, so, you're obviously picking up my Skype noises which is good. That probably means that you are picking up my voice as well, unless there's some kind of insane feedback thing going on, where only the sounds that my computer are generating- computer is generating, are being fed back into the microphone.

Ah! Hello everyone. Uh, welcome to my leg of the livestream, which is going for another hour from now. I apologize for the terrible quality of the video. Uh, that's something that I'm not familiar with. Um, terrible video quality. Just, yeah. Who knows, man.

Um, but it does seem to be- oh, we can just pretend that I'm streaming from the moon or something. If I'm like some astronaut who's, who's, who's trying to send data over thousands of miles. Yes! Ah, so, right. I think I need a little bit here where I can change the description so that I can put um, links to videos, which I think is an important thing to do. Okay! That's not what I want. If you'll permit me a couple of seconds. Uh. Where do I change the description? I ask to people who are helping me on Skype. And they'll.. hear and see me typing that well after I'm actually- *mumbles at 2:37* Uh, nope, not getting that. There's no editing bar on the top left. Ah. (types)

Right. (laughs) people are so helpfully telling me to stop lagging. Alright! I'm on that. Um. Yeah, I'll- I'll- call up the internet and I'll command them to- to fix my, to fix my stuff.

Hopefully, we can, we can, get past the lag and uh, maybe I'm lagging because I'm now watching this stream that I'm uploading in several separate windows. I don't know if I close the stream that.. I'm gonna close one-.