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Flash Game, QWOP: Today Hank Green tries to get a high score in the flash game QWOP! Can he do it?
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Game Played:
Hello, and welcome to Games with Hank. I'm Hank this games with me, Hank. I'm gonna be playing QWOP.

QWOP is a game where you control your body with the keyboard. Q moves one of your thighs, and O...O and P move your calves, Q and W move your thighs.

So if you just like, if you type QWOP you move. Oh, yeah just scooch along. Well, your knee doesn't...that's not healthy. Just, forw-woah, 2.1 meters! How good was that? Oh, yeah that looked-- oh, woah, look at me go!


5.4! Who's the champion runner! -0.4... WHEEEEEE! Scooch along there buddy. Scooch it, scooch-y scooch. Scoo-ooh- scooch? No, scooch. Scooch. I feel like you. can. do. this. if. you. just.  try. Oh, you're ankles just broke. 

HUUUAH! HU- Yeah! (Grunting) Yeah! Oh, 8.5-- NO don't fall. Oh yeah, doin' good. 10 meters that's, that's good. Yeah, just do that thing. Oh, you're such a party animal, Mr.QWOP-ster. QWOP-I-LATOR! Go forward.

Yeah. Okay. I feel-- this may be the best, like, literally the best I've ever done in QWOP. I'm just hitting... you can see what I'm hitting cause its on-screen. I'm not gonna look cause-- OH GOD DON'T FALL. nO, NO, NOOOO-AHH!! 20 METERS. 

20 METERS! That's so faaaar! I showed real courage.

Everyone's a winner. Until their legs break in half.

Oh, good. Oh, nooo! (sigh) What this reminds me is how remarkable it is that we can do all the amazing things we can do with out muscles. Cause, like, how-WAAHHH!

I'm glad there aren't other runners. In this race. WAIT, multiplayer QWOP, why hasn't that happened?! That would be amazing!

Okay, let's see if I can beat 20 meters. Lets do it. Lets just never get out of the scooch. And just scooch my way, all the way, to 21 meters.

Never leave the scooch! Never-- oh, god that was too far. Never leave the scooch. Never leave the scooch. 9 meters. 9.2 meters. 9.4 meters. The scooch is slow! 9.7 meters.

My- I'm, like- like, honestly, feeling a repetitive stress injury coming on already. 11.7 meters. YOU JUST KEEP ON DOIN' IT, MAN. YOU OVERCOME!

There is an amazing cosplay of a guy cosplaying as QWOP-man, and he.. does this little dance that I'm doing right now, and it is worth a million dollars. Oh, there's my best line! It's one of the best cosplays I've ever seen. He looks like he- NO, no, no. That was close. He looks like he damages himself, like he hurts himself there. 

WHAT is WRONG with you? You have, like, some kind of mental block on getting past 20 meters. Okay, I'm at 21 meters. I'm there, I'm so far past that even if i fall backwards, i will not... ohh, god.

I forgot which buttons to push for a second. OH, NO! WHY DID I DO THAT! WHY DID I DO THAT! 27.8 METERS gotta, that, that's gotta be my limit. --boop--

I'm proud of 27.8 meters, and I don't think that you should take it upon yourself to try and do better, because I don't know if it's possible.

Thanks you for watching this episodes of Games with Hank. DFTBA.