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Five Nights At Freddy's: Today Hank Green plays Night 3 in Five Nights At Freddy's! We believe in you Hank! Show Freddy who's BOSS!
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Game Played:
Hello and welcome to games with Hank. Today we're going back, to Freddy's.


Alright back into the world of Freddy's. They're starting to move faster, they're starting to be more evil, they want to eat my brains.
Or just shove me into a suit, ah-K!
They're all there

[Telephone ringing]

K, yeah let's tal- let's talk! Let's have a conversation! Give me a call.


Can I answer the phone please. Cause this is boring.
OH! Your already on the loose!
Oh come on!

Machine// Hello? Hello?

Hank// Hello!

Machine// Your doing great

Hank// Oh thanks!

Machine// Most people don't last this long

Hank// Wha- I thought you said you we the person right before me!

Machine// I mean you know they usually move onto other things by now. I'm not implying that they died, that's-that's-that's not what i meant.

Hank// Uh-huh

Machine// But anyway I better not take up too much of your time, but uh things are getting real tonight. Uh a hey hey listen I-I had an idea-

Hank//yeah tell me

Machine// - If you don't want to get caught and want to avoid getting stuffed into a Freddy's suit, uh try playing dead, you know go limp. Then there's a chance that uh they'll think maybe you're an empty costume instead.

Hank// Oh jeez!

Machine// But then again if they think your an empty costume they might try to stuff a metal skeleton into you-

Hank// Uhh

Machine// -no that wouldn't work, yeah never mind scratch that. It's best just no to get caught um-

Hank// K won't get caught

Machine// Well OK I'll-I'll leave you to it, see you on the flip side.

Hank// Ehheeeh. Well just looks like I'm not gonna get caught then. Where did the-where did the bducky go? da duckies already loose and hiding, and I don't know where the ducky is you guys.
i don't know- where did- how did this happen so fast?!
Ducky, ducky where are you?!
Don't eat me ducky-
AAAAAAAAAHHahaha K, i found him!
I found the ducky.
OK sorry I was wrong
Ducky is still bad
K you guys are still there
K just ducky, just ducky's the problem right now.
OK! He's gone
Yay, yay
Alright I dodged that bullet


Who's singing?!
Are you singing a cute, adorable, little song?
OK ducky where you at?
OOOHH you're close!
I'm still frustrated that uh i haven't tried to find another job and that  I keep coming back to this. I'm also frustrated that I can't turn off the fan and that it takes power to keep a door close. Cause that's not right.
Alright I'm sure that I've lost bunny- Oh No did I loose them both?!
OH NO Freddy's out!
Freddy's out!
Freddy's out and the bunny's out!
and the ducky's out, this is bad!
This is super bad
Woah! How did you get all the way over there?!
What the heck!
There's no logic!
OK, 55% at 2 am is not good. That's not good!
i feel I need to save some power you guys.
Turn off that FREAKING FAN!
Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God! These things are breaking!
Hey bunny, where's ducky?
AAAAAAAGGHHHaa! Ok ugh tha- Ok
Gotta keep an eye on that guy
3 am guys I'm half way there
Stay! Stay scary wolf
Don't, don't do it just stay there 
OK 39% at 3 AM I'm feeling better about that situation.
OK closing the door.
HEEH heh, It is not easy to act rationally.
Heeey yeah you're not moving. You're staying right there.
Stay, stay. Stay
Alright, let's spend a little bit of time not worrying, ok that was enough time not worrying.
AHHH He's out! He's out!
Don't you dare leave.
I have not seen Freddy in a while. I don't know where Freddy is.
Stay, stay, stay.
K 4 am. 4 am.
AAAAGHHH iidunlike-uhicant see. Oh god.
OK 4- We're still at 4 am, it feels like maybe- AAAAAAHHHHHH ok!
Found the bunny, there he is. ok.
OK still there.
Stop with the light, I don't have power for that.
18%! 18%! Why are we still at 4 am! Why is 4 am lasting forever!
Ah! He's still there, OK you're still there, stay there you scary werewolf thing.
WHA! Move for jeez man!
Go somewhere else!
5 am. Werewolf is staying in the same place.
Wait Wha- OK he's still there.
You gone?
No you're not gone! Jeez!
5 am you guys. 7%., heheheheheh
Oh why'd I do that?!
I knew I shouldn't do that and then I did it anyway!
OK we're at 5 am with 24%! I think I can just keep that door closed, and keep an eye on this door and I'll be fine!
I think.
I don;t think that- Oh he's not there anymore.
K uh
I don't wanna-I don't wanna do any-I'm gonna check out Jeffica.
OK Jeffica's in the thing.
I got 20% at 5 am, I think we're totally good.
I like just have to not do anything really stupid and I'll be fine!
Just don't do anything super super dumb Hank.
Nothing dumb.
And my toe is tapping really fast and my nervous hand is just sitting over here! Doing that! Making this symbol!
Alright, alright any day now! Any moment 5 am will turn to 6 and we'll get to go home! I hope I'm getting paid over time for this terrible, terrible experience.
This is bull crap honky doodle! I didn't mean to do that, I didn't mean to do that!
Oh that scared me because I thought there was something jumping in my face but it was just the camera.
OK Jeffica what are you doing, OK good.
You're still there.
Wow I lucked into that though that my door was closed at the right time.
OK, alright really! This- this hour is much longer than all the rest of them!

[bells ringing]

-OK thank goodness, oh yes. YES!


Three nights at Freddy's!
Thanks for watching this episode of Games with Hank, that was Five Nights at Freddy's, night number 3 accomplished! I only have two more nights left for Freddy!
Thanks for watching! DFTBA