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Five Nights At Freddy's: Today Hank Green plays Night 4 in Five Nights At Freddy's! Hank is extremely good at this game!
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Game Played:
Hank: Hello and welcome to Games with Hank. Tonight, we're playing Five Nights with Freddy's- at Freddy's. Five Nights with Freddy's at Freddy's. Night number four.

If you don't want to have a job like this, that's what college is for. That's what First Lady Michelle Obama would want me to tell you. Also, I had a great college experience that involved absolutely no being murdered. (phone rings) Hello!

Phone: Oh, oh hey-

Hank: OH GOD

Phone: Yeah, well, day four I didn't think you could do it. Er, hey listen, I may not be around to send you a message tomorrow (banging on door through phone) it's- it's been a bad night here. For me. Um, I'm kinda glad I recorded my messages for you when I did-

Hank: Hugh

Phone: Hey, do me a favor-

Hank: Well how would you-

Phone: (Banging on door) maybe sometime-

Hank: How would you know-

Phone: Check inside those suits in the backroom-

Hank: That you're glad, if it's been a bad night.

Phone: Try and hold out until someone checks, maybe it won't be so bad. I- I- I always wondered what was in all those heads, back there, (music from Freddy through phone) you know, (sigh through phone) (banging on door through phone) oh no. (static in phone)

Hank: Did my trusty- my trusty man- is he gone? Where were- where were those empty heads? I don't even remember what area of the- oh there they are. Okay. I assume that ducky's coming to get me real fast here, because ducky has been- ducky has been a particularly troublesome one.

He's moving- moving extra fast today. Still in the same place. Aah, not happy about how I'm down to 84%. I feel like I should've been a little more conservatory at the beginning of the game. Oh ducky's already moved on. Where are you now? Okay there you are.

Oh you moved. OHHHHHHH OHHH OH OH THATS SCARY FACE. Ducky's getting scarier as time goes on. (Garbled words) (Freddy music) Okay, you just stay there. Okay. Hoho, hoho, no sirree bob. Oh man. Oh oho ducky. You gotta head problem! You gotta problem with your head.

Okay going back to you. Oh ho oh ho a ha ha! Aha. Okay ducky's not there anymore! Ducky's gone, where did ducky go? Ducka (repeated quickly) duckaaaagh. Where did you go ducky OKAY you went backwards. Or did you? I don't know. Yeah, I think so. Okay, Pirate Cove, Jeffica is still at bay.

Pirate Cove is still in the bay. The Jeffica is in the Cove. Everything's fine. This is weird. I definitely am convinced that they're blowing psychotropic compounds into my face all night long, just to make this harder. Do you have a mouth in your mouth? 'Cause that's just not cool.

That's just not cool. You- you all- you supos- you gotta only have one mouth. That's how it should be. Oh jeez, oh jeez. Oha, camera's broken, camera's broken. OH God bunny's out, bunny's out. Forgot to keep an eye on- oh. He's not. Bunny's not out. Is that ducky? I don't know. Where's ducky?

Not there. Not there. Where is ducky? Wandering around. If ducky wants to kill me, ducky should really like, try and come right at me, bro. COME AT ME BR- DUCKY BRO! Brucky? That's what I'm calling you from know on. Brucky. It's Brucky, and Jeffica, and bunny and Freddy. Just oghhhh I don't know where anybody is.

Well, I know where everybody is except ducky. Ducky is a mystery. But asides from the fact that his head did that thing which I've never seen before, he seems to be behaving as normal, which shouldn't be to hard to prevent from killing me, as long as power doesn't run out faster.

OH HEY JEFF- JEFFICA'S- Jeffica's starting to come out, of the thing. (Muffled laughter) OH NO oh no. They're- they're both out. Or the lights are off. I don't even know what that means? When I can't see anybody at the- at home base there. At the show- the show stage, I don't know. Jeffica?

Jeffica's stay where you are. Stay where you are Jeffica- OHHH NO NO NO NO NO. Okay I need to- I need to check on Jeffica more often. Jeffica is a mover. You are a mover Jeffica. Three, two, one. Three, two, one. I feel like this is kinda what this game is supposed to be.

Because they said that Jeffica in particular didn't like being seen by the cameras. So maybe, (Foot steps) maybe, I don't know. Kaaay. I don't know where ducky is. Where's ducky? I don't know where anybody is, lets be honest. (Music) Jeffica? Okay Jeffica's still there. Hugh ugh ugh ah ah ya agggh.

I feel like Jeffica's the biggest threat- OHHH GOD DANG IT. Ohh- where- HOW DID BUNNY GET HERE SO FAST? So much faster then ducky! Oh I'm using so much power right now man. Using sooo much power. (Foot step) Okay. Jeffica's still there. Things are moving around, lots of moving around in the background.

(Noises in kitchen) Just keepin an eye on Jeffy here. Okay! Let- little bit of efficiency here. No things happening. AND THEN CHECK ON JEFFICA! Okay, Jeffica's still good. Okay. And then wait, the nervous hand here, CHECK ON JEFFICA. Kay good. If I lose Jeffica I have to close that door immediately.

(Muffled laughter) No, shush- no creepy laughing at me. (Noises in kitchen) Kay. Okay. (Laughs nervously) (Footsteps) Okay. I'm feelin good, it's 4am you guys. And I said ba- 5AM! 5am, (Hank singing) and I said baby, it's 5am and I must be not dead! I'm still alive- HAAAAH GOD YOU'RE SO SCARY, jeez! (Muffled laughter) 

Ugh. I never know when that's about to happen! (Hank sighs in relief) Okay Jeffica, you stay right there. 20%, 5am, I just gotta keep am eye on this door, okay one should- can open now. (Muffled laughter) Okay you stay there. It's creepy noises! 5AM NIGHT FOUR. 5am night four.

5am night four. 5am night four. 17% power 5am. Jeffica? Okay good Jeffica. Oh god oh god oh god. (Footsteps) (Nervous laugh) Jeffica's still there. WHOA GOD OH GOD. OKAY. NO DON'T DO THAT. Just keep the doors closed. It's 5am, powers gonna drain really fast, wait no check on Jeffica. Do check on Jeffica.

Okay gotta open that door at least. (Muffled laughter) You're still there, ducky's still there. 9%, 9%, check on Jeffica, okay good. Kay. This longest of hours has begun. The ducky is still hanging outside my door. IT DOESN'T REALLY SEEM LIKE THERE'S ANY REASON FOR ME TO BE HERE.

Maybe you could get a computer to do this job. Yes! Yes! Whoo! Fourth night at Freddy's! (Game cheering) Yay! Scream for my success little children! I think, that I am being well served, by the fact that I was a green technology blogger for a long time,so I know how important it is to be efficient.

So I've been very efficient, I've plenty of power left, on my fourth night with Freddy. I keep Jeffica at bay! I don't know what Freddy's up to. He's been lurking in the shadows the whole time, and I'm terrified, of what ever is gonna happen on the fifth night at Freddy's.

Thanks for watching, (mumbling), DFTBA.