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In which John discusses upcoming transfers.

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Hello and welcome to a very special episode of the AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Womblys. The January transfer window is opening, which means that I need to sell some people or at least I have the right to sell some people and I think it's a right that I should take.

So, I want to give you a little bit of an update on the squad. We have a very young team. Like for instance, there's 17 year old Falkesgaard and Callum Kennedy - he's only 26 - he's not getting sold, that's for sure. Buckminster Fuller, 31, probably gonna retire soon, but he's going to retire a Wimbly Wombly. He has been for life. Hells Pells, certainly not going to sell him. Fiola, who the heck is Fiola? The answer is that he is not good enough to play for the Wimbly Womblys and we're gonna see if we can get some money for him. Less Moore, hero to our people, no way that he's on the way out.

Speaking of people who aren't on the way out, 19 year old, 65 overall skill level - the White House. Then we have girls just wanna have Fundingsrud who's now 21 and hasn't progressed as well as we had hoped but his name is girls just wanna have Fundingsrud. I mean, I'm tempted to sell him because he's kind of getting older, I don't think he's going to increase in value probably, but he's so slow. Ya Bamba, he's going nowhere. Only- still only 20, Meredith. He's still only 20, two years younger than you! And look, he's already a professional footballer. Three years younger than you and he's already a professional footballer!

K. Sainte-Luce, only 22 years old, 65 skill level, going absolutely nowhere. B- C. Arthur, B. Arthur's brother, ahhh. I think that he needs to, I think he's on the way out. Um, Meredith doesn't want me to sell him so I won't. Leonardo Moura, 29 years old, 69 skill level, still a solid player for us. It'd be good to get $600,000 for him but we don't have a lot of depth at center-back. Francombstein - 24 years old - going nowhere. Seb Brown, tuh, yeah right.

Green Eggs and Sheringham, now this is a difficult one for me because of course we've got Deeney, we've got Dicko, we've got John Green, we've got John Green, do we need a fifth striker? Yes, yes we do. There's John Green, he's not going anywhere hopefully. John Green also hopefully not going anywhere, although they're both 31 years old - they're not getting any younger.

This guy, Ralls, central midfielder, which is a place where we have some depth, but he's only 17! I've got some hope for that kid. He's an AFC Wimbledon graduate of our academy. Then we've got García - he played- in fact he's the guy who cleared the ball off the line against Sheffield Wednesday to win the game in the 90th minute... Hard to sell someone after such a heroic performance. This is why I end up with such a deep squad, Meredith.

The Gaulden child still only... They say he's 20 but that's in- that's dog years. He's really- he's really only three and a half. Um, yeah. So the Gaulden Child, going nowhere. I like him too much. Ozéia, as you can see, he's 33 years old... He's not getting any younger but he wants to retire a Wimbly Wombly and I want to honor that.

Gaikwad. He's 25 and he's a 60 skill level. I think it's time to say goodbye to Gaikwad. He hasn't- he hasn't gotten enough playing time, I like the guy. He's our only Indian player, interestingly! But I just don't think he's quite lived up to expectations.

Now unfortunately, Kaz who has been a little bit in the shadow of the Gaulden child due to not being as good... Kaz has requested a transfer and I need to honor that, because otherwise the board gets mad at me.

Amankwaa Amankwaa, only 18 years old, already a 65 skill level. He's going nowhere. Mose Vestergaard, 66 skill level. Meredith, he's 17 years old. He's a junior in high school. He's not going anywhere - he's part of our future.

Maresca, central attacking midfielder, AFC Wimbledon Wimbly Wombly graduate of the academy, also a person who is not going to play for our club anymore. Buxton. Buxton is 32 years old. He's 32... And he's in bad form and he's getting $6,000 a week. I mean, we're gonna lose money on old Buxton but I think I'm ready to let him go.

Röcker hasn't had a fantastic start to the season! Nor, to be fair, has Maresca, but he's only 17 - I'm willing to give him a little bit more of a chance.

Dicko. God, can you believe that Dicko's only 23. That means we get ten more years of solid, rock-hard Dicko. I am so excited to be able to have that person centering our forwards for the next year.

Mohsen Mohsen, 26, 63 skill level. Oh wait, he's better than green eggs and Sheringham. Green eggs and Sheringham, do you remember earlier when I said that you were still gonna be part of the team? (squirms audibly) That was a lie. Alright. He doesn't get to play for us any more.

And then we're also... So goodbye to green eggs and Sheringham, goodbye to Fiola, goodbye to Gaikwad, Kaz - who served the club heroically, Maresca, Buxton... What!? Deeney? Oh yeah, not for transfer. Whoo. (laughs) That's our squad, and that's who we'll be selling - hopefully! - in this January transfer window.

I'll try to bring you up to date on our acquisitions in a video toward the end of the transfer season. In the meantime, I promise next episode I'll play some actual soccer. But there's some behind the scenes of how I play Wimbly Womblys.

Actually Meredith, let's just hold on and find out if we can, if we sell anybody in the next, like, day or so before we play Sheffield United. So many teams from Sheffield! My God! Anybody, anybody, anybody? Transfer offer for Harry Pell. I don't want to sell Hells Pells! He's a hero to my club. I reject all offers and I disallow future offers, Palermo. No sir! Not Hells Pells. He's in good form and his morale is happy.

Alright, we'll find out... I'll keep you up to date on the transfer season. In the meantime, our next video, I promise, I'll play some football. Thank you for watching! Best wishes.