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In which John jokes around with Maureen Johnson and tries his best to get into the Christmas Spirit. I hope everyone's ready for the SECRET PROJECT!!!!


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A Bunny
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John: Oh Hi there Hank. Good Morning, I was just working on the happy dance project.

John: Hank I'm in New York City and I'm not going to lie to you, it's been a long day, there's been a lot of eating, and drinking, and just general merriment. I have the oddest sensation that I'm being looked at... Well Hello there Suite Scarlett!

John: Look Hank, it's Maureen Johnson's new book, Suite Scarlett, except instead of being in book form it's in gigantic poster form!

John: Anyway Hank, there was a lot of eating a drinking and I'm feeling really overstuffed but in life you know you have to have moral principles which guide you, and one of my moral principles has always been 'When people want to buy me stuff, I want to let them'. I believe that's what the call 'The Christmas spirit'.

John: Hank I'm in New York meeting with people about 'Paper Towns' and one of those people of course is my brilliant editor Julie Strauss-Gable.

Julie: Hello Hank.

John: Check it out Hank, Julie has a view of the statue of liberty from her office. And at the end of the day you know what Julie did, Hank? She sent you a copy of 'Paper Towns'! I hope you like it... And Hank! Guess who's here? That's right it's Maureen Johnson!

Maureen: Who? Hi Hank.

John: Let me ask you a serious question Maureen, as one of the most popular authors for teenagers in America, who do you like more, Me or Hank?

Maureen: Hank.

John: It's funny cause it's true.

Maureen: It is true, actually... Sorry

John: Hank what can I say? The teen authors of America love you. But as I always remind myself, it's not a competition. Because if it were a competition, I'd lose. By the way Hank, do you know that Maureen Johnson went to my pants. It's still funny. It's funny after 8 months.

Maureen: It's still funny.

John: It's still funny.

Maureen: It's as funny as the morning it was born.

John: Maureen started a thread in my pants called 'If you had John Green on your couch for a night what would you do?'. Answers? Frankly disturbing, except for secret brother Tom who proposed putting a ferret inside my pillow case.

John: Anyway Hank I want to thank all the Nerdfighters for helping me pick out names for my hypothetical puppy. My favorites include: Rana Valona, Chomsky the Nerdfighting puppy, Woot Pwner, Optimus Prime and Johnny Funtimes. But Hank the doubtless winner has to be Norbert Wiener the Puppy. Hank, with a name like Norbert Wiener my hypothetical puppy will be the nerdfighterliest puppy of them all.

John: Stop looking at me!

John: Hank, since the rebirth of question Tuesdays went so well ,I've decided I'm going to do it again. Nerdfighters if you have any question you'd like me to answer in my Tuesday video, leave 'em down there.

John: Hank, I hope you have fun reading 'Paper Towns', and I'll see you on Monday.