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In which Hank goes to the post office and the Xmas tree lot. And then just talks a bit about how great NerdFighters are.


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A Bunny
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Good morning, John. It's Thursday, December 15th, I think.

[Katherine in background] 13th

13th. Katherine and I are going out in the car. It hasn't moved in a while. To... do some stuff. And we're taking you with us.

We started off, of course, at the post office. It was very busy, we used the electronic teller. It was faster. Look! This one's going to you. Katherine wrote everything, no textual communication. And then we moved on from the post office!

So, Hank, what are you and Katherine doing?
We're buyin' Christmas trees. Do you think we're bad people? It's more of a decoration, really, for our party. And also a place to put all of our lovely Christmas ornaments which we love so much and have had since we were little babies.

There's not very many left. It's apparently not the best time be having Christmas trees. There's only like a dozen or so. All these are like, places where there used to be Christmas trees and now there's not any more. But such is life. The good news is is that they're on super-duper sale because there's like 11 days 'til Christmas. What happened on the 11th day of Christmas? Uuuh, drummers drumming I think.

So, it looks like we're gonna get a tree for about 15 bucks which is good for me. I'm chill with that. That's about how much I want to pay. And now it's time for our friend to bust out the electric saw BZZZZRRZZZ and cut of the end of the tree for us so it will be healthy.

Healthier, I guess. As it slowly succumbs to entropy, rotting in a corner of our house. Thanks for dying for us Mr. Tree! We appreciate it. Your life is worth $15. That's a pretty good deal.

The guy who sold us the tree was a kind of an extreme character. He's an actual Montanan. Who are pretty much outnumbered now in Missoula, so it's good to see them.

Man who sold the trees: Grew six hundred and fifty trees [Hank and Katherine "Geez"] this is all that's left [Katherine "real quick! Yeah"] Yeah. ["I don't think we came this early last year"] I don't, I don't think they have the hearty individuals that they used to have. See in the old days the regular Montanans would [Hank "Go out. Yeah"] go up in the hills snow or no snow. A lotta folks just aren't doing that any more. [Hank "Yeah"]

And then we came home and put up the tree. Still, viewers by now may have by now noticed a trend. A strange and disturbing trend, something that I didn't notice myself until I watched this footage. Every step of the way, Katherine is the one doing the work. I'm sorry Baby! But I gotta film my videos!

Our wives are also getting a reprieve on Jafanuary fir... Jafanuary? Whatever, Jafanuary First. Speaking of broken electrical signals in my brain, eleven pipers piping. But strangely there are actually twelve days until Christmas, and twelve is drummers drumming. Iuno. BZZRRBZZZ. That was, uh, me miming the electrical signals of my brain getting crossed. *shrugs*

Changing the subject from me being lame, to nerdfighters being awesome, the response to the secret project is going extremely well, but there's something else that I want to share with you, right now, that's pretty amazing. Pete Buck just sent me an email that he got from Miriam Webster.

"Dear Pete." Ok there's not actually anything on this piece of paper, my printer doesn't work, and if it did I wouldn't print out emails anyways because it's bad for the environment. So I'm just going to look over here for a second.

"Dear Pete. Thanks for the email. We got quite a lot of letters concerning 'nerdfighter'. Sadly the 2007 word of the year poll is closed, but we do hope that you'll include nerdfighter and nerdfighting in our open dictionary. Etc, etc, Yours in Nerdfighting, Cory Stamper, associate editor, Miriam Webster." Maybe next year guys.

But seriously, I mean, who gets a letter from Miriam Webster? The dictionary people are taking notice of us, John. THEY KNOW! I have one last thing to share with everyone including you, John, though obviously you know about this, because it is a message on my phone, from you.

[John, in a phone message] I just wanted to tell you that if you go to youtube dot com slash vlogbrothers you will see that we have finally cracked the most subscribed all time director list. Congratulations, talk to you later.

[Hank] I don't know why this matters to us, but it really does. So thank you! Thank you for everyone who, kicks ass and makes brotherhood two point oh something that we actually and extremely surprisingly love, love, love to do. Thank you all very much. Uh, John, I will see you tomorrow.