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In which Hank explains the Nerdfihter Power Project for Awesome. And then talks about the Humane Society with his cat Cameo.

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A Bunny
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Good morning John, it is December 17th.

That means it is the Secret Project Day! Welcome to the 2007 Nerdfighter Power Project for Awesome! For those of you who don't know what that means, let me go through word by word.

Nerdfighter: A nerdfighter is a person who, as my brother John is so fond of saying, is on the inside instead of bones and organs and stuff actually made of awesome. Now we know that these nerdfighters are made of awesome because they do awesome things. Power: The nerdfighters wield great power because they are many and they work together to do things like this Project: The project is to take over YouTube.

We're taking over YouTube by having this image be the thumbnail for HUNDREDS OF VIDEOS!! Videos from people who have 50,000 subscribers and videos from people who have 5 subscribers. Lots of people are involved from all- [knocks off glasses] Oh.

I'm gesturing far too much!! I must be very excited. So that's the Project.

We're taking over YouTube and it's a project For Awesome because every person who's making a video in the Nerdfighter Power Project for Awesome is promoting a charity of their choice that they believe reduces the amount of suck in the world. Now people who know me will assume that I will probably be advocating for some kind of Green Technology/Clean Technology kind of thing because that is what I do for my day job. So one would think cellulosic ethanol, paperless book readers, compact florescent light bulbs maybe, or solar power, reducing wasteful junk mail, or terraforming the surface of Mars...

Ok that last one not really an environmental technology. But no. I believe very strongly in the power of all those things to help make the world a better place.

That's not what I'm going to talk about today. [Holding Cameo] No. Today...we talk about kitties. There can never be too much cat on YouTube.

I believe that these "companion animal" pets in general is a very strange thing. Basically we created these animals. We breed them to be our companions and to be useful to us.

Cats specifically for eating mice out of the grain. Cameo catches mice in our house. She doesn't eat them.

No she just mostly puts them in her mouth, walks around with them, and puts them down and lays on top of them. We selectively bred them to exist. So they are in a way an extension of us.

And so because we created them, we have a responsibility to ever member of their species, to take care of them. Unfortunately we are often not able to do that. Every year there are about 30 million cats born in the United States. 30 million cats?!

There are 7 cats born for every person born in the United States every year. Which is why my cause for the Nerdfighter Power Project for Awesome is pet population control. Give money to your local Humane Society so that they can take care of these animals when they need to be taken care of and so they can be adopted and not put to sleep and spay and neuter your cats.

It's cheap and it's our responsibility... There's no reason not to. Ooook there's maybe one reason not to and that's that you feel kinda bad for cutting some particular pieces off of certain male pets.

I can understand that it's kinda nooo... It's not a pleasant thought. But it's better for one cat to wander around nutless than for all of his dozen of progeny to be miserable in the cold because no one will love them.

Spay. Neuter. Adopt.

Give money. HUMANE... Societies.

And now what I will ask you to do is comment A LOT on this video and other videos with the Nerdfighter Power Project for Awesome thumbnail. And if you would like to make a Nerdfighter Power Project for Awesome video, there's a link over there. And if you would like to find out more about how to participate by commenting, there's a link in the sidebar or down there depending on where you are.

We'll be seeding these videos with questions that you can answer. And if you find that you can no longer comment, you have to refresh the page, enter the Captcha code, and then you can comment again. The more comments we get, the more ratings we get, the more favorites we get on every single video that has the Nerdfighter Power Project for Awesome thumbnail, the better!

I'm very excited about this. Thank you so much to everyone who is participating! You guys all really rock!

Thank you so much! From Brotherhood 2.0, from John and from me, we'll see you ALL, ALL DAY LONG commenting and everything and John, I will see you in your video tomorrow.