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Hi. I'm Hank Green, I make videos on the Internet.

And one thing I've noticed over the last seven years of doing this is that success is defined very strangely. It's defined entirely by numbers of views, not by, for instance, how much you helped people understand mitochondrial uncoupling. An advertising-driven internet can only ever care about how many people see something, not about how much those people care about it or how much they benefit from it.

And that's why my brother and I created Subbable, a voluntary subscription platform that allows audiences to directly support the projects they love in an ongoing way. Subscribe to your favorite shows, and you'll give monthly to help the things you love thrive and grow.

Along the way, you'll build up money in your perk bank that can be redeemed for all manner of wonderful things. Subscribe to CrashCourse for ten dollars a month, for instance, and after six months you'll have sixty dollars in your perk bank, which can be redeemed for posters signed by me and my brother John.

But you don't have to pay to subscribe through Subbable. You could subscribe to any channels on the site for free, but then again, it won't exist if people don't support it. We ascribe to the idealistic notions that audiences don't pay for things because they're forced to, but because they care about the stuff that they love and want it to continue to grow.

So thank you for checking out Subbable and considering supporting some of the projects on this site.