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Duh guys, I interviewed Hank Green for The Good Stuff ( today. Ate very little compared to how I used to eat as well as ate a LOT of nothing.

Duh guys.

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Music at the end is "They Built the Future" by my band, Driftless Pony Club
Hank: It's time for Wheezy's daily vlog!

Craig: Oooh! We're walking to get coffee, and, um, br - they have breakfast at this place?

H: Yeah, breakfast.

C: Yeah, what's the name of this place? Katherine, you say it.

Katherine: Burn Street Bistro.

C: Okay, I wanted to include everybody.

H: It's on Burn Street.

K: So bright.

C: Burn Street.

H: It's a bistro.

C: Oh, that's aptly named, then.

H: They're using that truck as a trailer to haul itself.

C: Wow.

H: Some assembly required.

C: It's very efficient.

I had, uh, egg sandwich with candied bacon. Now I know - I know - you know - you know I'm trying to lose weight, but it was small. It was a small portion.

H: It was small. It was small.

K: It was very small.

C: Yeah.

H: Yeah.

K: The biscuits were small with it.

H: It's appropriately sized.

C: And I'm still hungry, so I know I'm doing the right thing.

Here we are, Hank Green's office. Shooting a little WheezyWaiter video in here. Well, not a little one. It's a legitimately sized one.

C: Just shot a WheezyWaiter documentary with Hank Green.

H: You're going to find out all about how I live my life here in Missoula.

C: For real how.

H: Yeah, for real. And it has nothing to do with this. (pulls at telephone cord around neck)

C: Now I'm going to interview Hank, here on the set of Crash Course. And we're going to talk about geekdom for The Good Stuff. Oh! You're encircled. Oh, now you're not. Oh, now you are. Oh, I don't know what - what's happening, that's -

Hey, where're we going, guys?

K: (says something about empanadas)

C: Empanadas?

K: Uh huh.

H: Do you only vlog food?

C: Yeah, pretty much. That's basically my life. Especially now, that's all I think about, 'cause I'm not eating it as much.

H: I'm very hungry.

C: I'm very hungry, too.

H: We just had a good-stuff Good Stuff.

C: We did! We talked about many things.

H: We talked about so many things.

C: We talked about the future, we talked about recycling, we talked about, um, uh, geeks.

H: Hence my brain going to sleep...

C: Senses.

H: ...And now it's empty. I've used all of my electrolytes and I need ham!

C: Ham?

H: Ham!

C: We should have talked about ham.

H: We should do a whole episode on ham.

C: A whole week on ham.

H: Ham week.

C: Yeah, I like it.

K: What about pigs?

C: Pigs? They're a part of ham. They're an aspect of ham.

We are playing Seven Wonders again. Look at, look at all the friends.

K: So wonderful.

C: Look at all the pieces and cards and stuff. Oh my goo...

K: Wow!

C: Wow! Can you do that again?

K: Wow!

C: Oh my... Pizza! Oh my pizza! I ordered, I ordered a bunch of pizza. You guys want a... You can have a piece. But it's all mine.

Stefan: Thanks.

Nick: Me too?

C: Um...

K: I'm having a salad.

C: No, not you.

N: OK.

C: So this pizza tastes delicious and I'm gonna do something I've never done in my life. I'm having one slice and that's it. One slice.

H: I also only had one slice...

N: I also had...

H: So far!

C: Ha ha.

Will power. I might end up having another one.

Hey guys. It's the end of the night now and I'm talking to someone on the phone. You may not recognize her because that's just, you know, the image of the phone, that's not her. But you can hear her, right Chyna?

Chyna: Hi guys.

C: Yeah.

Ch: Hi.

C: What should, do you have any advice for them?

Ch: No, go to bed.

C: I am tired and you should be tired too. It's late guys, go to bed. I don't care what time it is. Anything else?

Ch: Um, how about when you're going to bed you should be careful.

C: Oh, be careful. Oh! Oops, I threw Chyna instead. I threw you instead.

Ch: Oh no.

C: Oops. I got confused. Duh guys. Duh. OK, I'm gonna throw you now.