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First Mental Floss Behind the Scenes Hangout

Camel mating habits video:
Jason: Oh, there it is! I see, it said off air, and now it says on air. This is, this is happening.

Mark: Cool! Well, hi, world. (Laughs) I guess this is now being broadcast.

Stan: Yeah!

Mark: So, welcome to the first hangout that we're doing behind the scenes of the mental_floss channel. Um, I guess the first thing we should do is introduce ourselves.

Stan: You wanna go?

Mark: I'm already talking, so my name is Mark Olsen and I do the editing and the graphics and I also direct the show. So, that's me.

Stan: I'm Stan Muller, I'm the producer and uh, yeah! I produce the show. Anything that's not editing and graphics, I help Mark with that.

Mark: Yeah.

Jason: And I'm Jason English, I'm the web editor over at, and I come on the Google Hangouts for the video, and talk to Mark and Stan.

Mark: Yeah! Um, so I guess what we do is do something that we can do to engage with the audience more personally, as opposed to just putting up a video and then looking at the comments, maybe responding to one or two, this will be a lot easier to kind of interact with people in real time. So, um, yes, there's that. So this week was on animal mating habits. (Laughs)

Stan: Yeah, we picked a possibly uncomfortable topic here for our first week of interacting directly with the audience, but... We will forge forward and talk to you about giraffe sex, I guess.

Mark: Do you know anything else about giraffe sex?

Stan: Not.. no. No!

Mark: That you want to tell the public.

Stan: I know as much as I want to know about giraffe sex.

Mark: Do you have anything else about giraffe sex Jason? 

Jason: No, that one line is pretty much all I needed to know.

Mark: The video it's the Shutterstock for that.

Jason: What is Shutterstock? It really came through with some surprisingly graphic videos.

Mark: Yeah the cats graphic really got me.

Stan: They must have an enthusiast there that is a contributor.

Jason: So you went to Shutterstock and thought on a whim just giraffe sex, is that how it...?

Mark: Yes in fact I had told a couple of people around the office please don't worry about my search history because it was pretty... yeah.