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Info and tickets for the 2012 Great American (and Canadian) Tour de Nerdfighting:

In which John reveals that he, Hank, the Katherine, and occasionally the Yeti will again be piling into a vehicle and making nerdfighteria IRL in January of 2012 to celebrate the release of The Fault in Our Stars. The tour will visit Boston, New York City, Washington D.C., Raleigh, Atlanta, Birmingham, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, B.C. These gatherings will feature music and readings and the reduction of worldsuck and punishments and hilarity and will generally attempt to make everything nerdfightastic for a while.

If you have questions, ask them here or on tumblr and I'll try to reply. Thanks for being awesome, and I hope to see you in January!


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Good Morning Hank, it's Friday. You know I'm a professional video blogger, because I use my dog for white balancing. So Hank, remember in 2008 when you and the Katherine and I piled into a mini-van and played Cows and traveled the country on the Tour de Nerdfighting? By the way, do you like my new shoes? Also, are you allowed to wear Pumas with black socks? I think so. I think that's the rule. Right so, Hank, three years later, you and the Katherine and I are going back on tour to celebrate the release of The Fault in Our Stars except this time with a slightly bigger vehicle in the hopes that at the end of it we will still lo- like each other. What is it, Esther Day? So Hank, today I'm going to answer Nerdfighter's questions about the tour. Beginning with: Where are you going? Alright, all in one take: Boston, New York City, Washington DC, Raleigh North Carolina, Atlanta Georgia, Birmingham Alabama, New Orleans Louisiana, Houston Texas, Austin Texas, Albuquerque New Mexico, Tempe Arizona, Santa Monica California, San Francisco California, Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington and Vancouver Canada. Stop saying we never come to you Canada, we're on our way! Or if you weren't able to follow along, here is a nice map designed by the inimitable Karen Kavett. As you'll notice like early human civilizations we're mostly sticking to the coast. This is not because we do not love the great corn-fed center of the United States, it's because it's snowing there in January and we are going to be in a car-ish thing. So Midwest this me hugging you, saying I'm sorry. We'll be there next time. I lo-, I like you. When does this tour start? January 10th, the day the book comes out and it ends January 31st. So is this tour gonna be free or what? Mmm... or what. Book stores have basically always lost money by hosting Tour de Nerdfighting events and that has to change, because in the last three years hundreds of book stores have closed costing tens of thousands of American jobs, many of them Nerdfighter jobs. So in most cases the price of admission is the price of a copy of The Fault in Our Stars, bought from the book store in question. We're working with some of the best independent book stores in the world, from Politics and Prose in Washington DC to Powell's in Portland and we want to support them. But you get a free book that's signed and Hanklerfished and you also get a poster and you get an amazing show that's gonna feature singing and reading and discussion and a little bit of electrocution. Also, puppetry. That may not be a selling point. What will these events be like? I just told you there's gonna be electrocution, what else do you want? No, it's gonna be amazing. I'm gonna read from The Fault in Our Stars, Hank's gonna play song, we're all gonna do fun stuff together, there's gonna be amazing discussions, it's gonna be really fun! Are you gonna sign books and everything? Yes, and Hank will also be signing CDs. Do you have to have that many buttons unbuttoned on your shirt? It's kinda awkward. Oh, sorry I didn't notice. My bad. Here, I'll just go all the way up so that you don't have to worry at all, okay? Yeah, that's gonna be better for everybody. Actually it's kind of hard to take you seriously now. Like, just, just there is that...? That's good. How do I get tickets? Tickets are going pretty fast, like the event in New York is actually already almost sold out, sorry about that, we're trying to add a second event in New York, but there's lots of information in the doobly-doo where you can find out where to call or click or whatever to get tickets. So to summarize; Hank, Katherine and me and occasionally The Yeti will be on tour in January of 2012. There is more info in the doobly-doo. In the meantime: Hey, the Project for Awesome is coming up. Have you started working on your Project for Awesome-video yet? I've started working on mine. Not to say that I'm ahead of you, but I think I might be ahead of you, so you should probably start doing it. For those who don't know the Project for Awesome is an annual event in which YouTubers upload videos about their favorite charities on December 17th, so start making your video now so you can upload it then and yes I'm unbuttoning buttons because I read on the Internet that that makes you listen to me when I talk about charity. Oh that, that only works for really pretty people? Why are you always so mean to me, off-screen figment of my imagination? Hank, I'll see you on Monday.