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In which Hank actually reads the on-screen tutorial
Ok, we are resuming, and I know how to do this now. I have... you have to not have a weapon in your hands. That is the trick. You guys keep on shooting and I am going to go kill these people again, because I failed last- oop, nope, that's not what I meant to do. And death! Oh, ok, seriously Ezio, kill that guy. Alrighty then. Can I d- I only have one of my hidden blades. Ok, and switching now to my sword, I shall kill you. Hey, not funny. You only have one dot left and you need to try and kill me so I can counter you. And, oh, and I shot you in the head! There is a bullet now inside of your brain! Do you mind? I hope that wasn't too much of a shock to you. Oh, three more? I think I can handle three more. That seems doable to me. Did you have, did you need some abdominal surgery? Oh, down the back of the head. Ezio, that's just kind of mean. Oh, in the back. That's cool, that's cool, don't worry. Hello, hello, you want to attack? Oh, that was good. You guys need to probably try and attack more than one at a time and that would make the whole process easier. Like, somebody should just sneak around behind me, that would probably be a good idea. You guys are annoying me now. Ok, ok, ok, no! Counter kill! There we go. In the back, through the heart. Now I have to equip just my hands and say "hello, I don't have any weapons at all. Do you want to hurt me?" Oh, that didn't work. While in combat, press A to kick, breaking your opponent's defense. Oh, I broke his defense. I see now. Ok, I don't know what just happened, but I did not steal his thing. I apparently had to push A to kick- what, what are you doing? Stop, woah, jumpy, jumpy jumpy. A to kick. A to kick! I am in combat. Oh, Ezio, come on. A to kick, A to kick. Why are you jumping? It's A to kick, not A to jump, you little spaz! Ok, got around behind him. That's not how I was supposed to do it, but it is how I did it, so don't complain. Is that Mario? That doesn't look good. Mario, Mario, no, nooo! That's my Mario- no, don't do it! Who is that guy? Is that, is that Depazie? No, it's not. Who is that? I forgot! I only have one little dot of life left! You have the evil egg? How did this guy get the- god, I can't remember how any of this went. Nope, not enough bloodshed. Does he got my hottie? I can't tell. Nope, how about, can somebody shoot him please? Oh that's a fancy gun. Oh, I was too late. Did somebody shoot- somebody just shot me. I was shot. Oh man, we both got shot, but I only got shot in the shoulder, which everybody knows is, like, not a big deal. People get shot in the shoulder all the time and are like "ah, I'll be better tomorrow, I'm just a little stiff, there's a hole in me. It probably went right through my shoulder blade, but that'll grow back real fast. No problems." Oh, checkpoint reached. Am I just another- Basra? Retreat? Nah. Where is my little- I only have one dot still. Where are- are you guys on my team? What? Ok. One dot. One dot left. That is a pretty cool kill. Where is the villa? This way? Is it this way? This way. It's this way. It's this way, right past- what, no! Nice, are you kidding me? I enjoyed that! Oh, ah, yes I did. And I'll take this out. Oh shit, that is not possible, that you were able to do that. I don't want to be armed with just my hands, that's no fun. Where... ok, good, ok. No, what the frick? That's my sister! Dude! That's my sister. Have no respect? I thought maybe that you had something in your brain, but it turned out that it was my sword. I am angry right now, I am angry and not doing my best at actually participating in this fight because I am so- oh, what did I even stab that guy in? That's my sister, you assbutt! Yeah, I don't even know who you are and I kicked your ass. Oh geez, are those bad guys? Those are bad guys. Um, Ezio, use the thing the way that it's supposed to be used. Ok, these guys are badder ass. I see. But not so badass as one Ezio Auditore. I see. Ok, following Claudia, she's my girl, following, using X to execute him with a single hit. Oh geez, oh geez, I feel like I'm wasting bullets. Yup, I like sneaking up. RB to access the wheel, RB, what, that's new. What are we- I just cut you off? Yes, I have not. I have a bullet, but I am fine. No, no you shouldn't do that, you should come because you are totally going to die! Now that everyone knows my DFTBA screen-name, everyone wants to party with me! Am I going the right way? Where are you? Honey? Honey? Claudia? Claudia, where are you? Are you- where are you? I lost her. Oh well, I don't care. I have only five dots. That's not a lot of dots. Ok. [singing] What is this? What is this? I thought that this was a secret. Everybody knows about this now? It seems like I've totally ruined the secret society moment. We're out. Yes, he would have been waiting for us, if he hadn't been shot dead. Oh, Mario. I liked him, a little bit. No, I'm not. I have business to take care of. We fight for love! And bathtubs. Bathtub love. Is that right? Who do we fight for? Is that not right? I don't know. Am I ok? I should have got somebody to patch me up. You will notice that I have a through and through wound in my left shoulder, and I'm, oh that is, that's not gonna feel good. But I didn't even wake up, so that's a bad sign. You couldn't have grabbed both of your little thingies... My sequence is complete though. I'm having a hard time figuring out how this... looks like a zombie. Ezio Audi-zombi-tore. [moaning and groaning] Anyway, he is a zombie and I should stop here and start back up as soon as I get out of the loading animus screen and I will see you, and everyone else, no, none of you will see me, I won't see you, none of us will be seeing each- you will hear me as soon as I do that, whenever I upload it. That's confusing. Bye!