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In which John vlogs from Dayton, and rocks out the party blower solo.


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Good morning, Hank, it's Thursday!

Hank, I'm in Dayton, Ohio, where the freight trains rumble through the streets and the convention center looks like an extremely large glass from The Pottery Barn. Hank, as you can tell from the speckled grey walls behind me, I am in an airp-- wait, I'm not in an airport. I'm in a hotel.

Before I started Brotherhood 2.0 I never really realized the ubiquity of the grey speckled wall. Grey speckled walls are like the squirrels of commercial interiors. (Which is to say that there are so many of them that you have to wonder if maybe they're trying to take over.) By the way, Hank, do you want to hear an anagramming joke? Anagram joke?

No? Yes? You do?

Okay great. You know why people in Dayton, Ohio use Google? It's because Dayton, Ohio anagrams to "I don't Yahoo." Nerd jokes!

Nerd jokes! Nerd jokes! So the reason that I'm in Dayton is that I'm at a library conference, and look what I got from Nerdfighter Library Woman. [holds up yellow button with "Nerdfighter DFTBA" written on it] Hank, it's a button that says "Don't forget to be awesome." Hey Hank, you know who didn't forget to be awesome yesterday?

You. Seriously Hank, that was my favorite Brotherhood 2.0 song ever. I mean Hank, you made party blowers play the Tetris song.

So anyway Hank, I'm giving two presentations today and right now I'm between presentations which means that I'm kind of doubly nervous, because in addition to being nervous that I just gave a bad speech, I'm nervous that I'm about to give a bad speech. And when I get nervous like this, there's nothing I can do about it, I mean what can I do right now to calm myself down? I mean I guess I could listen to Party Blower Solo. [head-dances as Party Blower Solo sounds in the background] Wow.

I feel so much less nervous now. Hank, the party blower solo is like anti-anxiety medication without any of the side effects. Hank, I don't want to overstate the importance of the party blower solo, but I think if we played it to enough people in Israel and Palestine, it could potentially result in a sensible two-state solution.

Can we just - maybe - one more time? [noises from video] It's coming. Yes, here it is, here it is. [more fake dancing] I have to tell you, Hank, that people walking by are looking at me a little funny right now. But I don't care.

I'm completely un-self-conscious, because of the party blower solo. Hank, in parting I have a question for you. Is there a way to take the audio from the party blower solo and to make it into an mp3 file?

And then would there be a way to implant that mp3 file into my mind? And if so is there any way that the mp3 file in my mind can play on a continuous loop for the rest of my life? Don't forget to be awesome, Hank.

I'll see you tomorrow. Honestly it occurs to me that telling you not to forget to be awesome is like telling Tom Selleck not to forget his mustache. PS Hank, three quick congratulations.

First to you for being published in the New York Times this Sunday, second, to nerdfighter FallOfAutumnDistro, who had a video on the front page of YouTube this weekend, and third, to nerdfighter Sara Zarr, whose first novel "Story of a Girl" is a finalist for the National Book Award. Hoo Hah!