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Hank builds machines that will bring chaos and destruction by air and land.

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Hank: Hello and welcome back to Games with Hank.  I'm Hank, this is games with me.  Today we're going to be playing Besiege again.  It's fun, I'm playing a little bit without you, you'd get to see the products of my labor, not me laboring.  So let's get in there! 

So this is a machine I built.  Um, in this level, let's just play the level and let it happen.  The bunch of guys come at you and you have to kill them, so that's your goal.  There's a lot of different ways to kill these guys.  I decided that I would try and do a more interesting one.  Let's start to go on way up, we're gonna fly away, not get hit by any of those arrows, they can't shoot high enough to get me, and then we're gonna head down.  Head down until we're--and then turn it on.  Ohhh yeah, yeah, I did.  Yeah, I did.  Oh, God, oh no, no, no, don't catch on fire, and then go get the archers, hahaha, you guys, too!  Nobody survives! 

And then they keep dying.  They keep dying forever.  They're still dy--ohh, and then there's a giant explosion over there.  I'm pretty sure I got everyone, and I caught this tree on fire, too.  So I'm feeling good about that.  Now, the alternate way with this same machine to kill everyone, you can actually do this without dying at all if you just put some bombs on the underneath and then just drop them, but I don't wanna do that.  Instead, what you can do is just fly, fly away, and them all collect underneath you, which is just lovely, I love it, everybody get in the middle, some of you are gonna get hit by--oh, it's--things are fading out, and then okay, that looks good, and then on the way down here, I'm gonna start to turn on my flamethrowers which are shooting upward, but dohhhh, yeah!  That is a lot of charred remains. 

So a flaming ball of fire, put that on, see what--see if that does anything interesting.  Probably going to catch my whole craft on fire is what it's gonna do.  Nope.  Hey, have some fireballs, you guys, enjoy.  Yeah, just run into the fireballs, that's dumb.  Seriously dumb.  Don't do that in the future.

Let's just--let's do this one more time.  Just so we can enjoy it.  Let the--let the--let the bodies hit the floor.  Yeah, guys, go run into the fireballs.  Okay, so I dropped those fireballs and then ran away, just running away, and they're just, they're just catching themselves on fire right now.  It's just--it's spreading all over town, too.  Oh yeah.  Not good, not good, I'm just gonna fly away and maybe they'll kill all of each other.  I actually do have the ability to control this thing.  I can move forward a little bit and see if I can land on the archers.  I caaaa---aaaahhhhhhhhh.  I exploded.

Let's play the next zone, which is significantly less violent, and I'm definitely not going to use this, so let's just destroy the machine and start all over again.  Yeah, so now I have to build a whole new machine.  The goal is to get these iron blocks, which are up here.  This one and this one, into that little circle.  So we're gonna start out building just a normal car here.  Then I feel like I'm gonna want some grabbers at the front.  And I'm probably gonna want those on the back, too, just for counterbalance reasons so that we don't fall over.  And now I just have to add a grabber or something, grab anything you touch, you guys, yeah, on the bottom, too, all of these are gonna be abs--covered in grabbers.  That way, I don't have to be very specific.  So let's see how this works.  I broke, oh God.  Let's lower the machine gently to the ground.  Alright.  So you're still together.  You're--you're almost certainly going to break, aren't you?  Alright, let's grab--(?~4:09), yes, but you're not even close, so that doesn't matter.  I broke!  I broke.  Everything broke.  Everything is broken.

Stop.  Let's start and give myself some wooden blocks between everything so that I'm not quite so flippy-ippy-blippy-bippy.  And then (?~4:26) the grab?  Oh, come on!  Get me up there!  Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh!  That's a bunch of nuggets.  Well, let's fix that.  These top grabbers need to maybe be on pistons, I guess?  And then put the grabber on the end of the piston.  Oh yeah.  That looks like a thing that's gonna fall over.  Alright.  So starting all over again, let's get you.  Come here.  How do you fire the piston?  Anybody know how to--oh God!--fire a piston?  Oh, it doesn't matter, I don't need to.  What if I put--it was 'H'?  It is.  Boink, oink, oink, heheheheh.  Ohhhh God, no.  Oh no no!  I'm too heavy! 

Let's put a bunch of weight on this thing's butt.  Yeah, that looks like, yeah, that's a thing.  Yeah.  Let's do this a bunch, okay, good.  Let's see if--okay, yeah, that looks really study and solid.  Oh God!  Oh, God, 'H'?  Grab it.  'H'.  Okay, where are you going?  Stop, come back, where are you going, come back!

You're mine.  Now we're gonna go back.  I wish I had grabbers on the back side of this thing now.  Oh, God.  Can I just push it?  Can I just push it?  (?~5:48) and then you, yeah!  Whoo!  Zone conquered!

Destroy that thing.  Okay?  Here I come with my grabbing machine.  What?  It just shot me!  It shot me with laser beams!  That's a new problem.  I was not expecting that!  Here I come!  Wheelie.  You can't shoot me.  And then 'H', 'H', 'H', 'H', 'H'!  Oh, God, you killed--you killed the sheep.  Maybe if I put some wheels on this and there, there to when I go backward, and then I put some more--more pistons on this, just a bunch of frickin' pistons, so many pistons, punchin' its stupid little face with my pistons.  Here I come.  You don't even know what hit you!  I didn't--I didn't wheelie.  I thought I was gonna wheelie, and I didn't wheelie.  'H', 'H', 'H'!  Okay. 

Whoooo!  Whoo, I need more wheeeeels! 

Okay, more wheels.  Every--more wheels.  It's like Kerbal Space Program, just put more boosters on it!  Alright.  Yeah!  Here I come to s--what's happening?  Why aren't all my wheels turning?  You've destroyed me before I got there. 

Okay.  Now that should be better.  Quick, quick, fast!  Everybody go, go, go!  We've gotta--and then 'H', 'H', 'H, punch it, punch it, ahh, come on! 

I'm coming at you!  You can't face me!  What's happening?  Am I hitting it?  Ohhh-ho!  Take the giant fist of doom! 

Alright, let's go, let's (?~7:30) this again, we're gonna have a better view this time, and then right in your stupid nugget face! 

Again.  Again, I liked it.  This is my (?~7:40) I'm hitting the wrong button!  I still don't feel like that's going as well as I want it to.

Gah, yeah, this is great.  I frickin' love it, ahh, punch it, hah, that's--that one!  That one was what I was looking for and I exploded and burned on fire but that is fine because I first got to kill and I liked it.  Obelisk of laser beams has nothin' against me.  Thank you for watching this episode of Games with Hank, I'm Hank, the game has been Besieged and I have been Hank.  If you wanna click the like button, that would be cool, and if you wanna subscribe to watch more Games with Hank, it's at, alright, goodbye!