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I recently found out that my dad used to eat white bread with sugar on it as an after-school snack and I just couldn't let that go. So we had to experiment with that.

But I also wanted to talk some about my book, and my BOOK TOUR which you can find out more about at

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Hank: Hello, dad.

Dad: Where'd you like me to sit?

Hank: You can sit right there. Good morning, John. We were having dinner the other night with this, our dad. And I found out about a habit of yours when you were - what how old?

Dad: It wasn't a habit. I could stop anytime I wanted to. It was an after school ritual when I was 8 or 9 or 10. You know, long day, on the school bus, come into the kitchen, get out some white bread - Wonder Bread - and put 2 or 3 teaspoons of sugar on the bread and then just eat it. Crunch, crunch.

Hank: That's been a long time since you've done that.

Dad: I've, pffft, well, yeah.

Hank: Do you think that it's gonna be familiar if we do this again?

Dad: Oh, I can feel the crunch right now. But I don't know that it's gonna be a good thing.

Hank: Well, I really wanna try it. We've got some classic white bread. This is pretty doughy gooey stuff. So make, make it for me, dad.

Dad: Other people do this, where you just like take the sugar and put it in your mouth. As a kid, you do it cause you can.

Hank: No cause kids now have actual candy.

Dad: I don't know how I did this, I'm sure I didn't do, like, tap my fingers.

Hank: So that's one spoonful.

Dad: [laugh] I did it alone, ok? My mother wasn't there, my brothers weren't there.

Hank: Did you think you were getting away with something? 

Dad: Nah, it was a snack. I don't remember drinking a lot of sodas and there, a can of soda's like a third sugar.

Hank: it's soda bread- that's different. So you sort of balance the sugar on the bread - carefully. 

Dad: That's not nearly as thick as what I used to eat. 

Hank: Well- then- well! We've gotta be authentic! We should probably add more on then! Oh, wow that's a lot. You've gotta shake it so then it gets into the nooks and crannies. 

Dad: Yeah. I'm gonna do this.

Hank: Yeah, three two one

[both laugh]

Dad: There's that crunch.

Hank: Is there?

Dad: I remember it. That's not as bad as I thought it would be.

Hank: That's not bad at all.

Dad: Oh my god, do I have to eat the whole thing?

Hank: Do you want to eat the whole thing?

Dad: I could.

Hank: You already ate a lot of it! Look how much he's already eaten. "Do I have to eat the whole thing" and he's like 90% done?!

Dad: [laughs]

Hank: Okay, okay, let's put it down. I also have another segment of the video. A bunch of people have said nice things about my book, but I don't feel right reading them out loud myself. I cut them out and put them on little pieces of-

Dad: Yeah.

Hank: -paper board for my dad to read. 

Dad: "Led by an earnestly flawed bisexual heroine with direction and commitment issues-" Sounds like all the young people I know. "-coupled with an abundant generosity of spirit, this read is timely and sorely needed. Highly recommended."

"Funny, thrilling, and an absolute blast to read. I knew Hank would be good at this, but I didn't know he would be this good on his first try."

Hank: I think I will be less good on my second try if that's any consolation.

Dad: "This is the book my teen self would have loved and my adult self immediately obsessed over."

"By turns joyful, devastating, personal, zeitgeist-y, modern, classic, fast-paced, and thoughtful, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing blew me away."

Dad: I read it, it's a good book. 

Hank: That's a good blurb. I'll put that in there. I wanted to eat a bunch of sugar bread to excuse me spending this entire video promoting things. We're also going on tour. All new tour information is up now at They're apparently selling pretty fast already. And then lastly PodCon is happening again. You were at PodCon.

Dad: It was a good con. I was, gonna come again.

Hank: What was your review of PodCon? I went to PodCon. It was a good PodCon. 

Dad: It was a good con. PodCon was great. Mama Green is coming. Mama Green doesn't like to go to big conferences. 

Hank: Well this is Mrs. Green, Catherine is coming too.

Dad: Yeah.

Hank: So all the Mrs. Greens will be there. And if you want to learn more about PodCon, you can go to Our crowdfunding campaign is live now and we need people to sign up. So if you're not gonna see me on tour, maybe you could see me at PodCon, which will be January 19th and 20th in Seattle, Washington.

Hank: Have you been transported back to your youth?

Dad: I was man, I am. With that crunch.

Hank: You know, I was making so much fun of you, but this isn't bad. Yeah.

Dad: Tastes like a freaking Danish.

Hank: Yeah, it makes- makes you think maybe I should eat fewer danishes. 

Dad: [laughs] Exactly. 

Hank: John, I'll see you on Tuesday. I don't know how that's gonna edit together, but not into four minutes. 

Dad: My mentor said to me the more you cut the better it gets. 

Hank: It's true. That's the whole thesis of vlogbrothers. Did you finish yours? 

Dad: Hell yes. 

Hank: [laughs]