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In which John Green introduces you to six other people named John Green, several of whom are also writers.

Come meet Hank (and in some cases me) on the An Absolutely Remarkable Thing tour:
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Goodmorning Hank, it's Tuesday. Although I'm filming this 5 days ago, a past so distant I'm sure we're already looking back on it with fondness.
Anyway today's video is like the Saturn V rocket, it comes to you in three parts of which the first part is by far the longest.

Part one: other John Greens.
Not to brag but over the last forty years I've become something of an expert in the field of people named John Green, so today I thought I would introduce you to six of my favourite John Greens who aren't me.

First, John Green the Bigfoot expert.
Often called one of the "Four Horsemen of Sasquatchery", John Green was a small town newspaper publisher until the age of 45, when he left his career behind to become a full time Bigfoot researcher. John Green went on to write several book arguing that large human like apes roamed the woods of North America, including "Year of the Sasquatch", which I actually own. It's not bad. Fun fact: John Green once wrote into Mental Floss magazine after I implied in an article that Bigfoot didn't exist, saying that I had besmirched the good name of John Greens everywhere.

Secondly we have Professor John Green. This John Green has a great beard and just recently became the interim president of the University of Akron.
John Green is a professor of political science who researches the intersection between religion and politics in American life, know that'll keep you busy.

Then there's John Green the artist, who's maybe my favourite John Green because he is the co-creator of the amazing graphic novel series "Teenboat", which is about a young man who has all of the normal problems of being a teenager but also occasionally turns into a yacht.
John Green has said: "It's the only comic that features the angst of being a teen and the thrill of being a boat."
John Green also does lots of art for comics and video games, you've probably seen his work.

Fourth we have another book-ish John Green, sticker and coloring book author John Green, who has been haunting me since 1998 when the bookstore at my college began to sell his sticker books. I don't know much about this John Green except that I think he's into horses...?
His books include "Horses Tattoo", "Favourite Horses Stickers", "Little Horses Stained Glass Coloring Book" and both "Horses of the World" and "Wonderful World of Horses". Which seems a little redundant to me, but I'm not here to criticize, that guy has published more books about horses than i have published books.

Fifth, John Green the designer. This British John Green makes excellent furniture. For instance he created the cool Embrace coffee table, which works two ways.

And then lastly, we have John Green the cinematographer, who is technically a John Green, even if he does go by Jack. John Green has often been the director of photography for movies directed by Clint Eastwood, in fact he was nominated for an Oscar for "Unforgiven". But he's also been the cinematographer for a huge range of movies. He's worked on good movies like "Twister" and "Speed 2". He's worked on great movies, like "The Net". And he's worked on all time classics like "Rookie of the Year". That's not a joke by the way, "Rookie of the Year" is a phenomenal movie, don't @ me.

Did that sound hip and young?

Slight side note: that John Greens has not yet won an Oscar, but John Greens as a whole have. In fact John Green the composer won four Academy Awards and also one Grammy. Meanwhile John Green the TV producer has won three Emmys, meaning that we are only one Tony Award away from a John Green EGOT!
Based on my singing and acting talents I don't think I'm going to be the one to win it, but maybe that sticker book guy is in the new Cats.

Part two: The Tour.
Hank, in September and October you are going on the road in support of your brilliant first novel "An Absolutely Remarkable Thing" which comes out September 25th and is available for pre-order now.
And I will be joining you in New York, Boston, North Canton (Ohio), Kansas City, Chicago and Indianapolis.
I am so excited for the tour it is gonna be a blast, ticket info in the doobly-doo below.

And lastly, part three. You are likely familiar with the phrase "Don't Forget To Be Awesome", but do you remember the our catchphrase was in fact invented not by us, but by my friend Katie Else in 2007. 
Katie is an acclaimed singer of Irish music and her new album "Songs from Across the Lake and Sea" has just come out. It is beautiful and haunting and just wonderful. There's a link to her music in the doobly-doo below.
Hank, I will see you on Friday.