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A change in format, a shirt update, and an overview of Life's Library!


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Abi: Hello, and welcome to The Warehouse!

Luna: The weekly show where we share the DFTBA Warehouse with you!


L: Welcome back! This week's comment of the week is from kati-- kat-- katize86, who said, "Awesome! But I do miss comment of the week." [short silence]

A: Speaking of comment of the week, a couple videos ago, Jordan commented and asked if she could send us stickers. And guess what, she did! And we put them on the fort!

L: Woo!

A: Jordan actually works for Super Carlin Brothers, so she sent us a Super Carlin Brothers sticker, a Super Carlin Brothers coffee sticker, and a NerdSync sticker. 

L: So if anyone else wants to send us stickers, you can. We'll put that address down in the description. And you might see them show up on the fort!

A: As many of you, including my mom, noticed, we didn't put out a video last week.

L: And that's because, with how busy it's been around here, it's been hard to make a video every week. And with all the new products and new creators, it's been hard to do them justice in just one video.

A: So we decided we wanted to think of a new format for how to share that stuff with you. 

L: So you might be seeing videos less on this channel, probably about every other week, but if you want to see us a ton still, we're gonna be putting up a lot more on the DFTBA Instagram stories, where we'll be talking about every single new product right after they come out or right before they come out.

But that doesn't mean everything about this show's changing, and that brings us to our next bit: New! Merch! News!

A: Our first piece of new merch news is more of an update. When Joe Hanson was on the show, he asked you what new shirt color you would like to see. And, we've got some good news! His "I Did A Science" shirt is now available for pre-order in this faded red color.

L: And as if one new shirt wasn't enough, he's also putting out this "Don't Acknowledge Flat Earthers" shirt, which is good advice! And you can pre-order it now. And now let's head over to Abby to talk about Life's Library.

A: Thanks, Luna. We've given you all a lot of different updates about Life's Library, but we never really talked to you about what it is. Life's Library is a book club curated by John and Rosianna that sends out new books every six weeks. You can purchase a digital subscription for $10, or a physical one for $25.

With the digital subscription, you get a bunch of digital perks, like artwork and a podcast and a letter from John and Rosianna. The physical subscription includes all of the digital perks, as well as the physical book and some other physical perks. 

In addition to all of the perks, you can join a free, public Discord server where everyone gets on and talks about the books. The Discord is split up into different shelves to make conversations easier, so you can join ones that feel more like your speed. So whether you like to read fast or slow, or like a little bit of discussion or a lot of discussion, there's a shelf for you. And one of the coolest things about the Life's Library Book Club is that all of the proceeds go to Partners in Health.

L: And if you want if you want more than just a Life's Library subscription, we also sell Life's Library merch, like these posters themed after the Discord shelves. This one has an elephant on it named Biscuit, and this one has a cat on it named Luna, which is a great name!

This month's book is Stories of Your Life and Others, which, if you didn't know, that includes the short story the movie Arrival was based on, and if you also didn't know, which you probably didn't, Arrival is my favorite movie of all time! And it's also a very good short story.

If you're an international subscriber, those books should be on their way to you now, and we're sending out the domestic books next week.

So that's been a slightly different video for you guys this week, and things will probably keep changing in the future.

A: We've got some exciting things coming up in the next couple weeks, though, including some creators visiting the warehouse.

L: So we hope you guys stick around and are excited for that, and as always, everything we talked about is linked down in the description.

A: And if you want to follow DFTBA on Twitter or Instagram, you can do so @DFTBArecords, and we specifically recommend that you follow the Instagram because we're gonna be putting up videos about all of the new merch!

L: Thank you all so much for watching!

A: And don't forget to be awesome!

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A: Oh!

L: Oh!

A: Ahhhhhhhh!

L: Woooooooo!