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We're very excited to bring Tess Stone, Johnny Wander, Tesladyne, and Ngozi Ukazu to the DFTBA store!


Tess Stone:
Johnny Wander:
Ngozi Ukazu:

Penumbra Season 2 Soundtracks:
Juno Steel:
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McElroy Beanjuice Mug:


Hosts: Abi Rein (@abi_jean) and Luna George (@checkformoon)

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Abi: Welcome to The Warehouse!

Luna: The weekly show where we share the DFTBA Warehouse with you!

[The Warehouse intro music]

L: Some of you might remember that a few weeks ago, we'd moved the location the fort was in.

A: And we've been talking about being so busy and having so much stuff.

L: Specifically that area up in the front of the warehouse that was mostly empty during the tour has been completely full of pallets. Like, I can barely walk over there.

A: And the reason for all of this is that we've recently brought on a few new creators, and so today we wanted to take the time walk you through some of their new stuff and what you might see new on 

L: Back here in the far reaches of the warehouse, beyond all of the shirts and mugs and everything else, we have an area set up specifically for our four new creators, who mainly do graphic novels and comic books. 

A: Our first new creator is Tess Stone. You can get his comics Seen Nothing Yet! or Not Drunk Enough, as well as some patches and stickers and other cute stuff.

Next up, we have the creative duo behind Johnny Wander. You might know them from their comics Barbarous or Lucky Penny, or from their one-off books, like Our Cats Are More Famous Than Us.

L: We also brought on Tesladyne. We have a bunch of their Atomic Robo books available, as well as patches, stickers, and a bunch of other stuff.

And our final new creator is Ngozi! You might know her from her Check, Please! series. We have those graphic novels available, as well as zines and these really cute pins of all the characters. 

A: And as an additional little piece of new merch news, the Penumbra Podcast has put out their podcast soundtrack as a digital download. 

L: And if you order one of the McElroys' "Bean Juice" mugs—

A: You mean this mug?

L: Yes! If you order one of these, they're being packed up now and will be on their way to you soon. And that's all we have for this week!

A: As always, everything we talked about today will be linked down in the description.

L: And if you want to follow DFTBA on Twitter or Instagram, you can do so @DFTBArecords.

A: Or you can follow us on Twitter. Thank you so much for watching.

L: And don't forget to be awesome. 

[outro music]

L: Ba na na na!

A: Thank you for watching.

L: And don't forget to be awesome!