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In which Hank hangs out with Leonardo Da Vinci!


When we last left off, I had just discovered an unexpected visitor was wanting to talk to me, so I want to talk to him. And I don't know who he's going to be. And I'm excited about it!
So let's talk with it. Find the source of the voice. That's a weird thing to say to a guy. Who is it? Where is it? Are you in the box? You... you're in a box. It's a refrigerator.


Whaaaat?! Hello, that is good to see. Oh wow, you've aged. Oh, oh wow, we're such buddies, this is great news! Are you gonna fix my stuff?
[in video game, Leonardo talks about how he worked for the Borgia] Well I.... Dah. Boy. Yes. Oh man, maybe you should've just died. Well I could just take the machines for myself. Uh-oh. Yeah, I know, I gave it to him. Because I'm a douche!


Man, Leonardo... [Hank sighs] Really? Oh, right... jerk! Ok, how are we gonna do that? You gonna hide under a bench? Oh, there's Leonardo benches. That's cute. It says that I could attack him, but I don't think that I want to. I will sit instead.
This is where I should sit, I am sitting on the place where I should sit. I slit the sheet, the sheet I slit, and on the slitted sheet I sit, with Leonardo da Vinci. Alright, yes! I want that. Want that too... don't want that as much. Mostly want this, yes. Very sure.


How shortly, should I just sit here the whole time? I could talk, I'm good at talkin'. Oh! Time passes extremely quickly, sweet. You are a very patient man, Ezio Auditore! That's good, because it was really getting annoying. Aww, 250 florins? [mutters] Aww, man, I can't do it twice?
War machines overseers located? Those war machines are now marked on the map... okay, what is a Leonardo war machine?


Umm.... I don't see them marked on the map. Blacksmith's right here... still don't have enough money for anything. "Leonardo's War Machines", I don't see anything that looks like "Leonardo's War Machines" on this map. Just sayin'!
This is a bank, this is a tailor, this is a Mausoleo di Augusto... I think that's a... huh. Well, maybe they'll be marked on another map? Oh, nope... wait, what was that? There was never anything on this map before? Florence! I thought maybe it was a rocket ship. Looked a little like a rocket ship.


Ah, well I'm sure I will run into some war machines as time goes on. [hank laughs] I'm sure. [singing] And... now I've got double hidden blades! For double hidden-blading people! I'll double hidden blade you all night long baby.


I'm walking around... I don't know what I'm doing. I need to go to a bank. There's a bunch of money in the bank. Go to a bank right here.  Go to this bank.  So, yeah. Assassin's Creed. Ooh, I like these, I'm just gonna do this because it's fun! Oh, and there's money up here too. Eh, eh, eh! LOOT! Thank you!


Oh. [laughs] Ow. Didn't mean for that to happen at all. 'Scuse me, pardon me, the bank. Where is it? [man in game references decency] Decency? I'm just climbing. Why is that indecent, I'm not climbing naked.  I should be climbing naked! Be a lot safer for everybody, I bet. 


A bank... aren't you supposed to be right here? Bank, bank, bank, bank, bank, bank, bank, bank, bank, bank... where is it, is it down here? Nope. Is it up here? Yes! Hello banker, give me my money! Thank you. 


I'll... oh god, I still need much more money than that. And your 11 florins are not going to do it. I need to get to the richer part of town... Um.... Where's my exclamation? All the way over here?! My goodness, that's far away. I'm gonna... let's go get some assassin friends! Where are they? Oh, there aren't any close by. I must've gotten all of the close-by ones already. Okay, where is the closest...


Ah! God, I'm being boring again, aren't I? Jeez... okay, I gotta get this viewpoint. Don't worry about me, I just climbed up the building. Oops, oops, oops, oops, oops. What's this? Over here. Ooh!  I found a secret! I interacted with a drain...


Where am I? I'm... oh, that's just another way to get into my house! Okay, well that's convenient. Um... [laughs] Excellent news! I have to go all the way down there. Okay, I'll go there then. Yes, there. Um, and if I'm correct, there's going to be....


Ah... come on, I wanna sing my song. I thought there was gonna be an infinite grid, there's not! There's not, there's no infinite grid!? There it is! [sings] Infinite grid, infinite grid, runnin' around... I've never taunted anyone successfully. Um, not that I need them to attack me more impulsively.


Okay, what's around? Stuff, stuff, stuff, and that. Not much really, just mostly the mission. Okay, there's this sparkly pyramid here. Kill the Templar Overseer to recover the map showing the location of Leonardo's-  I thought it said that the War Machines were already on a map? That really confused me. There was something very, very wrong about that. 


Sure, come on guys! I might need your help. Don't worry about me. Oh, that was the guy? That's the guy, I didn't realize that's the guy. Why haven't I been able to kill him yet? Here's my assassin's, I did call them, they did come. Good job guys!


Wow, you are bent in half! Did I get it? Is it all done, we done here? Ugh, with my merceners. So let's see, is there a map, on my thing? Is there a war machine, on my map? Memory start. Okay, confused honestly. But I'm gonna loot some people, because I need my... Oh no, I'm full on throwing knives and stuff. Okay, mercenaries follow me! 


[singing] I need my mercenaries! To come with me to the thing that I'm going to need my mercenari-e-e-e-e-eees. Nope, can't climb up. Seems like that's where I need to go. Nope, that's where I need to go. Right here. Right, here. Those slots in that are easily big enough for me to fit through. Okay!


[singing] Infinite grid, infinite grid, runnin' 'round in the infinite grid. Cause I [mumbles] any direction, except up or down, because I probably would just fall out.... oh, that was a Wikipedia page. It does. Oh, Machine Gun Colli Albani! Hey! Should I... am I gonna break their machine gun, or steal their machine gun, because.... does seem a little anachronistic.

 Concluding Statement (12:33)

So, yes! I'm going to end this episode here, and then Leonardo's designs have resulted in a machine capable of cutting down 100 men in mere seconds. It cannot be left in the hands of the Borgia. I will do that! And I will not kill anybody before destroying the blueprints... or I will try my best, because I may not be able to do that, but you will see me... or you will not see me, and I will not see you, but you will hear me next time for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0. Okay, goodbye.