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In which Hank walks around for a little bit (short episode...sorry, I'll put another one up soon.) Mostly I talk about aqueducts and fresh water and repair's short and pretty uninteresting.
Last time, our hero, Ezio Auditore, was doing something. I'm not entirely sure what, but I-I've since then been, um-WAAA! Desynchronization imminent. Okay, that is the edge of the world. That's cool. I won't go that way. No problem. Since then, I walked around a little bit, and I made some assassin friends. Ah. And I synchronized a couple of points. But right now what I wanna do is open up this tunnel so I can move around. I'm gonna go open up this tunnel.

And, uh... This is a nice Roman ruin over here, isn't it? Is it not a nice Roman ruin? I made it myself. Where is the thin? There it is. I'm going to upgrade this, 'cause they're extremely useful. 530 f's-and now I don't have enough for a crossbow again. So that's great. (Sighs) But my in-my income is increasing. That's what's important. So...where else can I go? What's close? What's this? Broken aqueduct? Okay. I'll go fix an aqueduct. That sounds like it would help the city of Rome a lot.

Actually, a friend of mine was just telling me, just the other day, that there was a period after-sort of after what we would consider the fall of Rome, when, um, there was a-th-uh-th-the population of Rome went to something like a million people-or a hundred thousand people to ten thousand people?-Something ridiculous, like 90% of the population of Rome died or left, because during a war, the Germans broke all the aqueducts. So what we have here is a bunch of broken aqueducts, which was done intentionally, because the city of Rome could not exist if the aqueducts-uh, if there was no way to ge, um... I will! If there was no way to get water into the city. So this is what it's all about! It's all about being able to feed such a giant population of people in a very small place, and, and without, um, being able to get water, you're screwed. 1 of 8 broken aqueducts rebuilt. So what we're doing here, really, has gigantic historical implications for the ability of Rome to continue to sustain a large number of people. Isn't that fascinating? I think that's fascinating.

Where am I going? Um...I'm gonna go up here and repair this one. Let's do it. Except that it's not in that direction, it's-it's in this direction. Wait, that doesn't look like what I clicked on. What was it? Ah, that. Okay. Whatever. Horsey! Where are you coming from? Did anybody see him appear? I looked-I was looking in his direction. And it just seemed like he just appeared out of nowhere. Um... I bel- So, I believe heartily in the reconstruction of aqu-aqueducts, is what I'm trying to say. And that, uh, given the chance, we should all be doing our rebuild more aqueducts.

What is this? I just called my own horse. It's right here. Ah, I don't think that I can do that! Um, in the future, though. I'm looking forward to it. Ohh-kay. (speaks in accent) Hey, buddy! I Italian! (speaks) Let's fix this one up, though. (sings) Because these things kick butt, because otherwise you have to walk around forever... (speaks) I'm gonna tear my wanted poster off the wall here, 'cause that is also important to me. Hello, Wanted Poster? Hello? I'm stuck. Stuck. Attached to the thing. Only 9 of 18? I feel like I've done a lot of those.

What is this? Oh. It's the same-It's the same gigantic, expensive landmark that I do not want to repair. So, let's go here. And actually, I'm really close to where I need to be. So. I'm not even going to do that. I'm just gonna, gonna call my horse. Who's over here. Just, like... And walked right through me. That's cool. (How rude!) (mocks) How rude! (speaks) Kay... Don't need that place. Where am I go- I thought I was wuch-much closer than this. Oh, yeah. (sings) Ninja Horse of Trample! (speaks) Oh, you are all in so much trouble. Okay! Not sure what this giant, sparkly pyramid is for, but I'm going to walk into it... (Pst! Ezio! Over here!) Oh, who is it? Who is it? An unexpected visitor! I might need to end this episode here, actually. I think I do. Think I do, but when I come back I will be talking to an unexpected visitor, and it will be awesome! I don't know who the source of this mysterious voice is, but you will find out. Next time. On Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 2.0. Goodbye.