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Professor Hans Von Puppet: Hello, my friends, it's me, Professor Hans von Puppet, here with the very lovely and talented, very talented, Ms. Emily Graslie. 

Emily: Hi!

Professor Puppet: How are you, darling?

Emily: I'm good, how are you?

Professor Puppet: I'm great.  Are you having a good time at VidCon?

Emily: Absolutely. 

Professor Puppet: You just came out of a panel, was that the Women of VidCon or Women of YouTube?

Emily: Yes.  It was--Women of YouTube. 

Professor Puppet: Okay.  You are one clearly.

Emily: Yeah, I mean, they exist, women on YouTube.

Professor Puppet: How do you feel about being a spokesperson for that thing?

Emily: You know, I don't think I'm like, representing like everybody, I don't think I'm speaking for the majority of people, I have a unique perspective being a woman with a science channel, I can do.

Professor Puppet: Uh-huh.  True.  True dat.

Emily: But I think there's--I mean, a lot of other people gotta weigh in on this conversation, like, there was no men on our panel, there should have been men on our panel.

Professor Puppet: Really?  'Cause we just came from The Future of Online Video panel, all dudes. 

Emily: Really?

Professor Puppet: Yeah.

Emily: Really? 

Professor Puppet: I thought, well, that's odd.

Emily: Yeah.

Professor Puppet: The future of online video, all dudes?  Okay.

Emily: That's--yeah.  Yeah.

Professor Puppet: Maybe the ladies were all on your panel.

Emily: Yeah!

Professor Puppet: But they couldn't all be! 

Emily: No, I mean, there's--well, we'll work--next year.

Professor Puppet: Next year. 

Emily: Next year.  Women on YouTube should be on mainstage for next year. 

Professor Puppet: Exactly.  In a big room.  In the big hall.

Emily: Yeah, yeah. 

Professor Puppet: Well, that's wonderful.  You got a little--little bugs on your necklace there.

Emily: I do!  Yeah, those are beetles.

Professor Puppet: What are those?  Oh, they're lovely.

Emily: Yeah, thank you!  And I got--I've got snake vertebrae earrings.

Professor Puppet: Those are real snake vertebrae? 

Emily: Oh yeah.

Professor Puppet: That's incredible. 

Emily: Yeah.

Professor Puppet: They're tiny, a little tiny.

Emily: Yeah, a tiny snake.

Professor Puppet: Okay.

Emily: Yeah.

Professor Puppet: They seem almost more terrifying than the big ones, you know?  'Cause they get in between your toes or something, you know?  Gross.  You are not easy to gross out, though, I imagine.

Emily: No.  Not really.

Professor Puppet: You kind of are turned on by that kind of gross viscera of the--

Emily: I like anatomy--gross anatomy is something that I enjoy.

Professor Puppet: Now, gross anatomy. 

Emily: Yeah.

Professor Puppet: It's not the same gross as 'ew, that's gross', it's a guy called Gross, right, who wrote the book, is that it?

Emily: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Professor Puppet: I knew that.  I know things.

Emily: Yeah, you know, you're a professor.

Professor Puppet: Oh, well, thank you.  I know, but you're the expert, though, I don't know your field.  Is it zoology, is that your field? 

Emily: Actually, I graduated with an art major, I studied studio art, painting in college, yeah.

Professor Puppet: Oh, that's wonderful!

Emily: Yeah, I had a kind of like, you know, moment of revelation when I realized I liked science after visiting a natural history museum.

Professor Puppet: Oh, that's wonderful!

Emily: Yeah, so then I was like, well, I gotta make up for lost time, so.

Professor Puppet: So then your life took a left turn and went into that sort of stuff and that sort of work.

Emily: Yeah, I--absolutely.

Professor Puppet: And then when you discovered online video, it took another left turn.

Emily: Yeah! 

Professor Puppet: I suppose it went back in the other direction.

Emily: I know!  Well, it was kind of like full circle, and then off in another--

Professor Puppet: And then off into infinity and beyond.

Emily: Yeah.  About that way.

Professor Puppet: So what's your next field of study?  Like ballet or something? 

Emily: Yeah, you know, I've always really enjoyed dance!

Professor Puppet: Oh really?

Emily: Yeah.  Baking, too.  And farming. I wanna farm. 

Professor Puppet: Oh!  You could be a baking, farming YouTuber who can also like, dissect the animals. 

Emily: Yeah!  Absolutely.  I got it all worked out.

Professor Puppet: You could open your own, like, boutique butchery. 

Emily: Yeah! 

Professor Puppet: That'd be--I would buy those steaks absolutely.

Emily: Artisanal, exotic animal meats that were locally sourced and organically raised.

Professor Puppet: It can't be endangered--it can't be too exotic. 

Emily: Yeah.  No, no, no, no. 

Professor Puppet: Not like a zebra farm.

Emily: Well.  I mean. 

Professor Puppet: I don't think zebra would taste very good though.

Emily: If I had the right permits, you know, for other animals.

Professor Puppet: That's true.  Well, if anybody can get them, you can, darling.  I'm very sure.  Now, how did you get in--how did you get in on YouTube?  You were discovered by Hank Green, is that correct?

Emily: Yeah, you know, I started a Tumblr when I was volunteering at the University of Montana Zoological Museum, and just like, posting pictures of our processes and what goes on day to day at a museum, and Hank had seen it and he wanted to come and shoot a spot for CrashCourse on the vertebrate skeletons and he came to the museum and visited and then I said we should work together and then he came back later and filmed a tour of the museum for vlogbrothers.

Professor Puppet: I saw that, I'm sure. 

Emily: Yeah!  And then like, 24 hours later, he e-mailed me and he was--

Professor Puppet: Next thing you know, (?~3:26) a millionaire.

Emily: Yeah! 

Professor Puppet: Is what they say. 

Emily: Well. Yeah.

Professor Puppet: So now you've moved to Chicago, right, you moved to Chicago?

Emily: Yeah, yeah, I'm in Chicago.  I'm the Chief Curiosity Correspondent for The Field Museum in Chicago. 

Professor Puppet: The Chief Curiosity Correspondent?

Emily: Yes. 

Professor Puppet: You might be the only one of those in the world.

Emily: Yeah.  I'm the one and only.

Professor Puppet: That is fa--can I see your business card?  Does it have that on it?

Emily: I don't have it on me, but yeah, it does say that on my business card.

Professor Puppet: Oh, that is fantastic. 

Emily: Yeah, it does.

Professor Puppet: Well, you're the Chief Curiosity Correspondent in my heart, darling, of course.

Emily: Aw, thank you.

Professor Puppet: It's so lovely to meet you.

Emily: Thank you.

Professor Puppet: Hopefully someday I can follow you in your footsteps of stardom.

Emily: Yeah, well.

Professor Puppet: If only I lived in Montana, not Hollywood.  Nothing's happening out there, I tell you.  Thank you for speaking to us, Emily.

Emily: Yeah, thank you so much! 

Professor Puppet: This was quite lovely.  Shake this hand. 

Emily: This hand?

Professor Puppet: Not the other one.  Take the other one.

Emily: This one?  This one?  There you go.

Professor Puppet: I've got a limp on this side like Bob Dole, sorry. 

Emily: Great.  Thank you.

Professor Puppet: Thank you.

Emily: Bye.