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Seattle was absolutely AMAZING! Thanks for coming to the show, Seattolonians! Tonight we play in BOISE! Then on to Salt Lake City! Tour info:

Info about the new show added in Wyoming at Vedauwoo in the Medicine Bow National Forest between Laramie & Cheyenne on Tuesday, July 8th at 6pm:

The lowdown on Driftless Pony Club

DPC Videos:
Inspectors of Inspectors
Legends of Archery
It's time for Wheezy's tour vlog! Woooooooo.

Just walking to get some coffee for everybody. At a coffee shop, 'cause in Portland, I'm always blocks away from a coffee shop.

Look at that, my waiter skills span across city blocks now.

So I was editing a video in the van, and I notice...


What are you guys doing, donut-ception?

Andrew: Yeah, yeah!

Hank: We're filming!

Craig: Oh!

Hank: Quiet on the set!

Craig: I'm filming! Shhhh.

(Hank laughs)

(Craig laughs)

(Everyone says shhhh)

Craig: Setting up! Setting up! Setting up!

(Everyone screaming)

Rob Scallon: That is cool!

(Everyone laughs)

Rob: My name's Rob Scallon, I play guitar for the internet.

(Everyone laughs)

Rob: But today I'm gonna play guitar for you guys.


Sam: We're about to go on stage.

Craig: We're about to go on stage. Matt, we're about to go on stage.

Matt: Where?

Craig: Where are we? It's really dark.

Hank: So, ladies and gentlemen, from Chicago, Illinois and also from YouTube, this is Driftless Pony Club!


(DPC plays 'House of 1982 (Built Like a Ship)')
Craig: What are you offering
Are you offering is it free?

That's right. Louder!

What are you offering
Are you offering is it free?

Craig: Alright, just an update for you people who wanna come see the rock shows and stuff, we have added a show to our tour. Pizza. We have added a show to our tour, uh, in Voodavoo, Wyoming. No, no, the mountain is called Voodavoo, right?

Joe: Uh, Vedauwoo, maybe?

Craig: Vedauwoo. Yeah, Vedauwoo. Why did I say Voodavoo? I just, I wanted to say that.

Man: You were thinking about donuts.

Craig: Voppidyvoo, yeah.

Man: Vippidyvoo.

Craig: Vedauwoo, uh, it is, it will be July 8th, Tuesday, this Tuesday, we're gonna play acoustically for you. 6 PM. Be there. And, if some of you could bring acoustic guitars, that would be lovely, because--

Man: It's a rock show at a rock formation.

Craig: We don't--we don't have any.

Joe: I need a glockenspiel, too.

Craig: Yeah. It--yeah. And, and I also need cupcakes.

Rob: I'm gonna need a harp.

Craig: And Rob needs a harp. A beer, not the beer.

Rob: No, like four big harps.

Craig: Yeah, yeah.

Rob: I'm gonna need for the new thing I'm doing.

Craig: Hey, what is that? What are you doing?

Rob: It's like, I called it 'Four Harp Man', you know, and I just play four harps.

Craig: Yeah. If you bring four harps, please bring four harps, 'cause I want to see this. So yeah, Wyoming, July 8th, 6 PM, bring acoustic guitars. It's $5 to park.

Man: And cupcakes. Bring cupcakes.

Craig: Vedauwoo. Uh, there's info on my Tumblr, which is linked down below, and I'll put it in the dooblydoo as well.

Man: Did you tell them to bring cupcakes?

Craig: I did already. I mentioned cupcakes.

(Hank & audience singing the Friends theme song)

(Audience screaming while music plays)

Craig: So, we're at our hotel now. This was amazing, amazing shows in Seattle. Good times. Two shows, Rob played six shows, uh, and now, we are, we checked into a really fancy hotel, we're only gonna be here for like, 5 hours, 'cause we have to get up super early and drive 8 hours to Boise, because timezone change and because distance, geography, so just be careful, okay? Actually, wait, someone else said that earlier, let's cut to that.

So this is X, she--

X: Hi!

Craig: She--she discovered me through WheezyNews before anything else.

X: Yeah!

Craig: You are a true WheezyNewser.

X: I am, in my heart and soul.

Craig: You wanna say anything to the WheezyNewsers?

X: Be careful!

Craig: OH! Oh no, I have to end the vlog now!