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Craig: (jingley) It's time for Wheezy's tour vlog! Wooah.

Now we're on our way to San Francisco! It's really early in the morning. I'm really early in the tired. Uhhh, my voice kinda hurts, too. Right down there. So I'm not gonna talk very much, ok guys. OK?

We're out on the road somewhere north of LA and we've found an Oasis of course. Of course.

Bridge time! It's bridge time!

It's tunnel time! It's tunnel time. Tunnel time. Wooooo.

Tunnel time right into bridge time. Bridge time!

Sam: Bridge tunnel mash up!

Chyna: Is this the silver gate bridge?

Wheezy: Yeah, the silver gate bridge.

There's Alcatraz over there.

Matt: That's the Golden Gate bridge, isn't it, right there?

(? 1:05)

Chyna: I could swim there.

Wheezy: Yeah.

San Francisco... Time!

Hallo! Wooooooo. Wow.

Fan screams: Oh my god!

(Wheezy laughs)

Wheezy: Hi!

(everyone laughs)

Wheezy: Hi! Hello.

Everyone: Hello!

(music plays)

Everyone: and music!
Joe DeGeorge: To make change in this world!
Everyone: To make change in this world!
Joe: For the good!
Everyone: For the good!
Joe: Because I!
Everyone: Because I!
Joe: Am a magical being!
Everyone: Am a magical being!
Joe: With a magical voice!
Everyone: With a magical voice!
Joe: Let's make some magic here tonight!
(everyone screams)

Joe: My name is Harry Potter.
Paul DeGeorge: My name is Harry Potter.
Joe: And we are Harry and the Potters.

(sings) When I was a baby a teacher left me on the doorstep of my extended family--


Wheezy: Just played--Just played San Francisco and it was so much fun.  So much fun.  

Hank: We played--we played uh, we played 'House of 1982', I'm in your band now.

Wheezy: Oh, you played?

Hank: Yeah, I played.

Wheezy: Okay.  

Hank: I play, um, the electric marimba. 

Wheezy: Ohh, the invisible soundless electric marimba.

Hank: Yeah, I am also invisible while I'm playing it.

Wheezy: I know, it's amazing.  No one knew, no one knew.  

Hank: Yeah.  I was out there, I was naked, completely naked.

Wheezy: Oh my God!

Hank: Yeah.

Wheezy: That's why I was feeling something a little strange.

Hank: You may have felt something.  You may have felt something.

Wheezy: Yeah.  Huh.  What--so you're about to go out there.  

Hank: I was very flatulent as well.  

Wheezy: Oh, yes, yes. 

Hank: So that was what you were smelling.  

Wheezy: Mm, I thought that was Matt.  

Hank: I'm about to go--I'm about to go back out, but just me this time.  

Wheezy: You're about to go back out on stage.  

Hank: Yeah.

Wheezy: How do you feel about that?

Hank: I'm nervous.

Wheezy: Are you nervous?

Hank: I'm nervous.  I'm flatulent.  

Wheezy: I'm gonna, I'm gonna leave now.  

Hank: I am nervous.

Wheezy: Hank's all alone before he goes out on stage, 'cause he's very flatulent.

(Hank on stage, singing Perfect Strangers)

Wheezy: And now it's bedtime, once again, once again, it's a hotel.  And I will see you maybe in Eugene, Oregon tomorrow.  Or Portland, Oregon the next day.  Or is it--wait, the next day is--

Chyna: Well, Eugene, Oregon would be today, the day this vlog goes up, Portland would be tomorrow.  

Wheezy: Eugene, Oregon today, Portland tomorrow.  Be there.