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In which context is everything.

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Uhm, I've had a lot of testicles. Not to brag.

Pure joy. I never thought I'd be so happy to score on a ginger. Context is everything.

You've always got to go down quickly when you see Callum Kennedy's awful, awful raccoon-style haircut.

Like, it's hard to find time to do the kind of grown-up... uh, leisure activities. Context is everything.

One day Meredith is going to, uhm, like, get really mad at me, and she's going to make a video compilation of me saying oh, oh oh oh oh oh! and then not scoring. Uhm, context is everything.

And I know AFC Wimbledon can do it. Speaking of being able to do it- context is everything.

Frankenstein. Beautiful. That's a poacher's goal. You know what I mean? He's just a guy who hangs around the box and waits for good things to happen. Context is everything.

One thing I love about Seb Brown is how fast he goes down. Uhm, but, uh, right. Context is everything.

Agh! God, he also doesn't have the finishing power. Uhm, I heard that from the young woman that he was in the... forget it. Context is everything. Alright.

What's the problem? Oh. Their ginger got injured. Goes to show you. Don't play with a ginger! Uhm... context is everything.

It's that last touch that we've struggled with. Context is everything.

We have lost to a town full of a field full of men. Uhm, there are worse ways to go down. Context is everything. Best wishes.