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[Bloopers from Hank's Question Tuesday video] Good morning, good morning John, and welcome to a Question Tuesday on Friday, the day when we answer real questions from real Nerdfighters! [pause; claps heard] [whip pan to Stefan] Let me, uh... let me find that question for ya! [Hank] Good morning, John! Good morning, John! It's... good morning, John! It's Friday. It's Friday? [from back] Question Tuesday? [Hank] Is that what I make? Do I make videos on Friday? Yes. That is not, that's just not... how, what we do here. [laughter] That's... that's not what we do, that's, we don't, no. That's not what... how we do... what? No. I... aw... I... ooh. [laughter] Yeah, I don't... I don't know... I don't... I don't... [laughter] [from back] I don't know! [Hank] My point is, I don't know! [to Henry] Are you ready? [Hank] Uh, when I said I was ready! [laughter] I had no idea what I was looking for... [from back] This is just your blank stare. [turn to Henry] Well, I had that ready! [Hank] Uh, yeah, there are... there are a lot of super-rich guys that didn't become Batman, right? So... I mean, there are lots of superheroes... nope. [laughter] False. [laughter; from back] That looks more constipated than confused. [Hank] I'm Useless Trivia You; did you know that volleyball was invented in the 1890s as a less physical... [laughter; turn to Stefan] Pan away? [Hank] I'm Useless Trivi... nope. I'm... nope. [laughter] I... [laughter] I'm Useless Trivia You. Did... [laughter] I'm Useless Trivia You! Did you know that... [laughter] Don't laugh... [from back] Ready? [Hank] Yup. No, I wasn't, obviously. Did you know... [laughter] [from back] Ready? [to Hank; laughter] Cousin Larry from Perfect Strangers... Cousin Larry from Per... Cousin Larry from Perfect Strangers would have played a... Cousin Larry from Perfect Strangers would have played a villain in the... Cousin Larry from Perfect Strangers would have paid... I... I can! I know... I can teach you to do the Dougie! Just to be clear, all the whip-pans did not streamline the creation of this video. [from back] Extra Hanks? [Hank] Yes... Just to be clear, all the extra Hanks in this video did not streamline the process. [Stefan] You think the whips are making them nauseous? [Hank] I hope so. John, I'll see you on Tuesday.