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Just weighing in again....
Okay. This controversy has ignited again... I'm getting like eighty million tweets a day about the pronunciation of gif. This new controversy is because the guy who created the format, the gif format, has said, "No, it's not pronounced gif [guiff]; it's pronounced gif [jif]." And yes, I know... everybody knew that! Everybody who's talking about this is way behind! We all knew that that guy pronounced it that way, but the point is the person who creates a word doesn't get to decide how everybody in the word says it! Otherwise, we would all speak the same language! Language evolves! The person who gets to decide how we pronounce language is US! It's US! It's a universal, together, we all do that as a culture! It's not the person who created the format, as much as that guy probably wants everybody to say the word the way he says it, but that's not how it works! We say the word how we say it - we say the word how we say it. And if a bunch of people say gif [guiff], and a bunch of people say gif [jif], then it's an equally acceptable pronunciation, just like how some people say Caribbean [car-rib-BEE-an], and some people say Caribbean [car-RIB-bee-an]. IT'S JUST A... GAH!!! Are we done?