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I'm going to be on two livestreams today, one, like, right when this video goes live and one at 3:30 pacific:
Hello! I am at the Museum of Flight, which is pretty freaking cool on its own, but why am I at the museum of flight in Seattle, and why will I not be doing a Nerdfighter gathering while I'm here? (I apologize to all of you people in Seattle.) I'm here very briefly -- they flew me in and will then be flying me out -- to help launch a Kickstarter for a space telescope, which- I'm going to be doing two live streams today. One is at 10:00 Pacific time and the other is at 3:30 Pacific time. One will be sort of the announcement and launch of the thing, which this is a little bit pre- hopefully, I don't know when I'm gonna get this online. And then at 3:30 we're gonna be doing a check in, see how it's going, talk about the whole thing and, well, we will be having some special guests. And I am extremely nervous and excited about these special guests, but I can't tell you who it is yet. Sorry. That's the update, that's the news. The Kickstarter page has a link in the description. And I will be seeing you guys later. Goodbye.